GLONO Twitter Roundup #6

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# And to think all 4 of those dudes (plus Robert Schneider!) were all together at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago last year… 6 minutes ago

# Re: “Ghost.” Still, such a great great performance. What a band. Seriously. 10 minutes ago

# Re: “Ghost.” But the star of this song is Jeremy Barnes, who unfortunately does not get nearly enough screen time. 11 minutes ago

# Re: “Ghost.” And that Julian plays bass and keys at the same time. 12 minutes ago

# Neutral Milk Hotel video: Knitting Factory, 1998. Added “Ghost.” Love that Spillane plays 3 diff horns on one song. 14 minutes ago

# This is awesome. RT @jgrossnas: “T.A.M.I. Show” finally coming out on DVD about 1 hour ago

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# @BearsRTing Axl or Mickey Rourke? Who can tell anymore? about 2 hours ago in reply to BearsRTing

# @BearsRTing Axl will always be news. He’s the new Michael Jackson. Or Liza Minelli. about 3 hours ago in reply to BearsRTing

# New @buddyhead Gossip: Ron Wood, Axl, Liam, and “the dork from My So Called Life and his band 30 Minutes in Uranus.” about 4 hours ago

# Detroit in 3D from Google Earth: Via @adamkempa about 5 hours ago

# By the way, @MechanicalDummy = Chris Brown, the dude who beat the shit out of Rihanna. about 5 hours ago

# Maybe stop beating up girls? PRT @MechanicalDummy: im tired of this shit. major stores r blackballing my cd. what the fuck do i gotta do… about 5 hours ago

# Axl Rose has knocks paparazzo on his ASS! But the bigger news is seeing his short(er) hair without the weave. about 5 hours ago

# Steve Poltz (the guy who wrote Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me”) on Daytrotter. about 5 hours ago

# RT @nodepression What’s missing from this country soul mix? *The ND gang chips in to complete our mix. about 21 hours ago

# RT @1000TimesYes: Rap blogger caught charging $35 for reviews ( and then JUSTIFIES it ( about 23 hours ago

# RT @iamMarkRonson: only through beatles rockband can i accomplish my life long goal of being a crappy drummer in the beatles *like the rest! 11:37 PM Dec 12th

# RT @batteryinyrleg: Photo: iamthecrime: I would like to see Kate Moss start popping up on American currency. 4:23 PM Dec 12th

# Reflecting on Altamont, on its 40th Anniversary. 4:55 PM Dec 11th

# Those who told artists “you should just focus on being an artist” were feeding them bullshit to gain control. @tbquirk 3:23 PM Dec 11th

# Music Publishers Lawsuit Against Yahoo, Microsoft, Real Tossed For Failing To Prove They Hold Copyrights 3:11 PM Dec 11th

# RT @soundofthecity: Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster on Guitar Heroes and Basement Shows 11:52 AM Dec 11th

# A two-terabyte hard drive that stores and delivers audio in 24-bit/192kHz. RT @emazer: cool technology: 11:43 AM Dec 11th

# Beyonce turn down your song? RT @xxofMontrealxx: I’m kinda obsessed with the new Alicia Keys single. 6:21 AM Dec 11th

# RT @ParisHilton: Just had an amazing meeting with my favorite music producer @Only1DarkChild He is such a musical genius and great friend. 6:19 AM Dec 11th

# Trashing hotels! RT @taylorswift13: At the fancy hotel, I may have broken the fancy curtains because I didn’t know they have a fancy button. 6:19 AM Dec 11th

# Wuss. RT @lcdsoundsystem: Hangovers are like punches in the face, except your face is your soul, and the punch is a hand grenade. 6:16 AM Dec 11th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Apple to fold Lala into iTunes, transform into Web service: RT @plugola via @arstechnica 12:17 AM Dec 11th

# Hilariously goofy. RT @soundofthecity: The highly bloggable battle between @hipsterrunoff and @kyledreinford rages on. 7:41 PM Dec 10th

# Psychedelic 3D magazine cover. Duuuuuuuuuuude… 4:24 PM Dec 10th

# RT @yokoono: The Sun Is Down REMIX COMPETITION Have fun – You are the PLASTIC ONO BAND! – entries by Dec 12 4:07 PM Dec 10th

# YouTube: Tenacious D w/ Black Francis – “Oh My Golly!” Jack Black nails the whole “You fuckin’ DIE!” bit. 2:25 PM Dec 10th

# Robert Schneider: “Modern recording studios are filled with vintage gear and people worship it the way they should.” 2:00 PM Dec 10th

# Six ways to make your turntable sound better: 1:50 PM Dec 10th

# “A Nov. 26 article in the District edition of Local Living incorrectly said a Public Enemy song declared 9/11 a joke.” 1:21 PM Dec 10th

# Variety paywall: Nonsubscribers may access only 5 pages of content per month. Unless you delete your cookies. 12:57 PM Dec 10th

# Variety to charge $248 a year for online subscription. Good luck with that. 12:47 PM Dec 10th

# “I have to believe that Variety is both a superior product and one that covers the ground in a much wider fashion.” 12:45 PM Dec 10th

# WSJ: Apple Plots Reboot of iTunes for Web, which explains the purchase of La La. 10:51 AM Dec 10th from web

# MP3: Dandy Warhols – “Little Drummer Boy” Come on, you know you love Christmas music. Christmas comes but once a year. 10:42 AM Dec 10th from web

# RT @iancr: WIN the Beastie Boys: (@BeastieBoys, #topspin) 12:56 AM Dec 10th

# RT @topchefkevin: I wish I hadn’t been so mean to Pretti. She really didn’t deserve that. #topchef 10:10 PM Dec 9th

# Kevin was robbed. His sous chefs were inept. Boo. #topchef 10:07 PM Dec 9th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Just noticed Neko Case’s ‘Magpie to the Morning’ is now a free & legal MP3, via betterpropaganda 9:37 PM Dec 9th

# “We thank you, Ringo!” RT @yokoono: Yoko Ono talks drums with Modern Drummer 6:40 PM Dec 9th

# Musicians sue Canadian Recording Industry’s major labels for copyright infringement. 4:37 PM Dec 9th

# I missed this analysis of my fave Herman’s Hermits song when Stylus ran it in 2006. “No Milk Today” 4:30 PM Dec 9th

# Bob Seger and the Last Heard, “Persecution Smith,” 1966. Young Seeg’s capable garage Dylan homage. 3:11 PM Dec 9th

# RT @seanonolennon: My new solo: Rosencranz and Guildenstern Are Undead, is up on iTunes, in need of loving accolades. 10:51 AM Dec 9th

# Do @Shakira & @50CENT have fans? @Lefsetz says no: “A fan buys the new album without hearing it first.” 10:38 AM Dec 9th

# LA Times reprints Lester Bang’s original Lennon obit. via @buddyhead 10:28 AM Dec 9th

# Jason Lytle shares “7 piano improvised instrumental songs” recorded in his home incl “good chord song for lp two.” Free. 10:10 AM Dec 9th

# I don’t know what that means but I agree 100%. 9:35 AM Dec 9th

# “If learning is living and the truth is a state of mind, you’ll find it’s better at the end if the line.” 9:35 AM Dec 9th

# I’ll be damned if “Wrote a Song for Everyone” isn’t the best song ever. 8:36 AM Dec 9th

# Another winner! RT @jonbloy: UPS delivered my 7 Worlds Collide CD and Vinyl prize today. Thanks @gloriousnoise. You guys rock! 2:25 AM Dec 9th

# People really do win! RT @wordtravelsfast: got my 7 Worlds Collide “prize pack” cd/vinyl in the mail today from @gloriousnoise thanks! 10:08 PM Dec 8th

# So awesome. RT @jgrossnas: Moe on her playing “I didn’t know how to do a lot of stuff & I didn’t wanna know” #velvetsatlibrary 9:11 PM Dec 8th

# RT @jgrossnas: Lou says he’s tried in vein to find a tribal druumer after Moe- “it was impossible” #velvetsatlibrary 9:08 PM Dec 8th

# @maura Ask him how much people spend on water despite the fact that it’s flowing freely from our faucets. #dougmorrisisamoron #vevo 9:05 PM Dec 8th in reply to maura

# RT @solace: from the “you can’t MAKE this shit up” department… Jessica Simpson and BILLY CORGAN are currently dating? 4:13 PM Dec 8th

# YouTube: Pink Floyd – “See Emily Play” promo: 2:33 PM Dec 8th

# Footage found of Syd Barrett singing “See Emily Play” with Pink Floyd on Top of the Pops from 1967. 2:27 PM Dec 8th

# RT @yokoono: Memories of John Lennon, Affirmation for Planet Earth, #WARISOVER postcards & posters with deepest love 2:15 PM Dec 8th

# Ian MacKaye talks to The Sound of Young America: 12:55 PM Dec 8th

# Is this real? Shakira gave a speech about universal access to education at Oxford University yesterday. 11:10 AM Dec 8th

# NP: “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore.” This has been the soundtrack for the first cold, snowy, quiet days of winter since I was 16. 11:01 AM Dec 8th from web

# Bootlegger selling 13.5 min of John Lennon vocals from session on Aug, 19 1980. Stream snippets. 10:47 AM Dec 8th

# Made a MOG playlist: 22 Good Songs from 2009 – 10:27 AM Dec 8th from web

# I’m never going to listen to his music but I’ve come around to really appreciating @AndrewWK for his good spirit. Dude knows how to party. 8:49 AM Dec 8th in reply to AndrewWK

# RT @AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: If life gives you the opportunity to perform on Liberace’s piano, take it and go all out: 8:46 AM Dec 8th

# I want to hear Mark Kozelek or Sam Beam cover Rick Nelson’s “Rock-n-Roll Lady.” 8:44 AM Dec 8th

# Rick Nelson & the Stone Canyon Band do the definitive version of “She Belongs to Me.” 8:35 AM Dec 8th

# Thinking of you as well, Sean. RT @seanonolennon: Thinking of my mum today…everyone send her some love please… 6:25 AM Dec 8th

# RT @SmashingPumpkin: The New is here with downloads of “A Song for a Son” 6:22 AM Dec 8th

# 29 years without John Lennon in the world. How did we ever make it? 1:27 AM Dec 8th

# No one else ever noticed that. RT @ParisHilton: Does anyone else notice how they play the same 10 songs on the radio over and over again? 9:35 PM Dec 7th

# Tears are flowing. Oh wait, they’re not. Who cares? RT @jgrossnas: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame annex in NYC closing 9:34 PM Dec 7th

# Billboard ranks 39 One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s. Biggest surprises: Gnarls Barkley, Macy Gray, Nick Lachey. Who knew? 3:41 PM Dec 7th

# Updated the Neutral Milk Hotel Knitting Factory 98 post with newly uploaded video for Naomi. 2:27 PM Dec 7th

# Rivers Cuomo’s tour bus crashes, injuring him & assistant. Wife and baby daughter are fine. Dec Weezer dates cancelled. 1:01 PM Dec 7th

# Surely, he was profitable. No? RT @tipsheet: MARILYN MANSON Dropped by Interscope 12:46 PM Dec 7th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Streaming is *not* the future of music, says Cory Doctorow. I urge people to heed his arguments. 12:41 PM Dec 7th

# I favorited a YouTube video — Surprised Kitty (Original) 9:33 AM Dec 7th from Google

# After weeks of pestering, finally breaking down and checking out Get Busy Committee. #gbcfree @GetBusyCommittE @iancr 6:26 AM Dec 7th from web

# Lawrence bus post Arctic Monkeys. 9:59 PM Dec 6th

# RT @RiversCuomo: Man, I’m feeling some serious love at these Weezer shows. 12:25 AM Dec 6th

# Loftus and Lightfoot at Turducken 2009. 10:31 PM Dec 5th

# @adamlambert You should tell ABC to f themselves. They need you more than you need them. You’re being exploited. Your mgr is failing you. 8:44 PM Dec 4th in reply to adamlambert

# ABC has forgiven him? RT @adamlambert: Hey friends! I will be performing and hanging w the ladies of ABC’s The View Thursday the 10th! 8:42 PM Dec 4th

# CNET: Apple in ‘advanced’ acquisition talks with Lala via @solace 4:22 PM Dec 4th

# Easy to understand. RT @xxofMontrealxx: What is up with rock critics obsession with grading music? it’s really offensive and absurd. 4:19 PM Dec 4th

# Pandering to the nerds! RT @Alyssa_Milano: And yes, I am a Trekkie. Live long and prosper. #DontJudgeMe 4:18 PM Dec 4th

# Anybody got a link? RT @solace: Apple in negotiations to buy @Lala_Com? interesting. 4:17 PM Dec 4th

# WMG Merges ADA Sales Staff Into WEA 2:36 PM Dec 4th

# Vinyl LPs make a comeback, could outlive CD format. Over last 4 years Insound’s vinyl biz went from 15% to 60%! 1:55 PM Dec 4th

# And it’s 8 minutes long! 8:54 AM Dec 4th

# NP: Steely Dan, “Aja” (the song). Sounds like the Weather Channel’s “locals on the 8s.” This is why the haters hate. 8:52 AM Dec 4th

# RT @xxofMontrealxx: Started work on a song 4 B.just in’s called”He’sMyPartyDrug”. sounds like The Time meets Four Tet. 8:45 AM Dec 4th

# @iancr re: topspin clients vs @lefsetz – Have you ever mentioned anything positive about Shat? :) @buddyhead 9:27 PM Dec 3rd in reply to iancr

# RT @Lefsetz: More Warner accounting: 9:24 PM Dec 3rd

# RT @fingertipsmusic: “How you gonna convince people not to steal when you’re stealing yourself?”: @lefsetz on TMJ 9:22 PM Dec 3rd

# Retweet this to enter our Beatles contest. #glono Your chances are VERY good for winning right now. 7:36 PM Dec 3rd

# RT @DaptoneRecords: get a free .mp3 download of SJDK’s new xmas song Click and enter the code: dapholiday09. 4:28 PM Dec 3rd

# 17 particularly peculiar Beach Boys songs What, only one song off “Love You”?!? Great list though. 1:05 PM Dec 3rd

# RT @tbquirk: RT @Punknews: The Clash’s “London Calling” original artwork to be auctioned 12:27 PM Dec 3rd

# “Corduroy skirts are a sin!” Gay-bashing, sign-wielding woman humiliated for wearing bad clothes. 12:24 PM Dec 3rd

# Eigenharp, crazy sci-fi instrument 11:52 AM Dec 3rd

# Retweet this to enter our Beatles contest. #glono I mean, LOOK at this thing! 11:49 AM Dec 3rd

# NME looks at The Lamest Puns In Rock. Except “Hairway To Steven” is not really a pun and is a great album title. 11:24 AM Dec 3rd

# New Babyshambles song “perfect–I won’t say rip-off–but combination of classic ska and the riff from ‘This Charming Man’.” 11:01 AM Dec 3rd

# WMG denies any wrongdoing re: Too Much Joy royalty fiasco. Rhapsody distances itself from @tbquirk 10:18 AM Dec 3rd

# Stream Julian Lennon’s “Lucy,” a tribute to his childhood friend whom he painted in the sky with diamonds. 9:30 AM Dec 3rd

# Need a revolution to remind people what “up in arms” means. RT @maura: people up in arms about diane birch not getting best new artist nom? 8:34 AM Dec 3rd

# RT @fingertipsmusic: RIAA claims of losses due 2 piracy meaningless when label acctg systems can’t track basic info 8:28 AM Dec 3rd

# Still loving this video and song: 11:57 PM Dec 2nd

# ABC is hypocritical. As if anything @adamlambert did was worse than a typical Desperate Housewives episode. Fucking busybody bigots. 8:33 PM Dec 2nd

# RT @AndrewWK: Win an autographed copy of my 1ST EVER BOOK of ANDREW W.K. SHEET MUSIC! Retweet this message to win! 8:29 PM Dec 2nd

# ABC is lame anyway. RT @adamlambert: I AM doing Leno though. And lookin into something for NYE. 8:28 PM Dec 2nd

# RT @adamlambert: Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don’t blame them. It’s the FCC heat. 8:27 PM Dec 2nd

# Beyoncé: “My sister has put me on to bands like Of Montreal. I would love to do something like that on my next album.” 11:55 AM Dec 2nd

# Dennison dusted off his trusty Travis Bean guitar, donned a blue cowboy shirt and delivered another reminder of what a great musician he is. 11:26 AM Dec 2nd

# Yow matter-of-factly muttered, “This is a job for a stupid man” * Jesus Lizard live in Chicago: #glono 11:23 AM Dec 2nd

# Pete Doherty was hauled off stage at German festival after signing Nazi anthem “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles.” 10:23 AM Dec 2nd

# “8×10 of Paycheck in tight jeans and moustache that in 1972 doubtless said ‘tough fucker’ but in 2009 say ‘ass fucker.'” 10:13 AM Dec 2nd

# RT @brokep: Swedish court states that OpenBittorrent is not illegal. Of course it’s not! (Swedish link: 8:34 AM Dec 2nd

# This looks cool. RT @tipsheet: Steve Jobs Rewrites the Rules to Approve AWESOME Video App 10:05 PM Dec 1st

# Congratulations to @jonbloy, @wordtravelsfast, @gemineye1969 – Winners of the #7WC contest! #glonolovesyou 6:06 PM Dec 1st

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