Cool people vs. Assholes

“The cool people always complain that all the assholes are coming to our nights. I say, what do you want? Try to coexist. Ultimately, you should be inspired by assholes engaging in non-asshole behavior. And those guys—the ones with hair gel and graphic-print t-shirts—are the ones who come up afterward and ask about songs.”

—Andy Noble, on his obscure soul and funk d.j. sets in Milwaukee. New Yorker, June 14 & 21 issue, page 54.  

6 thoughts on “Cool people vs. Assholes”

  1. I am not sure if I am a cool person or an asshole now. I was once so confident in the answer, but now not so much.

  2. As a confirmed asshole, I find this post mildly offensive, and if I can pull up my baggy pants long enough, I am going to punch somebody about it.

  3. Every time someone calls me a dick I am quick to remind them that I’m an asshole. It’s really annoying being lumped in with those dicks all the time.

  4. “What I am sick of is all the wannabe assholes who make us real assholes look bad.”

    Absolutely – they call them assholo’s, right? They’re a complete embarrassment.

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