Twitter Roundup #7

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Pete Townshend digs Sufjan Stevens, but not Radiohead. 37 minutes ago

# Pete Townshend on Prince: “He’s not just a genius!” he spluttered, “He’s a quantum genius!” about 1 hour ago

# Pete Townshend: “‘SOS’ is the best pop song ever written. It has all those Swedish folk elements…” about 1 hour ago

# She’s on a boat! RT @lindsaylohan: Peace and Love Mates about 1 hour ago

# Netbook. RT @billboardglenn: – Exclusive: Apple’s January Announcement Confirmed about 1 hour ago

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# RT @tankboy: Download my favorite songs of 2009 and YOU too can be DJ Tankboy! about 1 hour ago

# Abso. RT @maura: The pageview-inflating photo gallery/listicle hybrids that I call “Gallisticles”: The worst “innovation” of the decade? about 1 hour ago

# RT @iancr: Free Album from SPIN Magazine: 10 Artists to Watch in 2010: #topspin about 1 hour ago

# The Harvey Danger “Flagpole Sitta” Lip Dub: This whole “lip dub” thing cracks me up. The 2010’s are going to be awesome. about 3 hours ago

# Capitol Records sues Vimeo over Harvey Danger “Flagpole Sitta” lip dub in spite of band’s well wishes: about 3 hours ago

# Metacritic’s Best Music of 2009. I like the ranking of critic Top 10 list mentions (scroll way down). about 4 hours ago

# “In the late 20th century, albums had 3 year cycles. Now they don’t even have 3 month cycles.” – @Lefsetz about 4 hours ago

# These days, Carole King would have added the best songs from “Music” to a Christmas reissue of “Tapestry: Restitched.” about 5 hours ago

# Escaped British convict (aggravated burglary) continues to update Facebook: His fb page: about 5 hours ago

# Good stuff. RT @Lefsetz: How To Make A Living Making Music: (In case you haven’t already seen it…) about 7 hours ago

# On This Day in 2002: Have the bonus tracks on an expanded reissue ever made you lose respect for an artist? about 22 hours ago

# The NME Provides a true service with Noel Gallagher’s Funniest Quotes: 1:13 PM Dec 30th

# The Mountain Goats @ Point Ephémère – Paris, France – concert video 12:45 PM Dec 30th

# The night before she lost custody, Courtney Love discussed her xmas plans for her daughter: 12:41 PM Dec 30th

# Michael Jackson’s FBI files, released under the Freedom of Information Act. 10:45 AM Dec 30th

# Clem Snide Daytrotter sesssion includes new song (“Walmart Parking Lot”) from “The Meat of Life” due Feb 23. 10:36 AM Dec 30th

# Way less “cool” since it raised prices and brought in Sony. RT @tipsheet: eMUSIC = Seeking Exit Strategy 5:59 PM Dec 29th

# Didn’t we just have this conversation in December 1999? RT @tankboy: Your thoughts on when a decade actually ends 11:49 AM Dec 29th

# RT @maura: “What does a stool and a bottle of water mean?” This Gallagher interview is pretty amazing. 11:47 AM Dec 29th

# You go girl! RT @PaulaAbdul: Only in Thailand can I find gum that’s called “Cougar” gum! 7:51 AM Dec 29th

# Yow. RT @iancr: the Top 10 defunct magazines of 2009: 6:51 AM Dec 28th

# Wired: 5 Legal Cases That Defined Music in 2009 Pirate Bay case at #3 1:07 AM Dec 28th

# NME confirms U2 as second Glasto headliner: 1:05 AM Dec 28th

# RT @rockcritics: Weird, I’ve never even heard of the artist at the top of Christgau’s list of singles for the 00s: 9:27 PM Dec 27th

# Awwwww yeah. RT @snoopdogg: only person that ever smoked me out is willie mothafuckn nelson!!! straight O.G. 11:09 AM Dec 27th

# RT @jgrossnas: Remembering A Decade Of Bill O’Reilly Hip-Hop Feuds 9:42 AM Dec 27th

# Throw a net over her, Scooby Doo style. RT @unclegrambo: Spotted at Saks in Club Somerset: MEG WHITE! #theD 9:39 AM Dec 27th

# In 2009, @nodepression finally realized you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. 2:13 PM Dec 26th

# RT @robertloerzel: Michael Stipe, Patti Smith and Jeff Mangum pay tribute to Vic Chesnutt: 12:47 PM Dec 26th

# RT @kristinhersh: JesseCASH has set up a donation page for all of you asking to help Vic’s family – 9:37 PM Dec 25th

# RT @robertloerzel: “Surrounded by family and friends, Vic Chesnutt died in Athens Georgia this afternoon at 14:59.” 9:34 PM Dec 25th

# NY Times confirms. RT @colinmeloy: RIP Vic Chesnutt. 5:51 PM Dec 25th

# Billboard changed its Vic Chesnutt story back to coma, not dead. Nevertheless, still not good. 1:35 PM Dec 25th

# Sadly Confirmed – RT @Billboard_Music: Vic Chesnutt Dies At 45 12:46 AM Dec 25th

# Unconfirmed Internet reports are suggesting that Vic Chesnutt has died from an intentional overdose of pills. 9:57 PM Dec 24th

# RT @samorama: RT @robertloerzel Sad news about a great songwriter. Wish him well. RT @Vic Chesnutt is in a coma. 9:08 PM Dec 24th

# Note to self: check this out when you get home. RT @EMIWorldwide: Norah Jones remixed by @BeastieBoys Adrock and Mike D 9:41 PM Dec 23rd

# Deep discount on the Seeg at Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. #bobseger 9:35 PM Dec 23rd

# RT @billboardglenn: Business Matters: TuneCore, Lala, 2010 Trends To Watch 4:12 PM Dec 23rd

# No, it’s just boring. RT @tankboy: I may be the only music critic in the world who isn’t entranced by the xx. Am I broken or something? 11:45 AM Dec 23rd

# RT @jgrossnas: What a difference a decade makes in music 11:18 PM Dec 22nd

# Shit. Blood cancer. RT @iancr: sincere best wishes to @lefsetz: 11:11 PM Dec 22nd

# Morrissey publishes story (“The Bleak Moor Lies”) in new collection: The Dark Monarch: Magic & Modernity in British Art. 11:33 AM Dec 22nd

# RT @maura: The worst song of the decade is known! The lowest point of a crap 10 years is right this way: 11:18 AM Dec 22nd

# Jess getting waxed. Hot! RT @JessicaSimpson: RT @kenpaves: – Finally! Part @ of “do you like my gift?” 10:59 PM Dec 21st

# RT @ParisHilton: Going into the recording studio to work on my album. :) 10:55 PM Dec 21st

# On This Day in 2001: The Glorious Noise Interview with Califone’s Tim Rutili 4:24 PM Dec 21st

# Parents out there: at what age do you think it’s okay to let your kid listen to violent or profane music? I’m no square, but 3 seems young. 4:07 PM Dec 21st

# @iancr @getbusycommittE Which, of course, will eventually lead to introducing/sheltering him from violence in general. 4:05 PM Dec 21st

# @iancr @getbusycommittE Now I’ve got to figure out how to not come off as hypocritical to my 3-yr-old who’s not allowed to play with guns… 4:02 PM Dec 21st

# @iancr @getbusycommittE Received the Uzi USB today. Thanks! It’s even cooler than I expected. 4:01 PM Dec 21st

# Pete Doherty AGAIN busted on drug possession leaving court: *C’mon, get your head outta your ass! We need a Libs reunion. 1:26 PM Dec 21st

# Experiments in Sincerity – David Dark eloquently explores the faith-based community that is the Mountain Goats. 1:15 PM Dec 21st

# Free Blondie Christmas tune, “We Three Kings.” Can’t decide whether it’s fun or just completely annoying. 10:54 AM Dec 21st

# Watch Lifter Puller on “Monday Night Live” from KVSC (St. Cloud State University public access), 1997. 9:26 AM Dec 21st

# NP: early version of “Try Again” by Rock City on Big Star box. That steel guitar! Amazing! Dixiefried. 8:53 AM Dec 21st

# Oh Pete… RT @davidwala: Currently reading – you couldn’t make this up… incredible 8:45 AM Dec 21st

# Free Bob Dylan Christmas tune: GLONO says this song is 1 of 2 “certifiably awesome” songs on the album. 7:00 AM Dec 21st

# RT @ParisHilton: So sad to hear about Brittany Murphy, such a tragedy. :( She was such a beautiful, funny and sweet girl. 6:23 AM Dec 21st

# RT @lindsaylohan: My deepest condonlences go out to all of Brittany Murphy’s loved ones….She was a great talent w/a beautiful soul xo 6:22 AM Dec 21st

# RT @iancr: Beatles USB Apple (all albums, 24-bit lossless) came in today’s mail. unboxing here: 9:52 AM Dec 20th

# No. Just dry humped. RT @unclegrambo: Did the protagonists in CASIMIR PULASKI DAY bone before she died? I say yes: 9:25 AM Dec 19th

# @pmablog Moz continually proves you can revel in and be mystified by your own celebrity. 4:49 PM Dec 18th in reply to pmablog

# The Beatles – “Everywhere It’s Christmas” from their 1966 fan club flexi. Harry Kringle! 4:25 PM Dec 18th

# Moz on his hardcore fans: “I don’t know how – or even why – they attend so many. The costs must wipe them out for good.” 4:06 PM Dec 18th from web

# Morrissey: “There are no 2010 plans to fire me out of a cannon.” 4:03 PM Dec 18th

# Could it actually be good? #runaways 3:58 PM Dec 18th from web

# Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie look perfect. Perfectly naughty and badass and cool. 3:57 PM Dec 18th

# YouTube: “The Runaways” Trailer. This movie has no right to look as good as it does. 3:55 PM Dec 18th

# Optical Atlas: The Decade in Elephant 6. 3:11 PM Dec 18th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: Vote @tankboy for Mayor of Chicago because he’s running on a pro-bourbon platform: 2:29 PM Dec 18th

# On This Day in 2003: Independents Lost. Remember the Sony-Bertelsmann merger? Remember local record stores? Good times. 2:27 PM Dec 18th

# RT @lisaloeb4real: looking for someone who can help program an app that I thought up…. anyone out there? prizes for designers. : ) 6:21 AM Dec 18th

# RT @tbquirk: Free downloads of brand new Too Much Joy and Wonderlick songs just posted on Merry everything. 6:20 AM Dec 18th

# RT @jgrossnas: P-Funk benefit show for ailing artist Pedro Bell, Jan 2 at (nyc) 8:13 AM Dec 17th

# Uggh. RT @ampstyle: the most upsetting fact of the decade. 6:49 AM Dec 17th

# RT @tipsheet: BLACK EYED PEAS — Tax Evaders? (great job, biz mgr!) 11:02 PM Dec 16th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Michael Robertson suspects Lala’s 10-cent songs are not long for the world RT @plugola 5:13 PM Dec 16th

# RT @seanbuzzgrinder: So it looks like we might be getting a new Epitonic. I just don’t know if it’ll be any good. 2:33 PM Dec 16th

# On this Day: Dirty Pretty Things Live in London 2:21 PM Dec 16th

# Courtney Love keeps it classy on Facebook: “any kid of mine who pulls this shit has lost her position…” 1:51 PM Dec 16th

# Michael Jackson Estate Administrators seeking 5% of money the estate has earned so far. 12:49 PM Dec 16th

# Retailers dismiss Chris Brown’s Twitter Rant: “We have it; it’s not selling much.” 12:47 PM Dec 16th

# “Dirty Shirt Rock N’ Roll: The First Ten Years,” a comp of 22 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion songs, is due March 30. 12:45 PM Dec 16th

# Ha. RT @alkapranos: RATM are no.1 in Itunes chart. Fuck Cowell I won’t tidy my bedroom. Love it! Motherfucker! 8:23 PM Dec 15th

# Dope. RT @iancr: @BeastieBoys give away pre-worn jumpsuits, lab coats, and Licensed to Ill all access passes: 8:21 PM Dec 15th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: The “Farewell to the Casual Music Fan” essay now up at Music Think Tank 4:59 PM Dec 15th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: Did you know you can get reprint of first issue of @playboy magazine? 11:55 AM Dec 15th

# #1stworldproblems but still: AT&T blows. RT @tipsheet: DO: iPhone Users Urged to Take Down AT&T 11:13 AM Dec 15th

# Quitter! RT @tipsheet: CHRIS BROWN Blackballs Himself from Twitter After Retail Rant Backlash 11:10 AM Dec 15th

# Also: Genesis, the Hollies, and Jimmy Cliff. Jann Wenner’s still a dick though. #rockhall 9:41 AM Dec 15th

# Alongside the Stooges, too! Bet Gene Simmons is pissed. RT @maura: Abba makes the Rock Hall! RT @ditzkoff: 9:39 AM Dec 15th

# Congratulations to @mjmanson, winner of our Beatles Holiday Poster give-away! 11:19 PM Dec 14th

# RT @DavidLovering: Melodic Equation: Pixies David Lovering + Pixies Joey Santiago = The Everybody. 4:36 PM Dec 14th

# RT @Dfactor: RT @musicforte: MySpace/Imeem Deal Leaves Thousands of Artists Unpaid – 4:09 PM Dec 14th

# On This Day (2001): GLONO celebrates 20k unique visitors We were so young then… 3:31 PM Dec 14th

# RT @solace: RT @SpinnerTweet: Courtney Love lost legal custody of daughter Frances Bean Cobain: 3:13 PM Dec 14th

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