Holy Shit! Huey Lewis has a new album!

SoulsvilleMP3: Huey Lewis and The News – “Little Sally Walker” from Soulsville, due October 17 on Proper Records.

Huey Lewis is back! He and the News recorded an album’s worth of Stax Records covers at Ardent Studios in Memphis. Remember back in 2004 when Dr. David Thorpe used the power of scientific analysis to determine that we needed Huey Lewis to save rock and roll? Well, perhaps the time has come…

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11 thoughts on “Holy Shit! Huey Lewis has a new album!”

  1. Hmm, I’m torn. I love seeing all the love for Stax by someone a little more high-profile than us ultrageeks. Then again, considering how shot Huey Lewis’ reputation is, should it really be him? But then I remember, back in the day, Mr. Lewis wasn’t the worst entertainment to be had (except for “I want a new drug” and “Hip to be square”; those two are inexcusable and indefensible.) Huey and the News were a hell of a bar band, and their songs (except for the two noted above) are really cool pop songs. That said, I think I’d rather Huey Lewis take on this project than Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, or Rod Stewart-as-puppeteered-by-Clive-Davis. And for what it’s worth, Huey’s not picking the cliche, super-popular Stax numbers; it’s apparent that whoever chose the songs knows a whole lot of the Stax catalog. And from the MP3 here, Huey does a wicked Rufus Thomas impression!!

  2. Prior to being a yuppie sensation, the man toured with various European groups armed only with a harmonica and a serious mustache. I feel that entitles him to one free R&B cover album of his choice. Now he can move on.

  3. Yea why do I feel reluctant to admit that he’s a pretty good musician and that I liked a lot of their songs?

  4. I don’t think anyone, including Huey himself, would argue that what his band did was anything but disposable pop music. But Huey did indeed tour with a number of bands, including Clover, who backed Elvis Costello on his first record. He also spent a fair amount of time in England hanging with heavyweights like Albert Lee, Dave Edmunds, Phil Lynott and most notably, his lifelong pal Nick Lowe. He even plays harp with Rockpile on one of those albums. Playing with Rockpile and later recording/producing Nick automatically earns you a big chunk of cool, no matter what your other musical crimes may include.

  5. He played harmonica on Thin Lizzy’s ‘Live and Dangerous.’ Phil Lynott introduces hims as Huey ‘Blues’ Lewis. This officially makes him EPIC in ways all us wannabe’s MUST acknowledge!

  6. Huey Lewis and the Hold Steady should go on tour together and have a nightly Battle Of The Bar Bands contest.

  7. One day not too long ago I was walkin the aisles of Kmart and I came upon a copy of their Greatest Hits. I bought it while my wife laughed at me. They are a band that will always be attached to my childhood

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