Beatles Red and Blue Albums Remastered

The Beatles - 1962-1966 (Red) RemasteredThe Beatles - 1967-1970 (Blue) Remastered

For many music fans who were born after the Baby Boom, myself included, the introduction to the Beatles came through two double-album collections, The Beatles 1962-1966 and The Beatles 1967-1970, the Red and Blue albums. Containing a total of 54 selections approved by the former Beatles in 1973, these compilations dug deeper into the catalog than oldies radio or many of our parents ever acknowledged. I can remember taping the vinyl from the library and playing “I Am The Walrus” repeatedly. It felt like I was entering into a magic world, years before I would ingest any illicit substances. Down the rabbit hole, as it were, into the world of obsession and fandom.

I’m pretty sure that kids these days no longer consume music the same way I did, but hopefully curious kids wondering where to start with the Beatles will get ahold of these songs somehow, and dig in. EMI will reissue both collections on October 19, using the 2009 remasters. The liner notes have been expanded, but there won’t be any bonus tracks.

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10 thoughts on “Beatles Red and Blue Albums Remastered”

  1. I have vivid memories of listening to the Blue album on the way to wrestling camp in Virginia and passing the tape around in the van. I am pretty sure I launched at least three other Beatles fans on that trip with that tape.

  2. I wish they’d stick that brief James Bond theme on the start of “Help!”; that was the way I first discovered the song, and the current iteration of Red album didn’t retain it, for whatever reason.

  3. I guess the red & the blue album are no more irrelevant now than when they were originally issued, but I can’t think of too many people that would find these new releases indispensable.

  4. They/people would still find them relevant ‘caus maybe they’re the only Beatles ablums they bought…or discovered how great the music was…how they grew and developed in such a short time. And they may want these albums again to hear how much better they sound with the remastering. (The reason the James Bond into isn’t on the beginning of Help is ’cause that was the American version of the Red album on vinyl. Once they came out in the CD format, they stuck to the British versions…which didn’t have that opening on that song. (I’m wondering why your add doesn’t on these albums don’t show the combined package…containing both the Red and the Blue. Neat cover art.

  5. But surely there’s two groups of people that bought the red & blue on vinyl:

    (a) those who used them as an entry point and became fans and probably bought all the studio records afterward, maybe even the recent remasters


    (b) those who were happy with the compilation and stopped there.

    If you’re (a), do you need to buy the red & blue again? If you’re (b), do you bother buying the red & blue again?

    It just sounds like milking the golden cow to me.

  6. This is a great news about the re-relase of the Red and Blue Album. However, The Beatles could be done a new compilation perfectly with more songs or expanded the red and blue album with more songs on a completely way, but nevermind. I’ll waiting these re-releases, obviously the Blue Album.

  7. Yes, a few more songs would be nice. The whole thing should kick off with “I Saw Her Standing There” (which is not included in the album), with all that energy, not “Love Me Do.” That song (“…Stnding There”) properly introduces the Beatles…what they were about. George should have a least one song somewhere on the Red album. I would say “Taxman” for sure. It’s just as deserving as “Drive My Car.” And I would give him “I Need You” as well; a terrific Beatles’ song. They could have expanded the two albums to include at least 60 songs. And yes, we know “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” were released before Sgt Pepper, the album they were destined for, but not many people today do, probably, and it just seems weird to start the Blue album with those two songs and then have “Sgt. Pepper/Help From My Friends.” The whole Sgt. Pepper bit would be a much better opener. And then have those songs along with “Lucy….” and “”A Day In The Life.” Speaking of which, I would add the Reprise to introduce it just as it is on the Sgt. Pepper album. Just an opinion.

  8. Well I can’t believe it, the Red and Blue Albums are finally going to get the 2009 remastered treatment, about time. Personally, I think the Red and Blue Albums should have been included in the recently released remastered box sets (2009) but having said that, if EMI can make more money out of us dedicated Beatles fans they will.

    I just hope they stick with the same packaging that they used for The Beatles Remastered Albums. Also, I’m hoping that the sound quality will be better even than the 1993 editions, the 1993 editions were fantastic, so an improvement on those would be something to hear.

    I’ll be buying them, especially if they are relatively cheap, they should be, i’ve got all the songs on these two albums, just buying because the Red and Blue Albums are probably the best compilation albums EVER, and that’s saying something. ;-)

  9. I compiled a Beatles’ Red(der) Album of 26 oher cuts from the same era. “Saw Her Standing There, Money, Twist and Shout, I’ve Just Seen a Face……….. greatgawda’mighty – they had a lot of good tracks. I even compiled another 26 from the “leftovers,” and they aren’t half bad either. Yep, The Beatles ruled that era, fer shure.

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