Wilco, Sonic Youth, Beck Get Vinyl Reissues

In celebration of Record Store Day, Warner Brothers (via imprints, etc.) is releasing limited number vinyl pressings from Wilco, Sonic Youth, Beck and others.

Grimey’s reports:

Warner Brothers has already announced a complete slate of Wilco reissues from A.M. through Summerteeth, all 180-gram RTI pressings with CD included (just like Sky Blue Sky, Ghost Is Born and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) and now Pitchfork breaks the news about 7-inches from Sonic Youth, Beck and Jay Reatard, plus another previously-unreleased Pavement live LP.

More at the Fork.

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  1. Also: Indies Get Wilco DVD Early For Record Store Day.

    “My introduction to a lot of great music and to the ‘music business’ came from hanging around and eventually working at independent record stores in Belleville, Ill., and St. Louis many years back,” Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy tells Billboard.com. “It’s the life I know. Nothing beats browsing in your favorite store, listening to music, finding something new or old that you’ve been searching for, being ignored by the store clerks, all that. And without these stores, there’s just no way Wilco would still be around. They’ve been with us from the very beginning, through thick and thin. Even if I wasn’t in a band, I’d still support Record Store Day. It’s a great thing and I’m glad we could do something special with them for our DVD.”

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