A Whole Lotta Links: Twitter Roundup #15

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Cynthia & Jerry got a message, they’re sayin’, “All the squares, go home!” http://youtu.be/wDF7d_hzF1U about 1 hour ago

# Just added the brand new video CocoRosie’s “Lemonade” to yesterday’s Grey Oceans review. http://ow.ly/1NOcR about 1 hour ago

# Dio arrives in Hell! http://youtu.be/VyIHlnAYazY about 2 hours ago

# Ever Shrinking Relevance of the Album Chart: Updated w sales for Hold Steady, Broken Bells, Sharon Jones, Hole. http://ow.ly/1NKm6 @Lefsetz about 3 hours ago

# “Axl is trying to prove a point. Which is? That he’s truly mentally ill? He’s mad at Irving for using his real name?” http://ow.ly/1NJQ7 about 3 hours ago

# Jon Spencer on Tav Falco: “Most of the Panther Burns records are all covers. So, like, what’s this crazy song?” http://ow.ly/1NJuI about 4 hours ago

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# On This Day in 2004: We review Wilco’s first show with its new lineup ft. Nels Cline. http://ow.ly/1NJ77 #timeflies about 4 hours ago

# Download the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St. as recorded, poorly, by Pussy Galore in 1986: http://ow.ly/1NEib about 6 hours ago

# First album in 14 yrs. RT @slicingeyeballs: OMD (@OfficialOMD) prepping new album ‘History of Modern,’ touring Europe http://su.pr/1rIRsv about 7 hours ago

# RT @soundofthecity: “The Pope Was A Nazi!” John Lydon’s Stage Banter From Last Night’s PIL Show Transcribed http://bit.ly/a9KOK7 about 7 hours ago

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Free & legal MP3 of Tom Jones covering Bob Dylan’s “What Good Am I” http://bit.ly/aR2NH7 about 7 hours ago

# Wait, the week ending April 11, 2010 was 5.27m. Fact check! RT @nytimesmusic: Worst Week for Album Sales Since 1991 http://nyti.ms/ak2wYw 1:06 PM May 19th

# The Associated Press: US drug war has met none of its goals. http://ow.ly/1NcWQ 10:25 AM May 19th

# Loftus on Buffalo Tom: “a sound that tempered insight and emotional tug with fits of Boston-style guitar caterwaul.” http://ow.ly/1N94G 8:43 AM May 19th

# Is that the lowest on record? RT @billboardglenn: oh my. #1 album this week sold just 60k units, says nielsen soundscan. 8:17 AM May 19th

# On This Day in 2003: Glorious Noise discovers Two Cow Garage. http://ow.ly/1N6SQ 7:51 AM May 19th

# Got $88k? You can buy the Harrison 4032 mixing board that Michael Jackson used on Thriller and Off the Wall. http://ow.ly/1N5jp 7:16 AM May 19th

# It’s official. “Hallelujah” is officially a played-out cliche. And Lee’s version of “Simple Man” sucked compared to Clem Snide’s. #idol 6:57 PM May 18th

# Voted for Crystal. Her “Maybe I’m Amazed” was pretty great. Glad she didn’t change the lyrics. #idol 6:55 PM May 18th

# Oh, this will be good. RT @maura: *pops popcorn* RT @nytimesmusic: Axl Rose Sues His Former Manager for $5 Million http://nyti.ms/aculEL 6:10 PM May 18th

# Selling 5000 is “a threshold one assumes is within reach of just about any artist”??? I wish! http://bit.ly/aXPLVH @billboardglenn 5:21 PM May 18th

# RT @billboardglenn: Analysis: Nielsen’s NARM Presentation http://bit.ly/aSEbTK 2.1% of 2009 new albums scanned 5k or more. but there’s more 5:14 PM May 18th

# Cool. RT @eefbarzelay: The webstore is live. Get your own unqiue 3-song EP personally recorded for you by Eef:… http://bit.ly/9EqfXj 5:12 PM May 18th

# Don Was Revisits Exile with NPR, discusses punching in new vocals in bonus tracks. Interesting. http://ow.ly/1MLgX 1:34 PM May 18th

# That live version of “Untitled” is transporting me right back to my bedroom in that horrid summer of 89. #disintegration http://ow.ly/1MIUv 12:14 PM May 18th

# There’s some crazy stuff in the “Alternative Rariries” from Disintegration that the Cure is streaming. “Funknotfunk”? http://ow.ly/1MIP3 12:10 PM May 18th

# “I think the next thing I do will be a Shins record,” Mercer tells Billboard. http://ow.ly/1MHY0 11:40 AM May 18th

# Dominique Tarle, Andy Johns and John Von Hamersvelt discuss Exile: http://ow.ly/1MHRh 11:36 AM May 18th

# Awesome. RT @robertloerzel: Wired showcases awesome punk photos from Maximum Rocknroll magazine: http://bit.ly/9KGYVN 11:11 AM May 18th

# RT @soundofthecity: Christina Aguilera’s Le Tigre Song Is Here: “I Hate Boys” http://bit.ly/9J8dBo 11:07 AM May 18th

# Quitter! RT @jesshopp: Found the blog of the dude reviewing his LP going Z-A. He stalled out at “Muppets”: http://evanlistens.blogspot.com/ 11:07 AM May 18th

# Playlist of “Let It Bleed” sessions, incl several of the instrumentals on today’s Exile bonus disc. http://ow.ly/1MEWg 10:02 AM May 18th

# A solitary sailor, who spends the facts of his life like small change on strangers, paws his inside pea coat pocket for a welcome 25 cents. 8:09 AM May 18th

# So…no Get Behind Me Satan, Vol. 2? RT @TwentyFourBit: Jack White Auctions Marimba for Nashville Flood Victims http://bit.ly/afLyR9 6:40 AM May 18th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Matt Johnson today released first new The The (@thethe) album in a decade: http://su.pr/1Fk6YF 6:35 AM May 18th

# Never thought of that. #huh RT @RiversCuomo: “Quiet Riot” never quite made sense as the name for a metal band. 6:34 AM May 18th

# Who the heck is Jim De Wan because he’s 100% awesome. @hideoutchicago 6:59 PM May 17th

# Robbie Fulks playing “I’m a Believer” straight. As they should. Because it’s great. @hideoutchicago 6:49 PM May 17th

# Robbie Fulks & Jim DeWan at @hideoutchicago. Just like “the Augenblick in 1992.” http://twitpic.com/1oqicd 5:37 PM May 17th

# From a brother named George and some 151. RT @SirDZL: Where’d you get yo fUnk from? 3:07 PM May 17th

# So shitty. RT @gregkot: Torche is asking for help to find gear stolen after Chicago gig: http://bit.ly/axlOYd 3:06 PM May 17th

# Scorsese’s George Harrison Doc Nearing Completion, Titled “Living in the Material World: George Harrison.” http://ow.ly/17p6Br 3:05 PM May 17th

# RT @amazonmp3: Download “Time Is On My Side” by the Rolling Stones free(!) for a limited time: http://amzn.to/bFu9oa 10:53 AM May 17th

# Re: Sleigh Bells stream. Is it supposed to sound that compressed? 3 min in and I had a headache. I’m too old or it’s mastered badly. @maura 9:47 AM May 17th

# Dang, @Lefsetz is making me want to check out the Tommy James book, Me, the Mob and the Music. Anybody read it? http://ow.ly/1M34q 7:59 AM May 17th

# Jon Spencer: “the thing that started me down that road was the Back From The Grave series on Crypt Records.” Me too! http://ow.ly/1M2an 7:37 AM May 17th

# Happy happy to you both! RT @jgrossnas: Born today in 1965- me & @trent_reznor. We pretty much both turned out the same, right? 6:01 AM May 17th

# Steve Jobs argues with blogger about Flash, porn, freedom, etc. Awesome. RT @fingertipsmusic: http://ow.ly/1LXMm 6:00 AM May 17th

# YouTube is 5 years old. I can barely remember the internet without it. Online video was a painful rarity that usually involved Real. Ew. 5:52 AM May 17th

# RT @TwentyFourBit: Stream Karen Elson’s The Ghost Who Walks LP (Produced by Jack White) http://bit.ly/chJUI8 4:17 AM May 17th

# GLONO BB: Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio http://bit.ly/9tlKVr 8:29 PM May 16th

# I’ve never hated an album so strongly on first listen that I later came around to really like. RT @soundopinions The xx http://bit.ly/dsv68F 6:38 PM May 16th

# Seems oddly appropriate that I learned of Dio’s passing via (in order) @Billy Corgan, @Slash, and @ColinMeloy. 4:28 PM May 16th

# Ronnie James Dio, dead at 67. RT @toddtotale: Thinking of Dio: http://bit.ly/alAqFY 4:25 PM May 16th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Download The Cure’s ‘Greatest Hits’ demos, remixes, live tracks from 2001 http://su.pr/1ek200 4:22 PM May 16th

# Glad I got to see the William Eggleston show at the Art Institute. In addition to 3 album covers, lots of other great photos. 7:12 PM May 15th

# RT @TwentyFourBit: RT @ThePlaylist: Scorsese Names George Harrison Doc, ‘Living In The Material World, 2011 Release http://dlvr.it/10rgj 7:09 PM May 15th

# Mick Jagger: “From 1970 to 1997, [musicians] did get paid, and they got paid very handsomely and everyone made money.” http://bit.ly/cVWDuY 7:31 PM May 14th

# RT @xenijardin: Bootsy Collins talks about tripping on LSD with James Brown (and dosing his brother): http://bit.ly/dz2wpS 3:40 PM May 14th

# Who knew? All of the UK, apparently. Good for her. Wonder if Jay-Z knew. RT @soundofthecity: Lady Sovereign Is Gay http://bit.ly/bceLdQ 1:36 PM May 14th

# RT @lancewaxer: 50 greatest hip-hop samples. http://bit.ly/cXwNMC 12:23 PM May 14th

# Cocaine RT @fingertipsmusic: Truly bizarre. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Bruce, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Sting, Debbie Harry http://nyti.ms/8Yff6r 12:19 PM May 14th

# Mike Nesmith’s “Nine Times Blue” is the best song ever. #nowplaying 12:16 PM May 14th

# Too literal though. RT @jgrossnas: Interesting response to Joni Mitchell: “Is Bob Dylan a Phony?” http://bit.ly/95fNVD 6:41 AM May 14th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: The Cure launches ‘Disintegration’ website, streams 20 unreleased tracks: http://su.pr/1JTEOK 4:12 AM May 14th

# RT @aquadrunkard: The Rolling Stones – The Real ‘Exile’ Outtakes http://bit.ly/bC3Bpl 9:31 PM May 13th

# Congrats, Scott! Chicago Mag! RT @ourmaninchicago: RT @phil_rosenthal: So @ourmaninchicago becomes ourmanatchicago. http://bit.ly/b592MG 7:38 PM May 13th via TweetDeck

# Exile on Sunset Boulevard – Marsall Chess and Chris O’Dell recall finishing “Exile” in L.A. http://ow.ly/1KTa7 6:14 PM May 13th

# Ahem, ahem. RT @lollapalooza: Lolla is looking for a few good #Chicago music blogs. vote for your favorites here >> http://bit.ly/9UOO9h 3:02 PM May 13th

# RT @gregkot: Lollapalooza getting bigger — a good thing? Lolla promoter says fans, park will benefit: http://bit.ly/9f7qyV 2:59 PM May 13th

# “Neverland Lost” A Portrait of Michael Jackson By Henry Leutwyler http://ow.ly/1KPeg 2:24 PM May 13th

# “Far from the recluse he has been made out to be, Mangum seemed comfortable, relaxed, even happy, to be back on stage.” http://ow.ly/1KMDZ 12:43 PM May 13th

# Kirsten Dunst, Kristin Stewart Added To ‘On The Road’ Cast. http://ow.ly/1KxxF Huh. In the book the gals are incidental. Why cast big stars? 4:48 AM May 13th

# RT @tetetotete: @tdcinemaclub @boweryballroom UK answer to vampire weekend. Basically. Review for @gloriousnoise comin stat 8:19 PM May 12th

# @maura Red wine. 7:47 PM May 12th in reply to maura

# US Spotify = vaporware. RT @tbquirk: Not-ify, a site that tracks the moving target that is their launch date: http://bit.ly/dibU2N 5:46 PM May 12th

# RT @DaptoneRecords: Dap-Kings drummer is back to blogging about the foods the band encounters while on the road. http://bit.ly/bz0NdB 2:59 PM May 12th

# RT @jgrossnas: Keith Richards’ book, appropriately available around Halloween http://amzn.to/90ISxJ 2:18 PM May 12th

# “LimeWire is believed to be the tool used by half of those downloading pirated songs.” Believed by whom? Not me. http://ow.ly/1Ki7I 12:49 PM May 12th

# Limewire is still around? Who knew! RT @billboardglenn: Report: RIAA Wins Big In LimeWire Lawsuit http://bit.ly/azyNsm 12:48 PM May 12th

# RT @gregkot: Interviews with Mick http://bit.ly/at8nQR, Keith http://bit.ly/cdl59P on “Exile” reissue and remixed new tracks 10:59 AM May 12th

# Rolling Stones, “All Down the Line” (live in 1972). God damn, they were amazing. Almost justifies all the missteps since. http://ow.ly/1K8xL 8:05 AM May 12th

# For fuck’s sake. The one thing it does NOT need is to be bigger. RT @robertloerzel: @Lollapalooza expands http://bit.ly/cJuJQL 6:43 AM May 12th

# I miss Reni’s drumming. He should join Primal Scream. 6:35 AM May 12th

# Lee is a bore. #idol RT @maura: tonight’s ‘idol’ recap: t-shirts, dollar drafts, and the return of ‘top scallop.’ http://bit.ly/anO3i5 4:15 AM May 12th

# Great tips. RT @jgrossnas: Dear Writer- some tips on the music scribe biz (prelude to the big survey) http://bit.ly/9rd1Wg 8:52 PM May 11th

# RT @xenijardin: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ROADIES (“found” xeroxed flyer). http://bit.ly/a2kaTV 8:26 PM May 11th

# RT @tankboy: So, DeRogatis’s replacement is … HIS EDITOR? Huh. Something Cheney-esque about that… http://bit.ly/cwcK7Y 3:06 PM May 11th

# RT @ROIR: FREE ROIR @AmazonMP3 sampler out now! 13 tracks: NY Dolls, Suicide, Mekons +more http://amzn.to/bV5s0G 1:27 PM May 11th

# Ft. Wolf Parade, Beach House, David Cross, Foals… RT @subpop: Digital Bang! 15 FREE songs from our 2010 releases. http://amzn.to/a37xnp 12:58 PM May 11th

# F’d! RT @soundofthecity: The Latest On Evil Producer Solar, the Man Who Betrayed Gang Starr’s Guru http://bit.ly/b8aMea @Solar_7Grand #guru 12:55 PM May 11th

# Polk Audio has a new outdoor patio speaker system where the subwoofer looks like clay planter. Goofy or cool? http://ow.ly/1JLjm 12:26 PM May 11th

# On This Day in 2005: Of Polyester and Camel Toe: Remembering John Entwistle, Badly – http://ow.ly/1JIIg 10:57 AM May 11th

# Unsubbed @TheMandyMoore for doing the bullshit (Ad) deal. How much do celebs get paid for that? Boo. 9:56 AM May 11th

# RT @tommy_stinson: Recording in a barn in Mississippi with Luther and Cody Dickinson. These dudes rip. Good times. 9:51 AM May 11th

# Journalism! RT @jesshopp: Amen. RT @MikeRiggs: Tony Ortega, editor of the Village Voice, is my fucking hero: http://bit.ly/d2MNfS 9:49 AM May 11th

# Cubs in five, 2010 RT @slicingeyeballs: Heaven 17 announces ‘Penthouse and Pavement’ 30th anniversary tour of the UK http://ow.ly/1JyjG 6:42 AM May 11th

# Totally awesome. RT @iancr: RT @jessevondoom: “Where Are the 12 Guys from N.W.A’s First Album Cover Now?” http://bit.ly/dsCQwU 4:04 AM May 11th

# RT @TwentyFourBit: Watch: Ben Folds Covers Elliott Smith – “Say Yes” http://bit.ly/dnEHTx 3:57 AM May 11th

# Odd choice. RT @wilcohq: play “Deeper Down” tonight on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson http://bit.ly/aBjHcf 3:04 PM May 10th

# RT @emazer: In Mobile Age, Sound Quality Steps Back – http://nyti.ms/blBL2d 2:25 PM May 10th

# Johnny Loftus on Southern Culture on the Skids: “Trashy, loose-lipped, and delivered with a satisfyingly greasy squish.” http://ow.ly/1JhmK 1:40 PM May 10th

# Nina Totenberg: “Justice Gaga: Hello baby, you called?” http://youtu.be/4KenS0h3-Pc #npr #ubernerd 12:44 PM May 10th

# Sinatra & Jobim, “Girl from Ipanema.” It doesn’t get cooler than this. http://youtu.be/B2UYVvkpYRo 12:13 PM May 10th

# Evil! RT @soundofthecity: The Hacked Emails That Expose Former #Guru Partner Solar As the Most Evil Man In Hip-Hop http://bit.ly/bh8Zhm 9:53 AM May 10th

# Robbie Fulks is covering Bob Dylan’s “Slow Train Coming” album with a 5-piece band tonight at @hideoutchicago Going? http://ow.ly/1J7EN 8:36 AM May 10th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Mike Scott (@mickpuck) posting Waterboys rarities, solo cuts, mash-ups online. Hear some: http://ow.ly/1J5Pf 8:18 AM May 10th

# Remember the “Carlos D Has Herpes” blog? RT @AltReport: Carlos D, the Creepy guy from Interpol, quits the band http://bit.ly/cilJtV 8:17 AM May 10th

# RT @lindsaylohan: Did Billy Joel curse us when he said, “only the GOOD die young” ?? 4:13 AM May 10th

# RT @rustyrockets: Tory government, Spurs in Europe, what’s next Morrissey fox hunting? 6:17 PM May 8th

# RT @RiversCuomo: It’s so hard not to be creepy! 12:43 PM May 8th

# RT @amazonmp3: Download Ella Fitzgerald’s “Blue Skies” free for a limited time: http://amzn.to/a0bEHF 12:42 PM May 8th

# Richard III. RT @TwentyFourBit: Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan Songs to Score Shakespeare Play http://bit.ly/a4MjZA 2:37 PM May 7th

# Jesus. RT @maura: Um…. wow. Wow. RT: Media Mogul James Dolan Elects to Use ‘Nuclear Option’ on Village Voice http://bit.ly/a3nLyp 12:42 PM May 7th

# “Wesley Willis is revered by many in Chicago and his music and art live on. They even renamed the Sears Tower after him.” http://ow.ly/1Ilat 11:53 AM May 7th

# RT @tankboy: Thax doesn’t miss Chicago. Were you actually surprised? http://bit.ly/cZng80 *[Phil] Well I do! 11:15 AM May 7th

# Loretta Lynn and The Pill: http://ht.ly/1Ij71 10:36 AM May 7th

# On this Day 2008: One of our best convos, Beatles from Above http://ht.ly/1IiYm *Cool pic and mystery solved via our commenters 10:32 AM May 7th

# Video of Mangum appearance at Chris Knox benefit surfaces: http://ht.ly/1Iili 10:09 AM May 7th

# RT @mergerecords: RT @sisario: My take on the Mangum/Knox lovefest: http://nyti.ms/b1WwE3 “behind me a young man seemed to be weeping.” 10:03 AM May 7th

# Liam to make #Beatles bio-pic: http://ht.ly/1IhYD Based on the Fabs’ final years. 9:59 AM May 7th

# FUCK YOU, Roger Waters. RT @jesshopp: Autumn De Wilde, who shot cover of Figure 8, responds to Roger Waters debacle: http://bit.ly/duWBHK 9:04 AM May 7th

# Necessary? RT @slicingeyeballs: a-ha’s ‘Hunting High and Low,’ ‘Scoundrel Days’ to be reissued w/ B-sides, mixes, demos http://ow.ly/1IdWM 8:59 AM May 7th

# Damn kids! RT @maura: this is a great column: Nitsuh Abebe tackles LCD Soundsystem, Weezer, and the culture of irony http://bit.ly/cMq7iE 8:54 AM May 7th

# RT @jgrossnas: Why the Media Ignored the Nashville Flood http://bit.ly/aCZuGS 7:31 AM May 7th

# RT @tankboy: Loving Stardeath and White Dwarfs but way too many covers, Flaming Lips stage sets, and backing tracks for an 8 song set. 4:31 AM May 7th

# RT @michaelazerrad: Jeff Mangum was magical but the real magic was the crowd murmuring along to the songs, then exploding in joyous cheers. 7:16 PM May 6th

# RT @WCreature: WOWW RT @wingedfeetxc Jeff Mangum performing “Engine” http://tweetphoto.com/21356208 7:14 PM May 6th

# Mangum. RT @eliz: Oh Comely / A Baby for Pree / Two Headed Boy Pt. 2 / In the Aeroplane over the Sea / HOLY SHIT AN ENCORE ENGINE SINGALONG 7:12 PM May 6th

# Third Man Records extends hours this Saturday, May 8th, with proceeds to aid Nashville flood relief http://ht.ly/1HY2n 4:36 PM May 6th

# Being short at rocks shows is bad enough without Farting and Whistling Man: http://ht.ly/1HXKh #deadweather 4:22 PM May 6th

# Note to music PR folks & label owners: Read this http://ht.ly/1HVDj 2:30 PM May 6th

# Surprised? RT @unclegrambo: This new Hole record blows. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY is the exact same song as MALIBU, except that it’s the worst. 2:21 PM May 6th

# She is mad! RT @ladygaga: FOX POORLY + AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol. real version: http://bit.ly/apyBrH 2:19 PM May 6th

# “Our ability to get the message out without intermediaries is unencumbered.” http://ow.ly/1HTKp 1:19 PM May 6th

# Beggars’ exec “doesn’t do budgets. It’s impossible to predict how music will sell, he says, so why waste the time?” http://ow.ly/1HTD7 1:15 PM May 6th

# Marilyn Manson no longer wants to murder LA Times journalists…just those rascals at @Buddyhead. Beware, bros. http://ow.ly/1HTsb 1:08 PM May 6th

# Keith Richards on Exile sessions: “It did get pretty sticky down there, it had a dust floor. It was kind of Hitleresque.” http://ow.ly/1HSBl 12:43 PM May 6th

# “The fact that artists haven’t profited from their recordings has hastened the decline of the label-oriented structure.” http://ow.ly/1HRnO 11:55 AM May 6th

# “If the continued existence of labels depends on the dreaded ‘itunes-homepage’ argument, ‘doom’ is too mild a word.” http://ow.ly/1HQZl 11:52 AM May 6th

# More info on Chuck D’s free new anti-Arizona jam, Tear Down That Wall: http://ow.ly/1HOOz 10:29 AM May 6th

# Tear Down That Wall! RT @erin_potts: New Chuck D song for Arizona. Download here: http://bit.ly/d9qI5d. 9:41 AM May 6th

# RT @tipsheet: Warner Music: Losses Slow as Digital Makes 47% of US Revs http://bit.ly/cF7FOk 9:17 AM May 6th

# RT @ladygaga: http://bit.ly/apyBrH here’s my full american idol performance ALEJANDRO. Fox chopped up my performance in 4 places. 9:15 AM May 6th

# Been years since I’ve listened to Zep III. Totally forgot about the banjo in “Gallows Pole.” Kinda awesome. #nowplaying 7:04 AM May 6th

# RT @ashmont: We’re streaming 3 songs from the new Pernice Brothers out 6/15. Go listen! (and pre-order if you want) http://bit.ly/91Y6Zl 5:44 PM May 5th

# Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks! RT @justinbieber Glorious Noise is Awsome!! http://glono.com/ hahah!! #fakeretweets #notreal 2:25 PM May 5th

# Thanks, dude! RT @aplusk Glorious Noise is my favorite music zine! http://glono.com/ #fakeretweets #notreal 2:21 PM May 5th

# The live Lambchop song on the new free @mergerecords sampler sounds exactly like Bob Seger. That’s a compliment. http://tinyurl.com/39rodw4 12:24 PM May 5th via TweetDeck

# Billboard confirms Neil Young recording w Lanois. Hope Lanois has balls to tell Neil to work on his lyrics, craft. http://ow.ly/17h4to 6:47 AM May 5th

# Awwwwwwwwwwww shit. RT @iancr: only the finest: Toots and the Maytals joint-shaped USB: http://awe.sm/55oz8 #topspin 4:18 AM May 5th

# “I’m zipping through the days at lightning speed. Plug in, flush out and fire the fuckin’ feed.” 8:42 PM May 4th

# Harry Connick Jr is a cool guy. Makes me want to raise my kid in New Orleans so he’ll be able to get away with talking like that. #idol 8:31 PM May 4th

# RT @jesshopp: As if he hadn’t done enough harm–Roger Waters “viral” campaign defaces Elliot Smith memorial with ads. http://bit.ly/awDGs2 4:15 PM May 4th

# RT @crawdada: This is a must-hear! Full James Brown concert from 1969 up for free streaming/paid download. http://bit.ly/bA31F6 3:46 PM May 4th

# RT @AltReport: The Executed Ginger from M.I.A. video gets ‘axed’ from Video for Official World Cup song http://bit.ly/bXSAvr 3:44 PM May 4th

# Meh, whatever. Who cares anyway? RT @ourmaninchicago: I miss musicians who don’t answer every interview question with a verbal shrug. 3:04 PM May 4th

# True! RT @yorgaki: RT @shitmydadsays: “YOU, a published writer?..Internet don’t count. Any asshole can throw shit up on there.” 2:59 PM May 4th

# Ft. Spoon, Barlow, She & Him, Superchunk, Wye Oak, more. RT @mergerecords: Free Merge digital sampler at Amazon! http://tinyurl.com/39rodw4 2:54 PM May 4th

# RT @billboardglenn: Court: RapidShare doesn’t need to filter user uploads http://bit.ly/92iIju 2:51 PM May 4th

# Dope. RT @tankboy: DJ Spooky and Chuck D re-do “By the Time I Get to Arizona” to address the situation in Arizona. http://bit.ly/cIU9y3 2:47 PM May 4th

# Beastie Boys “Massaging” ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracks for Fall Release: “We’ve been letting it age.” http://ow.ly/1GZxn 2:28 PM May 4th

# Bret Michaels Leaves Hospital, Expected To Make Full Recovery: “He’s not walking very well. He’s talking very well.” http://ow.ly/1GZbx 2:15 PM May 4th

# Different lyrics. RT @slicingeyeballs: Hear a rare demo of The Smiths’ ‘Paint a Vulgar Picture’ http://ow.ly/1GV18 12:18 PM May 4th

# RT @TwentyFourBit: Ex-Jayhawk Mark Olson Enlists Cardinals’ Neal Casal, Jolie Holland for New Solo LP http://bit.ly/aIRkWd 12:12 PM May 4th

# If I can’t get to it on my iPhone, it doesn’t exist. RT @trent_reznor: New music from my new band: http://bit.ly/bFqEwi 12:06 PM May 4th

# Chris Weisman of Happy Birthday defends his band against GLONO’s negative review: “I’m a music teacher!” http://ow.ly/1GTqt 11:08 AM May 4th

# Revolutionary concept: If you enjoy something someone made, pay them for it. RT @fingertipsmusic: “The Free Music Mirage” http://ow.ly/1Gyt5 8:25 AM May 4th

# Apple manipulates the press, loathes real reporting. RT @ftrain: This criticism of Apple is correct: http://abcnews.go.com/print?id=10523213 3:58 AM May 4th

# Robbie Fulks just covered September Gurls at the Hideout. 6:42 PM May 3rd

# Robbie Fulks at the Hideout. http://twitpic.com/1ks4da 5:41 PM May 3rd

# I was hoping this was a music post. Geddy Lee is getting hip? RT @poljunk: Rush channels Beck: http://ht.ly/1GrXf *It’s sad, really… 2:04 PM May 3rd

# RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @chunklet: Recently unearthed footage of Minor Threat in Lansing ’82. Hot shit! http://tinyurl.com/29nbups 11:48 AM May 3rd

# On this Day 2002: Just Say Yes. Oft quoted essay on Elliott Smith w/Wilco in Chicago http://ht.ly/1Gnpp 10:48 AM May 3rd

# A 15-question self-exam to determine whether or not country music is right for you. http://ow.ly/1Gmt8 10:21 AM May 3rd

# Morrissey writes tender eulogy after death of a super fan: “she had been a front row fixture for many years.” http://ow.ly/1Glmk 9:50 AM May 3rd

# N.W.A Biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’ In The Works – Ice Cube and Eazy-E’s widow producing. http://ow.ly/1Gl6L 9:42 AM May 3rd

# Upcoming solo record. RT @tommy_stinson: “New blog up! GnR tour recap and plans for the future – http://tinyurl.com/34bzncp” goin to Russia 8:37 AM May 3rd

# RT @colinmeloy: Christgau can seriously suck it. He gave Tusk the same rating as Tango in the Night. Go suck it, Christgau. 4:14 AM May 3rd

# #idol has become (relatively more) lame. RT @jgrossnas: The real problem with ‘American Idol’? It’s ‘Glee’ http://bit.ly/cDz2Fu 7:26 PM May 2nd

# RT @AltReport: Spoiled ginger child actor from M.I.A. video gives interview to TMZ paparazzi bro http://bit.ly/dazEfE 7:16 PM May 2nd

# Gonna need some time to dig into this. Amazing. RT @maura: oh wow… RT @ndkllmn: American Top 40 cue sheets, ’70-’95: http://bit.ly/aVxEpW 6:31 AM May 1st

# Sell it! RT @Billboard_Music: The Rolling Stones: Out Of Exile – Once The Epitome Of Druggy Debauchery… http://ow.ly/17eiac 8:53 PM Apr 30th

# RT @crawdada: Phoenix New Times puts out a call for new protest songs and for artists to stand up for immigrant rights. http://bit.ly/aFhDSE 2:50 PM Apr 30th

# Drug-free @courtneyloveuk says no to Abilify. RT @soundofthecity: Why Hole’s First Terminal 5 Show Only Lasted 50 Min http://bit.ly/amLhGn 1:40 PM Apr 30th

# Nice. Full grown! RT @jesshopp: My essay/riff on the Quasi record and getting growed up: http://bit.ly/adk0wy 1:19 PM Apr 30th

# Why MoFi remasters sound perfect: cut from analog master tape, no compression and very little equalization in mastering. http://ow.ly/1FdGn 8:39 AM Apr 30th

# Neil Young & Crazy Horse, “Big Time” off Broken Arrow. An underrated gem. #nowplaying 6:51 AM Apr 30th

# RT @jgrossnas: Record Store Day is ‘more important’ than Christmas http://bit.ly/aLMfCE 6:46 AM Apr 30th

# Another reason to NEVER pay to rent music. RT @billboardglenn: Lala Closing In Weeks. Apple finally pulling the plug. http://bit.ly/bZdiqA 6:44 AM Apr 30th

# Replacement value ($1) or original cost (10c)? RT @billboardglenn: @fingertipsmusic apple will give itunes credit for lala purchases 6:41 AM Apr 30th

# Weird. RT @TwentyFourBit: Daniel Lanois Producing New Neil Young Album http://bit.ly/9aV452 4:09 AM Apr 30th

# RT @ParisHilton: Visited Linda Perry at her studio. She is so cool and her studio is incredible! I respect her so much as a producer. 4:01 AM Apr 30th

# RT @benkweller: Today we lost a studio legend, Mr. Walter Sear. One of my idols and inspirations. Long live analog recording!! 4:00 AM Apr 30th

# RT @Billy: on second thought I’ll sit quiet + just let you live with your guilty conscience. Better to detach from your filth and just sue. 8:01 PM Apr 29th

# RT @Billy: Lies, lies, and more lies. Just keep ’em coming Mommy Dearest. When I’m ready, I’ll tell the truth about what I’ve seen you do. 7:27 PM Apr 29th

# Unfollowing @rihanna because all she ever does is ask me for my goddamned bone marrow. 3:24 PM Apr 29th

# Best food, bands, every year. RT @robertloerzel: Superchunk will headline the Taste of Randolph Street festival, playing at 8 p.m. June 20. 3:20 PM Apr 29th

# Siobhan says “It was wicked flattering being compared to” @adamlambert. Boston people really talk like that? #idol http://bit.ly/dsqYa9 2:43 PM Apr 29th

# RT @toddtotale: Country song lyrics while on hold: rain makes corn/corn makes whiskey/whiskey makes my baby/get a little frisky 2:33 PM Apr 29th

# RT @Dfactor: Yes, there is a documentary moving ahead on the #Replacements – read more: http://bit.ly/an3cs7 12:43 PM Apr 29th

# Adjusted for inflation, “2008 was 4.8% higher than that of 1982 and 3.6% higher than 1983.” RT @billboardglenn: http://bit.ly/9JjA0w 12:42 PM Apr 29th

# #1: “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed. This is it. This is Hell. http://bit.ly/dceU2o 11:35 AM Apr 29th

# RT @crawdada: Courtney Love responds to Billy Corgan’s attacks by taking (gasp) the high road? http://bit.ly/9YYnuL 10:40 AM Apr 29th

# Guru’s sister ‘never had the right feeling’ about Solar, says letter is bogus: “That’s not how my brother wrote.” http://ow.ly/1EMZ3 10:30 AM Apr 29th

# RT @nodepression: ND Festival presale tickets now on sale. Here’s how to get ’em: http://bit.ly/916rC7 10:25 AM Apr 29th

# “For some reason every douchebag in Ohio celebrated their birthday at Tumbleweeds. ” http://bit.ly/dceU2o 10:23 AM Apr 29th

# Courtney producing, but likely to not see Cobain biopic: http://ht.ly/1EM0W 10:00 AM Apr 29th

# Get well soon! RT @stevendrozd: Thank you, everyone, for your concern. I had to do this and I’m getting it together. 9:57 AM Apr 29th

# Hear the song that blatantly influenced I Feel Fine (and Day Tripper): “Watch Your Step” by Bobby Parker (1961) http://youtu.be/TvtabNAb_wE 9:54 AM Apr 29th

# This is fucked but hardly surprising. RT @TartyTart: Irish music blogs could be forced to pay publishing royalties: http://bit.ly/93562o 8:30 AM Apr 29th


# Oh wow, Pernice’s publicist blurbed me on the new press release. Out of context and twisted up, but still… You’re welcome. 7:05 AM Apr 29th

# Because Ronnie Wood’s “I Can Feel the Fire” ft. Mick Jagger kinda sucks. As does Clapton’s “Sheriff.” 6:40 AM Apr 29th

# Did the early 70s classic rock dalliance with reggae produce anything remotely good? 6:38 AM Apr 29th

# RT @TartyTart: If one more girl smacks me in the boob with her oversized purse at a show I’m gonna rob her of it. 4:09 AM Apr 29th

# RT @tommy_stinson: It’s awesome to see all the Mats tweets. I didn’t know anyone still cared. Thanks to all. 8:43 PM Apr 28th

# 2009 Music Sales Shed $1 Billion: http://bit.ly/da9E1D 7:42 PM Apr 28th

# Aaron = David Archuleta. They’re exactly the same. Equally fucking awful. Who votes for those little dweebs? #idol 7:20 PM Apr 28th

# Siobhan out. She peaked early. #idol RT @maura: She was my least favorite last night, but this is sorta nuts. And a bad sign for Crystal. 7:16 PM Apr 28th

# RT @jgrossnas: The 10 Most Disturbing Quotes from Roger Ebert’s Sex Pistols Screenplay http://bit.ly/cEjRrJ 4:48 PM Apr 28th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ reissue delayed yet again — this time until June 8 http://ow.ly/1Ernm #thecure 4:46 PM Apr 28th

# On This Day in 2003: New iPod, iTunes, Music Service. We try to figure out how this iTunes business is going to work. http://ow.ly/1EqIv 3:03 PM Apr 28th

# Bret Michaels’ Medical Setback Is Routine, Expert Says. http://ow.ly/1EpI2 2:15 PM Apr 28th

# Updated with additional sales data. MGMT down 70% with 20,000, etc. http://bit.ly/cCpl3z 2:13 PM Apr 28th

# Madonna’s albums saw a 44% jump this week, selling 17,000. Digital tracks totaled 108,000, up 169%. http://ow.ly/1Eovt #glee 1:48 PM Apr 28th

# The Sad State Of The Old Music Business. Execs should “empower the many fans willing to do their marketing work for them.”http://ow.ly/1ElZo 12:12 PM Apr 28th

# [Video] Johnny Marr: BMX Fan http://ht.ly/1EkAF 11:21 AM Apr 28th

# Speaking of Johnny Marr…new site and awesome video library: http://ht.ly/1EkqV 11:15 AM Apr 28th

# Anyone else notice how everyone announces when Johnny Marr joins their band but nobody mentions when he leaves? 11:14 AM Apr 28th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Hear the Cure’s ‘Delirious Night,’ previously unreleased ‘Disintegration’ demo http://ow.ly/1Ekgb 11:11 AM Apr 28th

# Let’s be Facebook friends: http://ht.ly/1Eka0 *Not sure yet what we’re even doing with FB but let’s be friends anyway! 11:06 AM Apr 28th

# RT @davidwala: I am excited to see The Libertines DVD from Camden Twelve Bar Club in 2001 *Oh yeah… 10:58 AM Apr 28th

# Amy Winehouse suffers bruised ribs and a cut above her eye in “fall at home.” http://ht.ly/1EjYq 10:58 AM Apr 28th

# Brett Michaels has developed a side effect that causes seizures while recovering from a hemorrhage: http://ht.ly/1EjVF 10:56 AM Apr 28th

# Photos from Malcolm McLaren’s funeral procession. http://ht.ly/1EjLM *Ain’t easy being an aging punk, yeow. 10:51 AM Apr 28th

# M.I.A./YouTube dust-up proof American music videos are generally a bore: http://ht.ly/1EjAM 10:45 AM Apr 28th

# [Phil] Finally picked up vinyl of Sharon Jones & Dap Kings new one. Can not wait to crank that at GLONO West HQ! 10:39 AM Apr 28th

# RT @soundofthecity: Magnum Condoms Embrace Hip-Hop, Encourage Consumers to Make Bad Rap http://bit.ly/9UQeAA *Hahahahaha…oh 10:38 AM Apr 28th

# A father’s pride: MGMT’s Vanwyngarden’s dad (and editor of Memphis Flyer) speaks up http://ht.ly/1EjmE 10:37 AM Apr 28th

# Update: Apparently, @Weezer hasn’t actually ditched Geffen/UMG yet, although their contract is expired. http://ow.ly/1Ehwl 9:41 AM Apr 28th

# John Lydon: “I was discussed in Parliament under the Treason Act which carried the death penalty. That is not bubblegum.” http://ow.ly/1EhaZ 9:31 AM Apr 28th

# The Hound gets into all of Lou Reed’s pre-VU recordings. http://ow.ly/1EgP3 9:21 AM Apr 28th

# “We’ve gotten to a place where smoking a joint at an AC/DC concert is a rare thing–and that blows my mind.” http://ow.ly/1EeZ9 8:36 AM Apr 28th

# “Bowersox continues to amaze me just in her ability to find a Janis Joplin song to sing every single week.” #idol http://bit.ly/aCEEbv 6:41 AM Apr 28th

# Your intermittent dose of rock album cover typography in all its semi-verified glory: http://rockthatfont.com (via Kenan) 4:17 AM Apr 28th via TweetDeck

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Audio: The Cure’s ‘Delirious Night,’ previously unheard ‘Disintegration’ demo http://ow.ly/1E0V8 #thecure 3:58 AM Apr 28th

# Bret Micahels Suffers Setback – Poison singer has a lack of sodium in his body that leads to seizures. http://ow.ly/17cjJy 8:38 PM Apr 27th

# RT @amazonmp3: Download “Crash Years” by the New Pornographers free for a limited time: http://amzn.to/aGDh9d 3:08 PM Apr 27th

# How’d they miss Janet Jackson’s cork soakers bit? RT @unclegrambo: SNL’s All-Time Top 10 Cast Member Crack Ups: http://bit.ly/aKCum0 2:43 PM Apr 27th

# Update: Added the trailer for “Stones in Exile” to the Mick vs. Gram item: http://bit.ly/cTTKtz 2:19 PM Apr 27th

# Bret Michaels is “still in the ICU, but he’s stable” now. http://ow.ly/1DSAj 2:07 PM Apr 27th

# Record Store Day 2010 was the biggest day of sales for vinyl in Soundscan’s history. http://ow.ly/1DSap 1:52 PM Apr 27th

# Mick: “I had to finish the whole record myself, because otherwise there were just these drunks and junkies.” http://ow.ly/1DNYm 11:47 AM Apr 27th

# Charlie: “Keith’s a very bohemian and eccentric person, he really is.” http://ow.ly/1DNYm 11:45 AM Apr 27th

# Keith (cont): “Mick’s rock, I’m roll.” http://ow.ly/1DNYm 11:44 AM Apr 27th

# Keith: “Mick needs to know what he’s going to do tomorrow. Me, I’m just happy to wake up and see who’s hanging around.” http://ow.ly/1DNYm 11:44 AM Apr 27th

# $21.4M more than they’d have without it. RT @billboardglenn: How Much $ Is Spotify Making for UK labels? Not a ton. http://bit.ly/a01bl7 11:35 AM Apr 27th

# RT @TwentyFourBit: The new Rolling Stones doc on the Exile sessions is looking good http://bit.ly/9oSBjs 11:22 AM Apr 27th

# MGMT: “Maybe you can’t make music that sounds like a chase scene from Scooby Doo and have people take you seriously.” http://ow.ly/1DKrH 9:59 AM Apr 27th

# RT @DaptoneRecords: Watch @SharonLJones & the Dap-Kings on The Colbert Report http://bit.ly/bfYFA3 9:29 AM Apr 27th

# RT @soundofthecity: Here At Last, Is The Inevitable Justin Bieber/Black Flag T-Shirt http://bit.ly/9d1TXl 9:28 AM Apr 27th

# Yes! RT @seanbuzzgrinder: Best “King of the Hill” quote ever: “You’re not making Christianity better, you’re making rock and roll worse.” 4:15 AM Apr 27th

# And those Swatch shades! RT @aquadrunkard: surprised no one has brought back JAMS (the 80s shorts) yet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jams 4:15 AM Apr 27th

# RT @robertloerzel: A peak inside the Uptown Theatre. @chicagosuntimes story: http://bit.ly/ci6wt6 Photo gallery: http://bit.ly/9F3Oae 4:11 AM Apr 27th

# Must read: @ebertchicago’s Sex Pistols “Who Killed Bambi?” screenplay: http://j.mp/cmllKt 8:59 PM Apr 26th

# Hole for less than £7. @courtneyloveuk RT @Lefsetz: Cheap concert tickets available as stars fail to sell out: http://bit.ly/caJ20G 7:35 PM Apr 26th

# Are you hip to Easter Island? The Bermuda Triangle? Ain’t nothing but a party. 3:04 PM Apr 26th

# Security through obfuscation. RT @crawdada: The source of many album leaks has been revealed. http://bit.ly/cWU5bu 1:56 PM Apr 26th

# Corgan takes on @courtneyloveuk http://ow.ly/1Dj6f *The onslaught should begin in 5…4…3… 12:31 PM Apr 26th

# “I also threw a party called Foot Laos, of course, which was a Kevin Bacon inspired Laotian party.” –Visqueen ” http://ow.ly/1DgfB 12:15 PM Apr 26th

# “Once and for All: How Do You Pronounce MGMT?” I don’t care. I still say Management. http://ow.ly/1DgEC 11:22 AM Apr 26th

# “[Will Farrell] has this uncanny ability to look hot and disgusting at the same times.–Rachel Flotard, Visqueen ” http://ow.ly/1DgaJ 11:05 AM Apr 26th

# I didn’t realize they ditched Geffen/UMG. RT @Billboard_Music: @Weezer Readies New Music, Rarities For Indie Releases: http://ow.ly/17bawS 9:35 AM Apr 26th

# RT @CKlosterman: More interesting than it should be: RT @stephenhero — Noel Gallagher’s World Cup memories: http://bit.ly/d50YtU 9:31 AM Apr 26th

# RT @aquadrunkard: Tom Waits/DJ Lee ‘Baby’ Sims :: Jim Jarmusch’s “Down by Law”: http://bit.ly/aGLSCl 4:17 AM Apr 26th

# RT @unclegrambo: We asked Katy Perry if she’d be a permanent IDOL judge. Her answer? “Not Until My Tits Sag”: http://bit.ly/aR2iYN 8:52 AM Apr 24th

# REPORT: Brett Michaels in ICU after brain hemorrhage: http://ow.ly/1CqvV 3:22 PM Apr 23rd

# Blitzen channels Bowie on new one. Who’d a thunk? 1:10 PM Apr 23rd

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