A Whole Lotta Links: Twitter Roundup #14

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 206 tweets this time with a total of 146 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

# “Benchley had hit bottom. I had reached the mythical state of total anti-rock, which I call ‘Train,’ after the band.” http://ow.ly/1Clou 16 minutes ago

# “C-listers are considerably cheaper than hiring the bigger-name musicians who used to pack clubs.” http://ow.ly/1Ck4G via @Lefsetz about 1 hour ago

# “When he leans down to pick it up, the weight of his backpack and his overall wastedness prevent him from doing so.” http://ow.ly/1CiwB about 2 hours ago

# But don’t say “leaked” in your tweet or 4ad will dmca your ass! RT @tipsheet: Stream THE NATIONAL’s New Album Now http://bit.ly/bX44Lg about 4 hours ago

# Twitter deletes dude’s tweet after bogus DMCA takedown notice. #national #highviolet #4ad RT @TartyTart: http://bit.ly/aui6KA about 4 hours ago

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# RT @stoneroses: John Squire’s Penguin Decades covers http://cli.gs/3hZrb about 4 hours ago

# RT @CKlosterman: Brett Somers died from cancer in 2007. Amazingly, she still managed to record all the lead vocals for this new Hole album. about 4 hours ago

# RT @maura: so, i wrote this today. RT @Awl: The Internet: It’s Pretty Much As Mean As All Of Us — http://www.theawl.com/?p=35429 about 20 hours ago

# Here’s a toast to Saint Joe Strummer. about 21 hours ago

# He might agree. RT @jgrossnas: Joni M on Dylan “Bob is not authentic at all… Everything about Bob is a deception” http://bit.ly/9Subqv about 22 hours ago

# The quality is awful but you can ALMOST tell how great this was: Monkees backed by Sam & the Goodtimers in 1969 http://youtu.be/tKvp82IBDcw about 23 hours ago

# “A consumer who averages 5 hours of streaming every day would generate only $18 for labels over an entire year.” http://ow.ly/1BSV4 about 24 hours ago

# Can take 3,181 streams to make 70 cents. That’s 212 hours. RT @billboardglenn: Curious About Spotify Payouts?http://bit.ly/bIippM about 24 hours ago

# Wow. RT @TheDandyWarhols: WHAAAAAT? RT @alexlitel Candidate for Missouri state auditor plagiarizes “Bohemian” http://tumblr.com/xx18xc63t 11:37 AM Apr 22nd

# Awesome 2005 interview. RT @nodepression: From the archives: John Darnielle – Where the truth lies http://bit.ly/bVlhlV 8:28 AM Apr 22nd

# I was on the phone voting for Kelly Clarkson when you were suckin’ your mother’s DICK! #idol 8:17 PM Apr 21st

# And I’m a fan of the show! #idol 8:13 PM Apr 21st

# Trying to figure out how much I’d have to get paid to watch 2.5 hrs of #Idol Gives Back. Not sure I’d do it for less than $5000. 8:13 PM Apr 21st

# Can’t believe that dweeb Aaron is still in. He’s fucking wretched. And this year, that’s saying something. #idol 8:06 PM Apr 21st

# Dude was 48? That’s too old for that shit. RT @Billboard_Music: Oasis Attacker Sentenced To House Arrest – http://ow.ly/178jV5 2:54 PM Apr 21st

# RT @tipsheet: Dangermouse + Sparklehorse ‘Dark Night’ Album Coming July 13 http://bit.ly/b7xlJU 2:03 PM Apr 21st

# RT @soundofthecity: Nick Drake Documentary Available In Full Online, If You’re Feeling A Bit Too Cheerful http://bit.ly/c2GfTR 2:01 PM Apr 21st

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Happy birthday: Robert Smith turns 51 today. To celebrate, watch ‘The Cure in Orange’ right here: http://ow.ly/1BfVh 9:06 AM Apr 21st

# I am so glad I got to see Quiet Riot before Kevin Dubrow died. It was a great show. At a bowling alley. 7:58 AM Apr 21st

# Every time I read his name I think Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot). RT @jmascis: Interview with Keven Drew of BSS http://bit.ly/aeXN7l 7:57 AM Apr 21st

# RT @samantharonson: Guess what didn’t happen tonight…… 4:12 AM Apr 21st

# RT @lindsaylohan: Fun @coachella but tonight @ my friernds bday party, @samantharonson spit in my face and left w/ @mileycyrus ‘s ex 4:10 AM Apr 21st

# RT @TwentyFourBit: Paul McCartney Goes Indie, Moves Solo Catalog from EMI to Concord http://bit.ly/d7ROtS *Reissues to follow 11:08 PM Apr 20th

# I just had something in my eye at the end of Crystal’s song. #idol 7:59 PM Apr 20th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: Why is @RollingStone’s site redesign a disaster from an SEO perspective? @BrentDPayne explains: http://bit.ly/92HfkK 5:37 PM Apr 20th

# U.K. Record Store Day sales of singles were up 466% on the previous week and 96% on last year’s Record Store Day: http://ow.ly/1AXRb 2:42 PM Apr 20th

# Rolling Stones, “All Down The Line” (original 1972 single mix) audio: http://youtu.be/aVxRpit9R_k 12:19 PM Apr 20th

# Rolling Stones, “I Ain’t Signifying” (Sep/Oct 1971) audio, with original vocals: http://youtu.be/M–Z4KqRpow 12:16 PM Apr 20th

# 420 Meaning: The True Story Of How April 20 Became ‘Weed Day’ – http://ow.ly/1AQzC 10:40 AM Apr 20th

# “This isn’t a blow to readers, who will still be able to read him, or to DeRogatis…” – @Hitsville: http://bit.ly/cmjtim 7:58 AM Apr 20th

# And now Mick Jagger says that all of the vocals on the “Exile” bonus tracks are newly recorded! http://ow.ly/1AJAR 7:16 AM Apr 20th

# RT @DodgeMOKB: MyOldKentuckyBlog.com is back! PLEASE add this to your RSS reader! http://www.myoldkentuckyblog.com/?feed=rss2 8:15 PM Apr 19th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: Vocalo is branding itself and its writers as the place for expert insider arts and culture information in Chicago. 6:30 PM Apr 19th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: DeRo’s move to Vocalo is a huge statement, both about @WBEZ and @SunTimes. 6:30 PM Apr 19th

# Wow. RT @tankboy: HOLY WHAT?! RT @RobertFeder: Breaking news: Chicago Sun-Times pop music critic Jim DeRogatis resigns http://bit.ly/b0mWow 4:06 PM Apr 19th

# RT @lilyroseallen: Are the XX the BBC’s official soundtrack to the Election. So bleak, so gritty, so real. 3:06 PM Apr 19th

# The Hound discusses Conway Twitty’s rock and roll years. I only knew “It’s Only Make Believe” via Tav Falco. http://ow.ly/1Arzv 2:27 PM Apr 19th

# John Lennon’s buried LSD stash uncovered. http://ow.ly/1Ar6x 2:07 PM Apr 19th

# Belle and Sebastian appearing with Isobel Campbell at Bowlie 2. On the same bill, anyway. http://ow.ly/1Ar0u 2:03 PM Apr 19th

# One of the pandas in the new @LCDSoundsystems video gives the inside scoop on making the video. http://ow.ly/1ApvS 1:08 PM Apr 19th

# Always crappy service at Lolla, too. RT @billboardglenn: Poor AT&T Service Hurts Smartphone Apps at #Coachella. http://bit.ly/9lhNmS 11:20 AM Apr 19th

# RT @tankboy: Is this the new iPhone? http://bit.ly/99l4jg 10:11 AM Apr 19th

# That NPR stream of the new Hold Steady sounds really crappy. Was it taped off a tape that was left on your dashbboard? http://ow.ly/1AjQQ 10:01 AM Apr 19th

# Free Iggy and The Stooges MP3 (with email) – “I Got a Right” (outtake) http://ow.ly/1AiFj 9:26 AM Apr 19th

# RT @soundofthecity: Hear the New Hold Steady Record, ‘Heaven Is Whenever’, In Its Entirety http://bit.ly/bGAVOV 8:13 AM Apr 19th

# “He came out just after 11 to a half full tent. He wore a captain’s hat, silver wig & sparkly coat.” Sly at #coachella: http://bit.ly/9C5YZH 8:10 AM Apr 19th

# RT @ParisHilton: So much fun tonite! Rocked it out to Tomm Yorke and the Gorillaz! So sick!! Loves it! :) 4:12 AM Apr 19th

# Who Killed Bambi? RT @ebertchicago: I wrote the title, the Sex Pistols recorded the song. http://j.mp/cL2WDH 7:38 PM Apr 18th

# RT @SPINfestivals: Sly Stone, no-show at Coachella. When in doubt, blame a volcano. #coachella 7:35 PM Apr 18th

# RT @robertloerzel: My blog about Record Store Day, with photos of Vee Dee @lauriespos & White Mystery @permanentRex — http://bit.ly/dtQGEb 4:38 PM Apr 18th

# Post-Gram is just weird. RT @nodepression: How about a video from Flying Burrito Brothers for this Sunday afternoon? http://bit.ly/cyP2S8 4:36 PM Apr 18th

# RT @libertines: Carl Barat on the Libertines, acting and the docklands documentary in the Observer http://bit.ly/bgI4F9 9:50 AM Apr 18th

# The ultimate gimmick band??? No? RT @tankboy: And now OK Go is doing an entier song with hand bells. Holy shit. 7:18 PM Apr 17th

# RT @tbquirk: Chuck Eddy gets hissed! His crime? Saying, “No indie bands think music existed before Pet Sounds.” #emp2010 7:15 PM Apr 17th

# RT @tankboy: NEW BLUR SONG! The band is giving away their Record Store Day tune through their site for free! GRAB IT! http://blur.co.uk/ 7:13 PM Apr 17th

# RT @tbquirk: Vampire Weekend’s africanisms lie “mostly in the clean tones and exuberance of the guitar lines.” #emp2010 3:37 PM Apr 17th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Trapped in Manchester by a volcano, Bad Lieutenant cancels remaining dates of U.S. tour http://ow.ly/1zK84 3:35 PM Apr 17th

# Picked up the new Sharon Jones/Dap-Kings lp. They were out of all the cool exclusive stuff by the time I got there. 11:33 AM Apr 17th

# RT @tankboy: Just got lectured about the “meaning” of record store day by a Reckless clerk. I was buying vinyl before he was born. Twerp. 11:30 AM Apr 17th

# Tracking #coachella on Twitter is a chore…but kinda awesome. Minus all of the foreigners, ha ha. Sorry, we only know one language here! 7:45 PM Apr 16th

# RT @celynen1: Loving the people who think the Specials are some new retro band at #coachella 7:41 PM Apr 16th

# RT @tabes: Omg let me people in! All I want is to set up camp, have a high life, & dance to @lcdsoundsystem. #coachella 7:40 PM Apr 16th

# RT @lindsaylohan: COACHELLAAAAAA WITH MY HOMIEZ http://tweetphoto.com/18718638 7:37 PM Apr 16th

# RT @1000TimesYes: Blues Explosion still has the same orange-ass skunk tshirts for sale since the last time I saw them… 11 years ago 7:12 PM Apr 16th

# RT @seanbuzzgrinder: Trimmed my beard up big time. Here’s an animated gif of the before and after. http://bit.ly/bZBWKc 7:06 PM Apr 16th

# Yes. http://awe.sm/53rZR RT @toddtotale: it’s official, the Mountain Goats “Mathew 25:21” is the saddest song ever. 2:59 PM Apr 16th

# It was always silly to capitalize “web.” RT @maura: but I liked “Web site.” hrumph. http://bit.ly/cBgWTV #updateyourstylebooks 2:52 PM Apr 16th

# Boo! RT @jesshopp: MOJO, Q, Kerrang & other UK mags trying to strip freelancers of their rights. Total WTF. http://bit.ly/ba7WP1 2:48 PM Apr 16th

# Hephaestus hates Coachella. http://ow.ly/1zubf 1:20 PM Apr 16th

# RT @tipsheet: ROLLING STONE Magazine to Offer Entire Archive Online http://bit.ly/bLy7NX 12:47 PM Apr 16th

# FYI: that last Stones stream contains annoying voiceover watermarks. 8:19 AM Apr 16th

# Better quality, more legit stream of new Rolling Stones Plundered My Soul: http://ow.ly/1zlvT 8:16 AM Apr 16th

# Charity is what paying for music is all about these days, it seems. 7:50 AM Apr 16th

# “the album charts may seem quaint or archaic, depending on how charitable one might be feeling.” – @maura http://ow.ly/1zkAf 7:49 AM Apr 16th

# Hear the Rolling Stones song, Plundered My Soul, the Exile-era track with new lyrics/vocals/overdubs: http://youtu.be/eB5i38QzFIw 7:14 AM Apr 16th

# What difference? RT @metropotamia: Rock and Roll costume party: Jamie can’t tell the difference between Lou Reed and Andrew Dice Clay. 8:13 PM Apr 15th

# Super proud of this! Come As You Are: The story of 2 dorks trying to scam their way into the Hacienda. http://bit.ly/cCP6zT 7:52 PM Apr 15th

# Noel on stars deriding filesharing: “at least they’re fuckin’ downloading your music, you cunt…” http://ow.ly/1z5dj 5:19 PM Apr 15th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @coslive: Update: Gary Numan is probably not playing. #coachella vs. volcano: http://tinyurl.com/y3o9vsf 5:12 PM Apr 15th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Yeah, in the waiting area at Heathrow… RT @compactrobot: maybe there’s an emergency Electronic gig somewhere. 3:09 PM Apr 15th

# RT @Johnny_Marr: Johnny and The Cribs plane to the Coachella Festival is cancelled on the runway because of the Volcano cloud.*WTF? 2:18 PM Apr 15th

# Do you think Slick Rick will do “Treat Her Like a Prostitute” at Taste? Or do they have to be family friendly? http://ow.ly/1z0Uc @gregkot 1:21 PM Apr 15th

# Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh on the same bill? They’ll have to do “La Di Da Di,” right? http://ow.ly/1z0Uc 1:20 PM Apr 15th

# June 25 at Taste of Chicago: Rob Base, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Salt-n-Pepa, Bell Biv Devoe. http://ow.ly/1z0Uc 1:19 PM Apr 15th

# I love this song with 100% sincerity, honesty, and openness: “Jimmy Carter Says Yes” http://youtu.be/h874BPSnbWc #songpoems 12:46 PM Apr 15th

# “Maybe someday.” RT @TwentyFourBit: State of the Sleater-Kinney Reunion: Janet Weiss Chimes In http://bit.ly/96Wmti 11:41 AM Apr 15th

# RT @gregkot: For all you Neil fanatics, from two fine writers: @GraffonMusic New #NeilYoung book http://tinyurl.com/y3xvnj2 8:13 AM Apr 15th

# Wow. That’s dope. RT @tankboy: Bell Biv Devoe at Taste of Chicago? HELL YES! Via @gregkot 4:16 AM Apr 15th

# Two of my three least favorite #idol contestants voted off tonight. Well done, voters! 7:31 PM Apr 14th

# RT @billboardglenn: Has Apple killed off indie music service Lala.com? | ZDNet.com http://bit.ly/9k01dW 4:58 PM Apr 14th

# Fascinating interview with Christian musician who took a 7-yr hiatus and came back…and came out. http://ow.ly/1yvKE 12:13 PM Apr 14th

# “Why did that asshole think any of that was interesting to anyone?” said Mom, heated by outrage to a profane boil. http://ow.ly/1ypLg 8:58 AM Apr 14th

# RT @1000TimesYes: Shameless Plug: Read an excerpt from my Public Enemy 33 1/3, out now! http://bit.ly/bcA4PA 7:59 AM Apr 14th

# Everybody’s turning into Paula! RT @soundofthecity: American Idol Season 9, Elvis Week: Was Ryan Seacrest Drunk? http://bit.ly/9W0rGk 7:58 AM Apr 14th

# I thought Siobhan sounded bad. Her low register is hollow and weak. #idol RT @maura: tonight’s ‘american idol’: http://bit.ly/9ZskLw 4:16 AM Apr 14th

# RT @wattfrompedro: my working bass for iggy + the stooges tour diary begins again at http://bit.ly/dekRtV 4:13 AM Apr 14th

# She sucks. RT @maura: i can’t stand katie stevens’ vocals. they are ivory soap, plastic, completely lacking in grit or urgency or anything. 7:03 PM Apr 13th

# How can you do In the Ghetto w/o the 3rd verse? The kid just ends up with a runny nose? No, he gets killed…with a gun in his hand! #idol 7:02 PM Apr 13th

# Britney Spears releases un-airbrushed images of herself next to the digitally-altered versions: http://bit.ly/cTYL0m 6:54 PM Apr 13th

# Cool story. RT @KristNovoselic: Jane’s Addiction Was Different Before They Were “Alternative” – http://bit.ly/bJdncf 5:49 PM Apr 13th

# Search And Destroy promo 45, mono and stereo single mixes: http://ow.ly/1y4lc 1:51 PM Apr 13th

# Stooges – Raw Power UK cassette version: http://ow.ly/1y43Z 1:38 PM Apr 13th

# RT @soundofthecity: Rufus Wainwright on 50 Cent: “I *know* he’s gay” http://bit.ly/cHxpDB 11:51 AM Apr 13th

# Not much. Need millions of streams per month to earn min wage. RT @Lefsetz: HOW MUCH DO MUSIC ARTISTS EARN ONLINE? http://bit.ly/bjSA0V 11:49 AM Apr 13th

# Ringo Starr blames eBay for autograph ban: http://ow.ly/1xYSH Peace and love, peace and love. 10:45 AM Apr 13th

# Have you ever seen Payday (1973), starring Rip Torn? Sounds awesome. http://ow.ly/1xYJq 10:41 AM Apr 13th

# RT @aquadrunkard: Tom Waits on Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour (Spoken Word): http://bit.ly/ccMSK6 6:46 AM Apr 13th

# Another old school “artist first” music exec is retiring: @bluenoterecords Bruce Lundvall. http://bit.ly/aujYsv 6:45 AM Apr 13th

# RT @billboardglenn: “When you combined the Epic and Columbia A&R staff you probably had about 50 people” in 1995. http://bit.ly/alDrLj 5:46 PM Apr 12th

# Vatican makes peace with the Beatles: http://ow.ly/1xBsh *Seems to forgive the “Bigger than Jesus” nonsense. 2:40 PM Apr 12th

# George Harrison’s solo on Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth” is the real truth! Listen to that shit, man! 2:33 PM Apr 12th

# “Did MGMT PR DEPT do a good job to re-brand this album and make it seem like they are ‘artists’?” RT @hipsterrunoff: http://bit.ly/9NIwsq 2:11 PM Apr 12th

# That’s awesome. RT @jesshopp: 1982, P-Funk’s Mothership crashed in MD and the Washington Post went looking for it. http://bit.ly/awF4Mt 12:36 PM Apr 12th

# The thing about the Stone Roses’ Second Coming is that even in the terrible songs, the guitars sound so great you don’t want to fast foward. 11:02 AM Apr 12th

# Ice Cube denies dissing Dr Dre in new lyrics: “I ain’t the Doctor… / This ain’t that n—- always on vacation.” http://ow.ly/1xtE8 10:07 AM Apr 12th

# RT @tipsheet: Hear THURSTON MOORE Cover “Always Something There to Remind Me” http://bit.ly/97MF5q 9:42 AM Apr 12th

# RT @soundofthecity: Hear Two New LCD Soundsystem Tunes: “Change” and “Dance Yrself Clean” http://bit.ly/cNOsXN 9:40 AM Apr 12th

# RT @tipsheet: Listen to New RATT Single http://bit.ly/aZVC5h 9:37 AM Apr 12th

# RT @ebertchicago: How I wrote “Who Killed Bambi” for Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols. http://j.mp/aNXn0i 8:26 AM Apr 12th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: “A few of you have been a total pain in the ass”: Amazon exec sends parting shot to music biz http://bit.ly/cvrClu 8:19 AM Apr 12th

# RT @robertloerzel: The way Thom Yorke was dancing tonight sometimes reminded me of Ed Grimley. All he needed was a triangle. 4:13 AM Apr 12th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Beggars sets May 17 release date for @thecharlatans ‘Some Friendly: Expanded Edition’ http://ow.ly/1wRy9 10:00 AM Apr 10th

# “Such a fine sight to see: it’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford slowin’ down to take a look at me.” 9:36 AM Apr 10th

# RT @tetetotete: http://tinyurl.com/y8x3p3f @dolly_parton has nice clothes and would make good music w/ @iamnsr. biblically and otherwise. 8:52 AM Apr 10th

# RT @ebertchicago: There are more good film critics than ever. They’re just not appearing in print, or making a living. 8:11 PM Apr 9th

# “when I turned 21 — he got me a hooker and some heroin.” RT @gregkot: Steve Jones on McLaren’s birthday present http://lat.ms/boETR0 1:21 PM Apr 9th

# RT @CKlosterman: Why is everyone so certain R. Pattinson would have been a bad Cobain? Wouldn’t the role mainly require laconic disinterest? 12:00 PM Apr 9th

# Is Atoms for Peace the dumbest band name ever? 10:45 AM Apr 9th

# Stream another new Hold Steady song. RT @unifiedscene: Hear “Barely Breathing” from “Heaven Is Whenever”: http://bit.ly/aoG6Vf 10:04 AM Apr 9th

# New 7″ with new songs. RT @Billboard_Music: Blur Returns For Record Store Day – http://ow.ly/171Asf 8:17 AM Apr 9th

# Adam Ant “cameo” in Bladerunner movie. Who knew? http://ow.ly/1wvb5 8:02 AM Apr 9th

# Subwoofer setup tips (don’t just automatically stick it in a corner) – http://ow.ly/1wtUR 7:25 AM Apr 9th

# Remember Pat Boone’s “In A Metal Mood”? God that sucked. Might’ve been a funny single, but a whole album? Come on. 6:38 AM Apr 9th

# RT @ebertchicago: I wrote the Sex Pistols’ “Who Killed Bambi?” for Russ Meyer and Malcolm McLaren. No, really. http://j.mp/brDUWI 3:53 AM Apr 9th

# Janet Weiss breaks it down. RT @gregkot: Rock-solid advice from one of my favorite drummers ever: http://bit.ly/dnka9A 8:22 PM Apr 8th

# Not That Bill Wyman RT @hitsville: If anyone cares, an essay I wrote on Malcolm McLaren and the Sex PIstols…. http://bit.ly/5oniUB 8:18 PM Apr 8th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Bow Wow Wow singer Annabella Lwin shares her memories of the late Malcolm McLaren http://cot.ag/cqynJ5 8:17 PM Apr 8th

# Malcolm McLaren destroyed the New York Dolls, and for that alone he deserves to be reviled. 3:00 PM Apr 8th

# Malcolm McLaren, the man whose creative cynicism helped pave the way for the commodification of hip-hop. http://bit.ly/b1JS2d 1:56 PM Apr 8th

# RT @DAVID_LYNCH: Happy anniversary to Twin Peaks. Congratulations to Mark Frost & all the great cast & crew.. Long live Twin Peaks! *Abso! 12:27 PM Apr 8th

# Sex Pistols mgr Malcolm McLaren Dead at 64: http://ow.ly/1wbJi 12:24 PM Apr 8th

# Malcolm McLaren, dead at 64. RT @maura: http://bit.ly/9jh7Sl 11:35 AM Apr 8th

# iPhone OS 4 looks pretty dope. http://ow.ly/1w9Sw 11:13 AM Apr 8th

# “Acoustic Best Of Oasis” bootleg some mega-fan pieced together from various Noel-Gem solo shows via @buddyhead http://ow.ly/1w7CW 9:56 AM Apr 8th

# Wilco covers Big Star’s “Thank You Friends” and it sounds like it would’ve fit on Being There. Awesome. http://ow.ly/1w7qr 9:49 AM Apr 8th

# Wayne Cochran, the man, the legend, the hair. http://ow.ly/1w7gC 9:42 AM Apr 8th

# Hole, “Skinny Little Bitch” video ft #SXSW footage with studio audio: http://youtu.be/dMraxAnrO4g 9:05 AM Apr 8th

# Great song. RT @TheMandyMoore: Song of the day….”when my baby’s beside me”–big star 8:49 AM Apr 8th

# RT @stevendrozd: New cocktail. 3 parts Pedialyte and 1 part Bulleit Bourbon. “The Babysitter”. 8:45 AM Apr 8th

# Corin Tucker solo album coming in October: http://bit.ly/bZZoS2 4:05 AM Apr 8th

# Wow. “Pandora accounts for 44-45 percent of total noninteractive royalty payments in the US.” http://bit.ly/cIHt92 3:55 AM Apr 8th

# RT @iancr: RT @digitalmusicnws: Yes, Pandora Is Really That Big: multi-platform, multi-device strategy is paying off: http://bit.ly/cIHt92 3:54 AM Apr 8th

# RT @toddtotale: Wye Oak is impressive. So much so that I’m sorry I missed the other times they’ve come through Iowa. 3:50 AM Apr 8th

# RT @jgrossnas: Alex Chilton’s life in New Orleans was a mystery & that’s how he wanted it http://bit.ly/cwmre2 5:53 PM Apr 7th

# Alex Chilton did not seek medical attention, according to his wife, “in part because he had no health insurance.” http://ow.ly/1vPeq 5:40 PM Apr 7th

# RT @Johnny_Marr: Johnny and The Cribs are currently in Edwyn Collins’ London studio recording new songs. 4:55 PM Apr 7th

# RT @KRSStaff: Totally free 21 song sampler! Gossip, Thermals, Thao, Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, etc: http://killrockstars.com/sampler/ 2:50 PM Apr 7th

# RT @captainsdead keith richards’ complete honeymoon tapes part 1 and 2 http://bit.ly/9oRCV4 12:17 PM Apr 7th

# RT @soundofthecity: Q&A: @TedLeo On Middle-Class Indie-Rock Life and His Dissatisfaction With Your Karaoke Preparation http://bit.ly/dgPK1y 11:54 AM Apr 7th

# RT @crawdada: This is cool—Listen to the earliest recorded live Led Zeppelin track, it’s “Dazed & Confused” from 68. http://bit.ly/dym8bc 11:07 AM Apr 7th

# McSweeney’s: Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song In Nashville. Dispatch 11: http://ow.ly/1vDhR 8:57 AM Apr 7th

# Slash on Chinese Democracy: “It was the perfect Axl record. It’s very heavy. He’s fucking phenomenal.” http://ow.ly/1vCAY 8:40 AM Apr 7th

# Jesus Christ, Siobhan’s Across the Universe was fucking unbearable. What the fuck was that? Dreadful. And I like her. #idol 6:41 PM Apr 6th

# Shoot, I’m all caught up with #idol on my dvr. Gotta watch the rest live? Uggh. 6:37 PM Apr 6th

# Tim Urban’s arrangement of All My Loving is distinctly Sondre Lerche-ian. Not that he (or the judges) know who that is. #idol 6:25 PM Apr 6th

# Finally a Lennon jam after 4 Macca songs. Too bad Come Together has no melody… Crystal’s still awesome. #idol 6:17 PM Apr 6th

# Nice Botox, by the way, Kara. Nice stiff forehead. #idol 6:12 PM Apr 6th

# Jesus. Long and Winding Road followed by Let It Be? Of all the f-ing Beatles songs, #idol kicks off with this dreck? Awful. 5:59 PM Apr 6th

# Whoa! RT @Billboard_Music: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Twirls Past ‘American Idol’ for 1st Time – http://ow.ly/16ZUYQ 5:35 PM Apr 6th

# 5 Things Depeche Mode Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing http://ow.ly/1vlAB – Sounds familiar: http://ow.ly/1vlAC 4:04 PM Apr 6th

# His voice sounded better than ever in 2008. Jeff Mangum, “Engine” from Elephant 6 Surprise Tour. http://youtu.be/zwi8k1I2x10 3:01 PM Apr 6th

# Anybody else remember the theme song from the 70s Spanish-language kids show, Villa Alegre? http://youtu.be/RCdqRTUR1FY 2:08 PM Apr 6th

# RT @adamlambert: It’s true! In addition to performing on Idol April 14th, I will be mentoring the top 8 on the 13th. I feel honored. 1:57 PM Apr 6th

# Con’t. “This decision destroys the F.C.C.’s authority to build broadband policy” http://nyti.ms/aCUxNr 1:00 PM Apr 6th

# RT @nytimespolitics: Court Favors Comcast in F.C.C. ‘Net Neutrality’ Ruling http://nyti.ms/aCUxNr *Ouch! 12:57 PM Apr 6th

# RT @AntiRecords: The ANTI 2010 Spring Compilation, featuring 15 tracks, is now available on iTunes! http://ow.ly/1vg0b 12:55 PM Apr 6th

# “BLAZE THE FUCK PAST US.” RT @jesshopp: The blinded nostalgia trope of the aging punk feminists has really got me down. http://bit.ly/aQwAaT 12:53 PM Apr 6th

# Todd Totale discusses the end of the CD: http://ow.ly/1vgj2 12:07 PM Apr 6th

# Jack White: “…but [the internet] is in direct opposition to the art of music being treated with respect.” http://ow.ly/1vfbs 11:25 AM Apr 6th

# Jack White: “The internet is a beautiful tool for many, many things…” http://ow.ly/1vfao 11:24 AM Apr 6th

# Jack White: “In my head I’m still living and working as if there is no internet, and treat it as a nuisance.” http://ow.ly/1vf6d 11:23 AM Apr 6th

# Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Aeroplane” is Mojo’s Disc of the day – http://ow.ly/1vf2I 11:20 AM Apr 6th

# RT @bill_wyman: New Bill Wyman 1973 interview unearthed. Watch Bill talk about the Rolling Stones and creating his own music at http://w … 10:58 AM Apr 6th

# Goddamed brick and mortar stores not getting their new release shipments until after lunchtime! Should’ve pre-ordered on f-ing Amazon. 10:37 AM Apr 6th

# RT @KristNovoselic: A Slow Van, the Melvins, and My First Punk-Rock Tour http://bit.ly/dnlkKU @swreverb 9:39 AM Apr 6th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Vintage Video: The Cure performs early version of ‘A Forest’ with alternate lyrics http://ow.ly/1v5fU 6:38 AM Apr 6th

# Crack is wack. RT @Billboard_Music: Whitney Houston Postpones Paris Show Due To Illness – http://ow.ly/16ZC2k 6:36 AM Apr 6th

# Way too excited for Libs reunion considering I won’t be there 7:39 PM Apr 5th

# RT @gregkot: Lolla 2010 lineup is up, all 120-plus bands: http://bit.ly/9f7qyV 7:32 PM Apr 5th

# Turn It Up: @gregkot announces Lollapalooza 2010 lineup: http://bit.ly/ade1h3 (Google cache) 6:56 PM Apr 5th

# Most of @Lollapalooza’s lineup decoded: http://ow.ly/1uSAI 2:46 PM Apr 5th

# RT @soundofthecity: And So It Came To Pass That Erykah Badu Bought All the Publicity in the World For $500. http://bit.ly/aNHczM 9:06 AM Apr 5th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: R.E.M. turns 30 today; band played debut concert April 5, 1980, at church in Athens, GA http://ow.ly/1uEOY 6:35 AM Apr 5th

# Broadside Magazine’s archive is now online: http://bit.ly/dlTZqS 5:47 PM Apr 3rd

# RT @loudersoft: Oh HELL no. Free @fatbellybella. Singer Erykah Badu faces charges for disrobing at JFK site. http://on.cnn.com/b2qxRv 4:04 PM Apr 2nd

# Howlin’ Wolf is scary. 1:05 PM Apr 2nd

# Thought it was “You come around here with your butt-fucking feelings.” #excusemewhileikissthisguy #happymondays 12:37 PM Apr 2nd

# Misheard lyrics in Happy Mondays, Kinky Afro: “You come around here and you put both your feet in.” (cont.) 12:36 PM Apr 2nd

# RT @amazonmp3: Download “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club free for a limited time: http://bit.ly/bgMqWb 12:34 PM Apr 2nd

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