Album Streams: Weezer, Grinderman, more

Tune in!AOL/Spinner is streaming the following 36 (36!) new releases through Sunday, September 19, and that’s not even including the new Mavis Staples. Big day for good music.

‘Hurley’ by Weezer

‘Grinderman 2’ by Grinderman

‘Familial’ by Philip Selway (MP3)

‘Majesty Shredding’ by Superchunk (MP3)

‘False Priest’ by of Montreal (MP3)

31 more below, including new ones by Robert Plant, The Walkmen, Chromeo, Blonde Redhead, Black Mountain, Junip, Dungen, and on and on…

‘Band of Joy’ by Robert Plant

‘Lisbon’ by The Walkmen

‘The Hundred in the Hands’ by The Hundred in the Hands

‘Business Casual’ by Chromeo

‘Penny Sparkle’ by Blonde Redhead (‘MP3)

‘Light Chasers’ by Cloud Cult

‘The Drums’ by The Drums

‘Ivory Tower’ by Chilly Gonzales

‘Drawing Down the Moon’ by Azure Ray

‘Phosphene Dream’ by Black Angels

‘Wilderness Heart’ by Black Mountain (‘MP3)

‘Pop Negro’ by El Guincho

‘Fields’ by Junip (‘MP3)

‘Lucky Shiner’ by Gold Panda

‘The Lonely Forest’ by The Lonely Forest

‘Skit I Allt’ by Dungen

‘The Waves’ by Tamaryn

‘Would Work’ by Infantree (‘MP3)

‘What It Means to Be Left Handed’ by Mice Parade (‘MP3)

‘Onze Pedras’ by Lobisomem

‘C’mon C’mon’ by Paul Manousos

‘Four’ by Sara Radle (‘MP3)

‘Two’ by The Chapin Sisters (‘MP3)

‘Wreck Your Wheels’ by Kim Richey

‘Airtight’s Revenge’ by Bilal

‘Barking’ by Underworld

‘Rubber Soulive’ by Soulive

‘Pins and Needles’ by The Birthday Massacre

‘Sleep Forever’ by Crocodiles

‘Silver and Ash’ by Clare Burson

‘Stardust Galaxies’ by The Parlotones

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