Pay to Slum: Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling"

Video: Black Eyed Peas – “I Gotta Feeling”

Visualize world Peas? Not on this planet. While is definitely a universalist — that’s been a tenet of his group from way back, way before the moon missions and Ferginomics — his gospel has grown suckier. It has no flags. All horizontal dance moves and platitudes, it spends mountains out of the coffers underneath Black Eyed Peas Multi-Platinum Capital & Savings to become what is essentially ad copy for the BEP brand. ( is gonna ride on that missile they’re shooting into the moon. His money clip is a spaceship.) Not incredibly,’s own turn as a pitchman for Pepsi assured the soft drink giant’s sugary bauble of a renewed logo would be even more boring than it already is.

Dude’s like Hardee’s.

And yet, it only takes 249,000 people to make a hit like this possible. That’s not a lot. Across America, right now, there are at least that many people smiling and nodding at one another in shouty entranceways, having decided that 30 minutes is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to wait for a table at TGI Friday’s. There are at least that many kids who’ve at least thought about maybe downloading Brokencyde‘s new album. These facts are a signal of the Rapture, as you know. It’s that one day very soon when we’ll join together around the methane burn-off cone at the nearest landfill and combine the precious metals we didn’t already mail to Cash4Gold into a melty totem that looks like Fergie. It’ll be fried, and you’ll be able to eat it. But those same facts also prove that somewhere, right now, there are a bunch of parties going on, and they’re all as boring as BEP’s video starter kit promised. The strikes again.

Hmm, symmetrical energy fields are in balance this morning. That can only mean one thing, America. Taboo got up on the right side of the dancefloor.


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3 thoughts on “Pay to Slum: Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling"”

  1. You know what bugs me about this song (before I even listened to it)? The stupid title. Why “Gotta” instead of “Got a”? That’s just stupid and wrong. “Gotta” is an informal contraction of “got to” and typically used instead of “have to.” E.g., I gotta go to bed now.

    “I gotta feeling” would translate to “I have to feeling” which doesn’t even make any sense. Then again, if I’m expecting Black Eyed Peas to make sense I’m probably doomed. Still, it reminds me of this, this, and this.

  2. I spent the entire song waiting for the product they were pitching to fill the screen because this hot mess of a song sounds, looks, and feels like the latest in an eternal string of “groovin'” cell phone ads aimed at the tween demographic. It actually felt like a parody of one of those ads. That is not good.

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