Lots of Links: Twitter Roundup #17

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. 219 tweets including 138 links and 97 retweets. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

Jeff Sabatini and Mike Vasquez are tweeting for GLONO from the All Good Festival in West Virginia, although word from Sab is that network connectivity there is awful. But tune in for updates.

# Internet success requires trust. RT @annkpowers: Prince and the Internet, a history (tragedy?) http://tinyurl.com/2bn54a5

# RT @Johnny_Marr: World Premier of Inception in Leicester Sq, London last night. Guitars on the score by Johnny Marr.

# Everything here is leaning on an angle because of the mountain. It’s disconcerting to say the least. #allgood

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# We could have listened to Donna all night. Can’t wait for DSO. #allgood

# Donna Jean begins with Sugaree then She Said. Strong open. #allgood

# Check out RockTheEarth.org. Cool people here at All Good. #allgood

# We are the first to buy beer at the media tent. Starr Hill Lucy and IPA #allgood

# Base camp established in the tent city. Media tent not yet open. 96 degrees. #allgood

# Awesome. Love Moz’s shit-eating grin. RT @slicingeyeballs: Wanna see a photo of Morrissey and Rick Astley circa 1989? http://su.pr/2smndS

# Macca joins Ringo on stage for NY birthday bash: http://ht.ly/28V5Y #beatles #mccartney #ringo

# An excerpt from the novelization of “The Blues Brothers” based on Aykroyd’s original enormous script. Awesome. http://ow.ly/28UNg

# Sheesh, @RollingStone doesn’t seek direct quote from band, basically re-blogs another source’s interview: http://bit.ly/9FWHwV #newmedia

# 95 degrees, 1 hour in traffic #allgood

# Sitting in the traffic backup. #allgood

# We are among the first to pick up our media credentials this am in Morgantown. #allgood

# RT @vulture: Download DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie’s epic ‘Summertime’ mixtape. Worth planning an entire BBQ around. http://nym.ag/doxXQZ

# An hour in now, in Ohio. Just drove under a road called Fangboner. Near Muncie Hollow. Seriously. #allgood

# Wilco Fulfills Nonesuch Contract, May Start Own Label. “YHF” has sold 674,000 copies; “Wilco (The Album)” 271,000. http://ow.ly/182C7f

# And so it starts: The GloNo crew is on the road and on our way to All Good. Next stop: Marvin’s Mountaintop. #allgood

# That can’t be a good sign for the industry… RT @nytimesmusic: Some ‘American Idol Live!’ Tour Dates Are Canceled http://nyti.ms/aPrJz1

# RT @tommy_stinson: So stoked to see how many people are listening to the mats right now. Thats a good day for me.

# Joan Jett Barbie. Badass. http://ow.ly/28eAf

# Kelly Clarkson’s fans are very disappointed she’s pulling out of Lilith entirely. 94 comments…and counting… http://ow.ly/28eiP

# Amy Winehouse rejoins @iammarkronson in London club appearance http://ht.ly/28cvy

# Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song In Nashville. On meeting Les Paul and Slim Whitman. http://ow.ly/28cbp

# RT @maura: The immense pleasure one gets from singing along with “Bad Romance” is not at all diminished when 20,000 others are joining in.

# Doobie Brothers Go “Crazy’ On New Album with 70s producer Ted Templeman. http://ow.ly/181EMd It’s time to decriminalize Ludes.

# Julian Lennon on Eve of Parents’ Divorce http://bit.ly/9RJTxX

# Seriously though, what has Brian Austin Green done to deserve his good fortune? D-lister. Always hated David f-ing Silver.

# Download “Saturday Sun” by Crowded House free for a limited time: http://amzn.to/99Ahxb

# They play Okie from Muskogee together. RT @captainsdead: the beach boys and the dead live at the fillmore east, 4.27.71 http://bit.ly/9Pl2T3

# Could Keith’s memoirs destroy the Stones? Jagger and Richards have been feuding for 59 years… http://ow.ly/27I8n

# Bill Wyman: “Charlie Watts never wants to go on tour anyway! He hasn’t wanted to since 1965 but he still goes.” http://ow.ly/27HS2

# Bummer. Optical Atlas, the great Elephant 6-focused news blog, has called it quits. http://ow.ly/27HzZ

# “Well, I think most people in Nashville expect a song not to be confusing.” http://ow.ly/27Hgp

# I don’t care…he’s still cool. RT @sfj: Prince totally up on flash photography as well as the internet. http://bit.ly/czm5nz

# Humorless old coot. Peace & love. RT @nytimesmusic: Ringo Starr at 70: ‘Not Hiding From It, You Know’ http://nyti.ms/aXqtQk

# “judging from ‘Power’s’ sound and artwork, it would seem that West is on track to make the first hip-hop Yes record.” http://bit.ly/9yTGQ0

# Oh boy. RT @michaelazerrad: Don’t worry, I figured out who the Great American Band is, so you don’t have to. http://tinyurl.com/greatUSband

# Total employment at Sony Music has fallen to fewer than 5,000 from more than 9,000 in 2003. http://nyti.ms/9SKyFJ

# And meat. RT @ampstyle: Urine and garbage. The unofficial smell of the Chicago summer.

# Keep on keeping on, brother. RT @stevendrozd: If every show can be like tonight’s, playing sober will be a blast!

# Downloaded new Liz Phair (lossless for $5.99), burned, & listened once. I think she’s taking drugs. Kinda great. Weird in a mostly good way.

# Al rules. RT @alyankovic: I will sign autographs or take pics with EVERY SINGLE PERSON that comes to my show in Watertown, NY on Monday.

# From Sab: “We just heard Cinderella do Dont know what you got. We are 30 ft from the stage. Scorps are going to blow Mike’s mind.”

# Anybody else have no idea he was on MSN? For 3+ years! RT @soundofthecity: Farewell, Robert Christgau’s Consumer Guide http://bit.ly/937Kor

# As does Slashdot hyperbole in covering it… RT @jgrossnas: ASCAP War On Free Culture (EFF, Creative Commons) Escalates http://bit.ly/9vr9IN

# Nice work, DJ iPod, going from Metal Guru by T.Rex to Crazy Horses by the Osmonds. Good morning! #shuffle #betterthancoffee

# For real. RT @RiversCuomo: I thought I was creative until I had to make up a story for my 3 year old every night.

# Thanks for my store-bought Peter Criss costume in 3rd grade. RT @Dfactor: KISS Manager Bill Aucoin Dies – Dead at 66 http://bit.ly/bNDFPR

# Whoa, @matoswk75’s inclusion of Liz Phair’s Never Said video just launched me into a massive YouTube excursion. Results: http://ow.ly/25spV

# Nice list. RT @matoswk75: I suggested 25 items that should be in the National Recording Registry: http://bit.ly/9aib50

# Fingers crossed. RT @RollingStone: Bret Michaels pursues ‘American Idol’ job despite health woes http://bit.ly/bsHAmI #idol

# RT @jesshopp: Feminists and pop fans must read @annkpowers on Chris Brown and forgiving pop icons, including R Kelly: http://bit.ly/af2VId

# Why wait 40 years? RT @jgrossnas: A copy of the court document in the Jake Holmes vs. Jimmy Page case http://is.gd/da1iV

# Who is Semi Precious Weapons, and why does Lady Gaga consider them “rocknroll”? http://twitpic.com/2152fn D-list Adam Lambert knockoffs?

# This makes me ill. RT @ladygaga: At Bukowski’s ordering hooker bbq and beer with SPW. Let’s Rocknroll Boston. http://twitpic.com/2152fn

# Oh gee, thanks. Where had it been? RT @ladygaga: WERE BRINGIN BACK ROCKNROLL. Havin beers w SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS @preciousweapons

# Long history of bullshit predictions. RT @lancewaxer: a verizon iphone in january? wait a minute… http://bit.ly/92iaUm

# The Hives are back with 3-song covers EP. Hear their version of Zero Boys’ “Civilization’s Dying” http://ow.ly/24TJT

# Huh. RT @soundofthecity: Pitchfork Launches a @alteredzones; Will @Stereogum File an Antitrust Law Suit? http://bit.ly/b8bzFV

# RT @JimDeRogatis: Analysis: What’s behind the Attorney General’s investigation of Lollapalooza? http://bit.ly/aZuXzb

# “Hey, assholes: you do not work for the people you’re covering!” http://bit.ly/awLqy0 by @mtaibbi. Applies to rockcrit, too, of course.

# RT @ThrashersWheat: Neil Young News: CSNY 1974 Tour Box Set Coming http://bit.ly/bYXFY1

# 2:32 of dude’s armpit. Where’s the puppets? RT @ashmont: New big budget video from Pernice Brothers: Jacqueline Susann http://bit.ly/91G9Bh

# Thumb-wrestling is not very playa. Who knew? http://bit.ly/budbrd Angry @johnsellers interviews Big Boi from Outkast.

# Bert Kaempfert medley (incl. Afrikaan Beat and Strangers in the Night) from German TV in 1967. In color! http://youtu.be/HKdcMYRhUeA

# Weird-ass lineup. RT @Johnny_Marr: Johnny and The Cribs in Barcelona tonight with Aerosmith.

# Woo! RT @staceykanderson: Chuck Berry still brings out the ladies, if his sudden onstage dance party at BB King’s Club is any indication.

# RT @fingertipsmusic: New free & legal MP3 from Sun Kil Moon (Mark Kozelek) http://song.ly/2k69y

# So good. RT @gregkot: Remembering Michael Jackson, via Rhymefest’s extraordinary unauthorized ‘Man in the Mirror’ http://bit.ly/aqktAR

# Jeff Tweedy Recites “Single Ladies” http://bit.ly/aMg6xb

# Gary Numan playing ‘Pleasure Principle’ on 16-date North American tour this fall http://su.pr/2rW1X4

# RT @gregkot: Club owners react to anti-trust scrutiny of Lollapalooza exclusivity clauses: http://bit.ly/axKlpD

# @JimDeRogatis: BREAKING: Illinois Attorney General investigating Lollapalooza for anti-trust http://bit.ly/bqDJPY

# Take a whiff of my pantleg, baby! #nowplaying #jsbx

# Tiffany, Debbie Gibson To Battle In Syfy Movie http://ow.ly/17Shqv Not even nerds want to see that…unless they get naked…back in time…

# Download “Learned to Surf” by Superchunk free: http://amzn.to/dxtuQH @superchunkband Great song.

# Taibbi: McChrystal and Us: http://bit.ly/9q8xZD

# Neil Young’s archive teams seeks International Harvesters material http://bit.ly/cwT4lx – Volume 2 can’t really go through 1985, can it?

# Ew. RT @stevendrozd: New slang I made up: droppin’ a Druid (using the WC at Stonehenge)

# Nice! RT @robertloerzel: New blog & photos: Superchunk at Taste of Randolph: http://bit.ly/bzaIpD Photos: http://bit.ly/98iTTf

# Magnet picks the 5 most overrated & underrated Funkadelic songs. They get 2/5 of the overrated ones wrong though. http://ow.ly/22qcy

# Gaga’s response: “Jerry who?” RT @RollingStone: Jerry Seinfeld calls Lady Gaga “a jerk” for her Citi Field behavior: http://bit.ly/bgIyNl

# “Join the struggle while you may, the Revolution is just a T-shirt away.” #nowplaying #waitingforthegreatleapforward #stillwaiting

# Download early, cassette-only Modest Mouse release: Tube Fruit, All Smiles and Chocolate, 1993. http://ow.ly/22cRC

# Jewel recalls sage advice from Neil Young: Ignore radio, keep touring, show hostile crowds no respect. http://bit.ly/apOSc0

# For fuck’s sake… RT @jgrossnas: Court Says It’s OK To Remove Content From Public Domain & Put It Back Under Copyright http://bit.ly/cRDPgc

# [Phil] If you want awkward white girls dancing on stage, Portland’s your town. #daptone

# Hot. Sweaty. Soul #daptone

# [Phil] Glad to see the payroll can support 2 cute backup singers #daptone

# [Phil] Still love the rave up. Gets everyone jazzed. #daptone

# [Phil] Where’s Tommy? #daptone

# [Phil] Bosco’s hair is sensational! #daptone

# [Phil] Over-sold…again #daptone #crystalballroom #pdx

# [Phil] Now that’s how you close a show. How you like me now? #theheavy

# [Phil] The Heavy remembers to include the Roll in rock and roll

# Badass. RT @ebertchicago: Dame Helen Mirren is still a wild woman. “My girls: Miley, Scarlett, Lady Gaga. My team … Yes.” http://j.mp/d2D2Kb

# Jack White’s Third Man reissues Jon Wayne’s ‘Texas Funeral’ http://bit.ly/azmzU4

# Howlin’ Wolf would’ve been 100 on June 10. Check out photos of Wolf on stage at Silvios’ in Chicago in the early 60s: http://ow.ly/21VDs

# Google is preparing music download service for later this year, followed by subscription service in 2011: http://bit.ly/aDakqu

# Neko Case ain’ts to be fucked wit: http://bit.ly/c0ppBH Straight Canadian gangsta. Watch out!

# RT @jesshopp: “I will srsly pummel your fucking face. I am a piece of shit white trash & I will fuck you up.”-Neko Case http://bit.ly/c0ppBH

# Lollapalooza aftershows announced: http://ow.ly/21O2Z

# Neil Young Print by Shepard Fairey http://bit.ly/c70sx7

# Slipknot Bassist Died Of Accidental Overdose of morphine and fentanyl. http://ow.ly/17Q6bC

# Now thinking that Exile reissue was worth the $20 just for the slow version of Loving Cup and the Keith vocal of Soul Survivor. Amazing.

# That a metaphor? RT @soundofthecity: When Kurt would nod off, Courtney would wake him up by sticking pins in his balls http://bit.ly/amjmB5

# Lowering the minimum age to 15. RT @nytimesmusic: For Next Season, ‘American Idol’ Says the Kids Are All Right http://nyti.ms/9T8uKq

# I felt ten years younger. RT @metropotamia: Pure abandon. Who plays that hard at Taste of Randolph?? Super-fucking-chunk.

# Guilty as charged. RT @metropotamia: People with glasses love Superchunk.

# Hope they’re not vegetarians! @superchunkband

# I just recommended the chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates to @superchunkband. Cool to see the whole band gets food together, post-show.

# Superchunk at Taste of Randolph. http://twitpic.com/1ym241

# Superchunk is the fountain of youth.

# From where I’m standing, Mac looks (and sounds) no more than 22. #superchunk.

# Honk honk! RT @Jumex: Started tracking the new DCfC record on Tuesday. Expect vuvuzelas and Balinese kecack. Perhaps also a bird choir.

# Has she had her “Like a Prayer,” yet? RT @maura: So we’re like four weeks out from Gaga announcing some sort of “Sex”-like project, right?

# Jam on it! RT @superchunkband: Flt attendant to me upon de-planing: “Have a good…jam session!” We WILL, my friend!

# New Belle and Sebastian coming soon. Woo hoo. RT @bellesglasgow: The album got mastered today!

# Chuck D Takes Aim at Arizona; Public Enemy In the Studio – http://ow.ly/17NppN

# Rare photos of the Beatles on their 1964 North American Tour: http://bit.ly/cwSwlB

# John Lennon’s “A Day in the Life” lyrics sheet sold for $1.2 million: http://bit.ly/aLvhQw

# New Slayer video: World Painted Blood. http://ow.ly/20lhY

# Lou Reed is wrong. The officially released edit of “Sweet Jane” is far superior to the full-length, “wine & roses” version. #vu

# Srsly. RT @unclegrambo: Can’t believe that no rap producers have ever built a track around the bassline of FASCINATION STREET.

# It’s not Pete, is it? RT @davidwala: Someone is puking behind my car booze Britain before my eyes

# RT @davidwala: Peter Doherty in good form tonight in Barnsley

# RT @carlbaratmusic: Gary Woolstencrafty Powell and John Lombard Hassall, as I live and breathe… http://twitpic.com/1xm6cd

# ‘Say Say Say’ Ranks As Michael Jackson’s Biggest Billboard Hit http://ow.ly/17Mwqo Great song, but this proves how goofy “hit ranking” is.

# Crystal Bowersox’s Album Will Sound Both ‘Folky’ And ‘Commercial,’ Says Collaborator http://ow.ly/17Mu8F We’ll see. #idol

# Fly on… RT @RollingStone: P-Funk guitarist Garry Shider, 56, loses battle with cancer. Read: http://bit.ly/cLfzAA

# RT @captainsdead: now on captains dead whiskeytown/ryan adams’ drunken confessions: http://bit.ly/9i1FgZ

# My guess: MP3 blogger arson. RT @1000TimesYes: So, my apartment burned down the other night: http://www.aprilfish.net/?p=2704

# Inside The Making of Neil Young’s Greendale Graphic Novel http://bit.ly/9BlBvE (scroll down past the hyperbole for good quotes)

# RT @soundofthecity: Diddy, To a Producer: “I Want A Beat That Makes Me Feel Like A White Man In A Basement In Atlanta” http://bit.ly/bg9nmj

# “Oh My Sweet Carolina” really is everything it’s cracked up to be. This is the bar Ryan Adams has set for himself. Live up to it.

# Neil Young’s Greendale Turns Graphic Novel written by Joshua Dysart, illustrated by Cliff Chiang. http://nyti.ms/bC9cRf

# Don’t these times fill your eyes when the streets are cold and lonely and the cars they burn below me? Are you all alone? Is anybody home?

# Elton John surprised at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding invite – http://on.cnn.com/c2rARN

# RT @JimDeRogatis: Pavement to play encore show in Millennium Park http://bit.ly/9uwaR8 *Get your spots and blankets now

# RT @Slash: My kids just saw their 1st AC/DC show. Last time I played w/AC/DC I didn’t even have kids. : p http://bit.ly/98KSZc

# Lame. RT @fingertipsmusic: I just got a takedown notice from Blogger for pointing to a free & legal MP3 that Sub Pop is happily hosting.

# Is @subpop ditching direct downloads for their promo mp3s? Everything going via #Topspin in the future? Any comment, @iancr? #vaselines

# Unless Hold Steady curates. RT @michaelazerrad: The Replacements never had a hipster revival, will never reunite @ ATP. Too classic rock.

# Awesome. RT @JonPareles: A humble boast from #Jay-Z at #Bonnaroo: “Wait till I tell my mama Stevie Wonder stuck around for my set.”

# Focal dystonia, a disorder caused by the misfiring of neurons, afflicts musicians in disproportionately high numbers. http://nyti.ms/9UWEpC

# Had to be, right? RT @TheRyanAdams: readin’ “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”… getting the feeling Douglas Adams was a Deadhead…

# Manners can be fun! RT @iancr: Lucinda is enjoying kings of leon but I need to teach her not to drum on random heads with a glo stick

# Dr. Dre Loses Round In Death Row Court Battle. Judge says alterations for The Chronic Relit “minor and inconsequential. http://ow.ly/17HwqL

# RT @billboardglenn: reading a 2001 report on the music industry by m-lynch. wow. just about every bit of advice and prediction was wrong.

# RT @davidjdeal: RT @PSFK: The Return Of Liner Notes: Scion Releases Album As Booklet http://su.pr/7StUVE *Old is new is old again is hip

# This new @MOJOmagazine CD compiled by Tom Waits is the best one yet, and I’ve subscribed for years. Blind Mamie Forehand??? Mindblowing.

# Who’s gonna buy this? Goofy. RT @TwentyFourBit: Conan O’Brien and Jack White Record Live Album http://bit.ly/a3Qq4J @conanobrien

# RT @mathowie: My cat is trapped in the closet. Now I’m worried if I open it a midget will pop out and there will be a gun fight.

# Woo hoo! RT @bellesglasgow: Stuart is on his way home right now. We have an album, everyone. Just need to put it in order…

# Awesome Feb 2008 interview with Big Hutch aka Cold 187um (Above The Law), the guy who actually invented the G-Funk sound. http://ow.ly/1WT8u

# Vote for @joanjett for @peta 2010’s Sexiest Vegetarian! http://bit.ly/cOIduy

# Thank GOODNESS the Backstreet Boys are getting involved in this. I feel better already! #bbcares

# PR email of the day: “BACKSTREET BOYS BOYCOTT BP OIL.” Inside: “The Backstreet Boys join popular hard rock band KORN to boycott…”

# RT @gregswan: RT @perfectporridge Thom Yorke: The World Won’t Miss the Music Industry http://bit.ly/aUY9EM

# AT&T’s cynical act: Instead of improving their service, they simply changed the price to make us use it less http://ht.ly/1WOdF

# The Strokes play first show in 4 years: http://ht.ly/1WNCE

# #200 with 2,809 sold! RT @1000TimesYes: Congrats to The Melvins for cracking the Billboard 200 for the first time: http://yhoo.it/aKrJVl

# Ha. RT @slicingeyeballs: Hear Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and Gary Numan sing early-’80s soda-pop jingles http://su.pr/2tHwH7

# You might not need >2GB/month now, but you will… RT @billboardglenn: AT&T’s Seeds of Self Destruction http://bit.ly/cWJrAg

# The state of the concert and live sporting events industries by @JimDeRogatis: http://bit.ly/dASM5B

# The greatest! You should compile a 21 best list. RT @toddtotale: Can’t stop listening to ‘Nawlins jazz and blues. Thank you, Cosima Matassa!

# RT @ebertchicago: The leader of the first lounge act in Las Vegas history was a direct descendant of Queen Lili’uokalani. http://j.mp/9C5SaB

# Aw yeah! RT @7im: Autotune the news takes on obama’s “whose ass to kick” http://youtu.be/yghFBt-fXmw

# RT @ConanOBrien: Jack White & I are doing something cool tomorrow. Hint: it involves a LOT of Tears for Fears songs: http://bit.ly/bDcImB

# RT @xenijardin: AMAZING photos of dead media formats in that piece about Library of Congress by @beschizza. Just fantastic. So proud! http://bit.ly/bs4ehq

# RT @ebertchicago: Bloated Whitney Houston “doesn’t look like she has long to live,” says critic after concert in Denmark. http://j.mp/axVGLG

# D/I/Y dentistry! RT @alkapranos: Just filed the corner off a chipped front tooth with the file from an old set of nail clippers

# “Go back and take out cliches, in-jokes, crap from press releases, … and as many uses of the word ‘I’ as possible.” http://ow.ly/1Wpx7

# Not That Bill Wyman (@hitsville) gives the best, most useful advice in PopMatters’ rockcrit advice series: http://ow.ly/1WpqP (scroll down)

# I probably went 10 years before I realized that John Cale’s part on “Heroin” was a viola, not guitar feedback. #nowplaying

# Ah, so that’s what they looked like! RT @robertloerzel: My photos of She & Him with Hollows at Millennium Park: http://bit.ly/9XADd5

# New Thao video for “Body” (Kill Rock Stars) directed by the girl from Glee. Cool song. http://youtu.be/DFtk_ETs5Pg

# Awesome that it was still on after 40 years though. RT @jgrossnas: Very sad: The End of the Dr. Demento Show On Radio http://bit.ly/cWZtXr

# That’s odd. RT @lalitree: Why do all the tracks on the new Paul Weller record fade out? I feel like I’m listening to a sampler or something.

# Somehow only now hearing this but Elton John played Rush Limbaugh’s wedding–for $1 mil? Mama Can’t Buy You Love, but Rush can buy Elton

# RT @tipsheet: New IRON MAIDEN Coming in August http://bit.ly/9O3Yvd

# Stream new Tom Petty album, Mojo, on ESPN.com (Flash) – http://bit.ly/co6QNN

# Fart jokes are funny. Not as funny as blasphemy, but still. RT @katyperry: Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as…a fart joke.

# Free XL Recordings sampler with songs by Vampire Weekend, XX, & others: http://amzn.to/du6yUt

# Phoenix or Green Day? Strokes or Gaga? Cribs or Blitzen? http://bit.ly/clvFB9 Ah, @lollapalooza…

# Nice of @lollapalooza not to schedule anything I need to see after 7:15 on Sunday. http://bit.ly/clvFB9

# RT @lollapalooza: The 2010 @lollapalooza Schedule is out! Check it & buy Single Day Passes here >> http://bit.ly/clvFB9

# The Monkees, “Auntie’s Municipal Court” – awesome multiple guitar lines and a perfect bass part. http://ow.ly/1VCUw #nowplaying

# Kinda funny going to show and never once catching even a glimpse of the performers. #sheandhim #millenniumpark #soundedgoodthough

# Lotta people at Millennium Park for She and Him. http://twitpic.com/1uvn4h

# Ha! RT @harvilla: PR guru “would like to recall the message, ‘stone temple pilots to make two area appearances.'” YOU AND ME BOTH, PAL.

# Mavis Staples talks about her upcoming album produced by Jeff Tweedy, recorded at Wico’s Loft. http://ow.ly/1VceT

# Download William S. Burroughs reading an abridged version of Junky (aka Junkie). http://ow.ly/1Vbv2

# Carla De LaGuardia, butterface. RT @nytimesmusic: After ‘Idol,’ Kara DioGuardi Gives Us Some Counsel http://nyti.ms/cmop6e

# She and Him tonight at Millennium Park. Who’s going? http://ow.ly/1VaHi

# “Richards bought a speedboat and amused himself and the children by pretending to be a pirate, boarding other boats…” http://ow.ly/1VauH

# Elliott Smith Live at L’Olympic on 2000-09-28. Great sounding audience recording of electric show. http://ow.ly/1V6Nv

# Spinner offers a bunch of free mp3s from artists playing Bonnaroo 2010. http://ow.ly/1V3tl

# Perfect match! RT @emazer: Hilary Rosen who helped destroy the music industry has been hired by BP.

# Collaboration coming soon? RT @JessicaSimpson: Why did I just discover Bon Iver?!?!?! Amazing!

# Oy. RT @ParisHilton: On the Red Carpet with Snookie and @NickyHilton. Love Snookie! She’s so sweet! :) http://twitpic.com/1un87u

# Aw shit. RT @tetetotete: Imma say it and let the world convey it. Chicago mexican food is better than sf mexican food #andimout

# Grand Ole Opry to reopen in October: http://ow.ly/1qAdoQ

# The best Obama conspiracy theory evah: Prez in ’93 “Whoomp (there it is)” vid http://ow.ly/1qAdnr

# Kelly’s Janis era begins… RT @kelly_clarkson: Slammed finger n car door, no pain meds around so had to start drinking wine @ 11am.

# Gibson Marauder. Badass. RT @superchunkband: Look, even when they made them they were embarassed! http://tinyurl.com/3xmzmh6

# Ha! RT @harvilla: i’d accept an its/it’s screwup from most bands, but not you, interpol

# Do you have unclaimed royalties? There are millions out there: http://ht.ly/1UkOy

# “Oasis – Talent = Beady Eye.” So says @buddyhead! http://ow.ly/1UkiO

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