Big Star Bassist Andy Hummel, Dead at 59

Andy HummelOh man, there goes another one. Former Big Star bassist Andy Hummel dies at Texas home:

Hummel had been receiving treatment for the past couple of years, but recently went in for a hip operation and was informed that the cancer had spread and that his condition was terminal. “At that point,” said Hummel’s friend, Ardent Studios owner and Big Star producer John Fry, “Andy elected to accept hospice care and spent the last couple weeks at home with his family.”

Sad news. What a rollercoaster year to be a Big Star fan. The box set, Alex Chilton’s death, and now this. What a bummer. John Fry said it best: “I guess the one thing that I am happy about is that Andy and Alex were able to see another chapter in the continuing appreciation of their music. And to see how much their music continued to mean to people over the years.”

I’d like to go to India

Live in a big white house in the forest

Drink gin and tonic and play a grand piano

Read a few books

Far from what saddens my heart

Try to live away from it

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4 thoughts on “Big Star Bassist Andy Hummel, Dead at 59”

  1. One little problem: that’s a pic of Jody Stephens, ironically the one original dude still alive. Andy was the guy with black hair.

  2. It’s all good. I mean, it sucks for all of us Big Star fans having our hearts broken so frequently in one year. But I’m glad to know that so many people do care about Big Star after all… initially, when Mr. Chilton first died, I didn’t get that sense. I do now. Thanks for reporting this.

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