New Dandy Warhols video: This Is the Tide

Video: Dandy Warhols – “This Is the Tide”

So the Dandies must’ve owed Capitol one more album or something, because they released a “best of” compilation, The Dandy Warhols Collection: The Capitol Years: 1995-2007. As hits comps often do, this one contains a previously unreleased song. And now the band has even made a video for it. Seems like an awful lot of effort to promote an album on the label that dropped them three years ago. But who knows? Maybe they got one final handout from the EMI coffers for a big video budget. Looks like they had fun anyway, despite the fact that Zia was away “on tour with Brush Prairie” during the shoot.

Via Spinner.

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“We had Mattress in the kitchen cooking it up for everyone and Courtney [Taylor-Taylor] brought in some choice wines,” drummer Brent DeBoer tells Spinner. “It was basically a dinner party like any other dinner party at the ‘Oddy,’ but with a couple cameras roving around. Then, just after polishing off a couple bottles, Courtney and I went for a little motorcycle ride while the cameras rolled. The bummer was that Zia was on tour with Brush Prairie and couldn’t be at the shoot, but other than that a good time was had by all.”

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