Wilco (the leak) leads to Wilco (the stream)

The latest news from Wilcoworld:

Well, we made it nearly a month with copies of Wilco (the album) floating around out there before it leaked. Pretty impressive restraint in this day and age. But the inevitable happened last night. Since we know you’re curious and probably have better things to do than scour the internet for a download (though we do understand the attraction of the illicit), we’ve posted a stream of the full album at http://wilcoworld.net/records/thealbum/ . Feel free to refer to it as “wilco (the stream)” if you must.

We also have our usual guilt abatement plan for downloaders. If you have downloaded the record, we suggest you make a donation to one of the band’s favorite charities, the Inspiration Corporation — an organization we’ve supported in the past & who are doing great work in the city of Chicago. Information and donation button here: http://inspirationcorp.org/.

That’s all. Enjoy the stream. Tickets for summer shows, etc. http://wilcoworld.net/tours/ Note that we’ll be holding a free online midnight screening of the “Ashes of American Flags” film this Friday night (at both midnight US Central time and again at midnight Pacific). So get the popcorn or whatever together and be sure to log on and tune in on Friday.

Wilco HQ

Quicktime required for the stream.

Wilco: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

3 thoughts on “Wilco (the leak) leads to Wilco (the stream)”

  1. No one has thoughts yet? I’ve only listened to it once, but I definitely dug it. Then again, I dug Sky Blue Sky and A Ghost Is Born, too.

  2. on my way to listen to it now….

    i like the idea of donating to the band’s favorite charity. that’s mighty nice of them.

  3. on first listen, the impression i have is that it’s less sky blue sky and more of a blend between a stripped down yhf and a rawer a ghost is born. i like what i hear so far. though really i can hear a little bit of from all the different wilco eras. a little bit of being there, a touch of summer’s teeth, a hint of am, etc.

    how’s that for being all over the map in my initial reaction? gotta remember it’s just my first pass. at least there was enough to make me want to keep listening to it. so, i’ll definitely go through it again tonight with a keener ear while i don’t have the worries of a work-a-day world breathing down my neck.

    good stuff, to be sure. looking forward to them doing it live… though, i ain’t going to shell out the lolla price tag to see it.

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