Mad Men to Bow Out in 2012

Proving that 2012 really does mark the end of the world, Mad Men creator Matt Weiner mentioned that he plans to close out the Emmy Award-winning drama (and GLONO obsession) before the lease on Roger Sterling’s Lincoln expires. This season, slated to kick off in July, is the series’ fourth leaving a scant two more seasons. Of course, we heard this talk with The Sopranos…and Scrubs…and any number of shows who overstayed their welcome, not to mention their creative juice.

The A.V. Club reports that Weiner told reporters at last week’s National Association Of Broadcasters that he could “not see writing or even continuing the series past a sixth season.” As much as I love the show, I agree with the A.V. Club’s assessment that it’s much better, from a story perspective, to have an end in sight. It will serve the story better to be driving toward something, rather than meandering aimlessly until some stuffed suit pulls the plug. And I do NOT want to see Draper in polyester. Joan at a key party…? That’s a Showtime spin-off.

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