Karen Elson video: The Ghost Who Walks

Video: Karen Elson – “The Ghost Who Walks” (live full band video)

We posted the acoustic version of this song back in February, but this is this time the rest of the band gets to play along. Recorded live at Third Man Records in Nashville, and directed by Jack White. The album is due May 25.

Check out last month’s profile in the New York Times:

“If I wasn’t a model, I would never have been around interesting musicians, even had the financial capabilities to say, ‘I don’t have to work right now, I can sit and make my record,’ ” she said […]. Though she has long been musically minded, “I could never have made this record five years ago,” she said. “This record only could have been made with Jack.”

Nice that she acknowledges her place of privilege. Of course, if the music sucked we’d all just ignore her or ridicule her mercilessly. Since it sounds pretty good, that gives us the excuse—and the critical obligation!—to stare at a beautiful woman.

Karen Elson: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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