Hurricane Sven – Stupid Bastard Girl

Hurricane SvenMP3: Hurricane Sven – “Stupid Bastard Girl” (GLONO exclusive!)

Glorious Noise is very excited to be able to offer the debut recording by up and coming internet phenomenon Hurricane Sven. Very little is known about the enigmatic Hurricane Sven, but after listening to “Stupid Bastard Girl” you’ll have to agree that he’s one to watch. Could this be the most exciting thing to happen in music in 2010? We’ll have to wait and see…

There have been hints that Hurricane Sven has more songs either “in the can” or in the process of being mixed and mastered. Stay tuned to Glorious Noise and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all developments.

Hurricane Sven: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

15 thoughts on “Hurricane Sven – Stupid Bastard Girl”

  1. AWESOME! I’ve heard that the Dick gives incredible four-hour marathon concerts in which the audience’s mind is blown (hint: think G.G. Allin crossed with David Yow and a little bit of Don Ho thrown in for good measure). This track reinforces that ye gods, the Dick can talk it as great as he walks it. Long live rock!!

  2. I’mma be sittin’ here all tech savvy in my flip flops, wearin’ shorts as soon as it hits 50 degrees and texting my bros and I gotta say “Hurricane Sven is a spokesman for a new generation.”

  3. I know why its a glorious noise exclusive: because you’re the only ones who find this shit funny.

  4. A female like Leslie not finding it funny is like a guy watching Michael Buble on Oprah on Pprah and saying “this sucks.” Duh.

  5. As a woman, let me say I love “Stupid Bastard Girl.” But then again I’m a girl and my parents named me Ralph and kept me in a closet until I was 12.

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