New Vampire Weekend song: Horchata

Vampire Weekend will let you download their new song if you give them your email address. Otherwise, stream away…

So what do you think? Alice Cooper still isn’t gonna like it, but those of us (non-golfers) who enjoyed the first album (review) will probably appreciate many of the same qualities featured on the debut.

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2 thoughts on “New Vampire Weekend song: Horchata”

  1. Never thought I’d ever agree with Alice Cooper, of all people…but yeah, the fey, Paul Simon-circa Graceland wannabes that are Vampire Weekend is just some pathetic, hipster-driven nonsense.

    Here’s the thing: I remember when Green Day first went mainstream and people called them “Gap punk”; in their wake came Blink-182 etc etc etc and all of a sudden, Billie Joe and co. became The Beatles in comparison to that crap. (In their defense, Green Day eventually got good.)

    Along those same lines of hype accorded to NY-based phenoms in this decade, I feel junk like Vampire Weekend will eventually make The Strokes seem really good. Some prize that would be, though…

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