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The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main StreetIn a year of amazing classic rock reissues (The Beatles, Neil Young, Big Star…) there’s one glaring omission: The Rolling StonesExile on Main Street.

Last year Reuters reported that Exile was scheduled for a late-2009 release, after the band’s other post-1971 studio albums were trickled out in the spring and summer. The report said that the albums would roll out in three batches:

…grouped by the albums’ original release dates, beginning on May 4 with 1971’s “Sticky Fingers,” 1973’s “Goats Head Soup,” 1974’s “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” and 1976’s “Black And Blue.”

Four albums — 1978’s “Some Girls,” 1980’s “Emotional Rescue,” 1981’s “Tattoo You” and 1983’s “Undercover” — will roll out on June 8.

The final five — 1986’s “Dirty Work,” 1989’s “Steel Wheels,” 1994’s “Voodoo Lounge,” 1997’s “Bridges To Babylon” and 2005’s “A Bigger Bang” will reach stores on July 8.

All of which seem to have been released as planned. But Exile never did show up.

Now reports are that Exile on Main Street will roll out in May 2010 and will include a number of unreleased songs, including “Plunder My Soul,” “Following The River” and “Sophia Loren.”

Given the significance of the album maybe it’s justified to wait and make a special occasion of its reissue. If the sound quality is anything like the ABKCO reissues from 2002 then it’ll be more than worth the wait, but for heaven’s sake fellas, get on with it!

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Pre-order from Amazon:

Related: French photographer Dominique Tarlé is displaying at the Art Exchange in San Francisco some of his favorite prints from his time at Villa Nellcôte with the Rolling Stones during the recording of Exile on Main Street. Awesome pics here of the band recording and living in the South of France, including some with Gram Parsons.

From the show’s description, “His documentation of this period is a thing of beauty, and was later published in the book, Exile, which is filled with up close and personal shots of the Stones in various states of consciousness.” Perfect.

Gram Parsons: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

3 thoughts on “Exile on Main Street Reissue News”

  1. If only it were issued as a CD/DVD combo pack with a copy of the movie Cocksucker Blues.

    But let’s be straight now: who in their right minds DOESN’T already own a copy of Exile On Main St.? That’s like not owning a copy of Sgt. Pepper’s or, egads, RADIO CITY!!

  2. Its the new unreleased tunes that make this bad boy appealingly strong and whiskey soaked!!! WhooHoo I’m stoked to hear them!!

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