WSJ profiles Third Man Records

The Wall Street Journal looks at Jack White, the businessman. Included online is this little video wherein the DirtbombsBen Blackwell leads us on a tour of the vinyl pressing plant:

Pretty cool to see the records getting stamped, but how long has Blackwell been such a long-haired bearded hippy who can’t tie a tie? You’d think Jack would insist on his spokespeople looking sharp! GLONO interviewed Ben back in 2002 when he was still punk.

In other Third Man news, tomorrow (July 21) is the last day to sign up for the Platinum Service area of The Vault where for $20 a month you get a 180-gram vinyl mono mix of Icky Thump, a Dead Weather 7-inch, and a t-shirt. After tomorrow, membership will be closed until October.

MP3: The Raconteurs – “Hold Up” (live in Los Angeles, May 18, 2008)

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