Haitin’ on Opportunists

Quick heads up to bands and PR teams out there. We think it’s great that people, including yourselves, have come together to support relief efforts in Haiti. The devastation down there is unbelievable and the outpouring of donations and other support should make all of us feel proud (fuck Rush Limbaugh).

But stop using it as a promotional message. It’s selfish and tactless. We get a lot of press releases and promotional emails here at GLONO and if I see one more touting some dopey, no-name band “donating” their record sale profits (profits??? You must be new to the game) or some nominal amount of “tour proceeds” I will publicly shame you out of the music business. Donate because you’re a decent human being, not because you want ink.

For the rest of you, please consider donating to relief efforts.

Hope for Haiti Now

Doctors Without Borders

3 thoughts on “Haitin’ on Opportunists”

  1. I’ve been getting these, too. And I agree with you Derek that artists shouldn’t be purposely getting PR mileage out of donating money. But maybe I’m naive, ’cause I’ve been trying to figure out who among these artists is trying to make people feel better about purchasing their record by bringing up that a portion of the proceeds goes to Haiti relief, and who is simply using a tacky promo tactic. I mean, how different is this from sending out PR releases for benefit shows? I’m just trying to make sense of it…

  2. The fact that we have to think about it is what makes it creepy. I am happy that bands and artists are doing whatever they can to help with relief efforts–that’s honorable–but to then promote that fact is, well…less than honorable.

    I do see benefit albums and events differently because they serve a dual purpose of raising funds and awareness. When you send out a press release that you’re donating some nominal amount of money from a tour booked to promote your album, I am not impressed. It’s all about intent.

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