Weezer Snuggie: Better than anything they’ve released since “Hash Pipe”

Infomercial: Weezer Snuggie

From the press release:

The Snuggie blanket is more than a fun idea, impulse buy or kitschy TV ad; it is a truly innovative and ultimately functional product. It’s made of lightweight, soft fleece that keeps people of all ages warm indoors and out, with large, roomy sleeves allowing for free movement. It answers a basic need shared by many – staying warm and comfortable while having hands free to do what you please – channel surf, snack, read a book… or crank up the volume on your favorite Weezer song.

Those guys in Weezer, they certainly know how to tap into Internet memes. $29.99 gets you the Snuggie. But wait, there’s more. Order now and they’ll throw in the new album. For real.

Video: Weezer – “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”

This video is fun (as always) and it’s nice to see them doing something a little different with their sound (prominent acoustic guitar!), but I don’t know. Weezer just makes me sad. And nostalgic. They also make me feel like a killjoy rocksnob who can’t enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Okay, while I was typing this up I listened to the song a few times through and I’ll be damned if it hasn’t infected me. I like it. Fucking Weezer! Did it AGAIN!

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11 thoughts on “Weezer Snuggie: Better than anything they’ve released since “Hash Pipe””

  1. Well as I’m watching this video my kid starts dancing like crazy on the couch.

    So apparently it is a hit with the 3 yr old crowd. I love Weezer, always have. I can forgive them for many a dorky song and perhaps enjoy them. The only exposure I had to this song was the video of them onstage Halloween with leighton meester helping with vocals(uhhh no sorry).

    Hearing it again it’s definitely a grower and has major potential. I saw Greg Kot give their new album almost 4 stars this morning. He said it’s their best in years, and most grownup. hmmm

  2. See, five more albums and we’ll be able to make a killer Weezer playlist that contains only really good songs. It’ll be like Queen I & II. One seriously awesome double album that makes you forget about the 400 other songs they wrote that suck balls. This new song doesn’t suck balls, and for that, I once again will take the bait and obtain a new Weezer album. But this is the last time I’m falling for it! Awww, who’m I kidding?

  3. This one single piece of merch has single-handedly taken the crown away from a velvet Elvis as the CHEESIEST item of memorabilia in eternal music history. I mean, you don’t see a Mozart snuggie, do you? Kudos to Rivers for a decided lack of dignity; in appreciation of his chutzpah alone, we all should buy this snuggie right now.

    Bravo, Weezer; we salute you!!

  4. i heard about the weezer snuggie on npr this morning. i know i’m getting old when i hear about album releases through reports on interesting marketing techniques on npr. sheesh.

  5. Oh I forgot to add:

    If I buy one does it mean I get Brian Bell to come and rub my feet?? I’d buy one in a heartbeat(sorry JB).

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