Mavis Staples – Wrote A Song For Everyone

Video: Mavis Staples + Jeff Tweedy – “Wrote A Song For Everyone” Acoustic

This is one of my favorite CCR songs. Shoot, it’s one of my favorite songs, period. The way John Fogerty’s lyrics tackle hugely complex subjects and make them personal, while acknowledging his inability to communicate with the person he loves, is heavy and perfect. It’s no wonder Jeff Tweedy picked up on this song: it essentially encapsulates the entire theme of his own masterpiece, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. What took Wilco a whole album to say, “Wrote a Song for Everyone” does in under five minutes. Even if you can write songs that connect with thousands of people, it’s still tough to be honest with the people you love.

Saw the people standin’ thousand years in chains.

Somebody said it’s different now, look it’s just the same.

Pharoahs spin the message, round and round the truth.

They could have saved a million people, how can I tell you?

There are only two songs written by white folks that take on the subject of slavery and handle it in an effective way. This one and Bob Dylan‘s “Blind Willie McTell.” I hope Tweedy gets Ms. Staples to do that one on their next collaboration. You Are Not Alone is due September 14 on Anti.

Video: Mavis Staples + Jeff Tweedy – “You Are Not Alone” Acoustic

MP3: Mavis Staples – “You Are Not Alone”

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6 thoughts on “Mavis Staples – Wrote A Song For Everyone”

  1. Wow. That gave me chills. I’ve always loved the Staple Singers, and it’s great to see Mavis still so vital and relevant. And I think this every time I see a close up of Jeff Tweedy singing – I love the way his eyebrows shift when he starts singing. Makes him look angry and focused. And to answer your question, yes, I would have man sex with Tweedy. You know, if I had to.

  2. Man I’m such a dork…I didn’t even know that this was coming out in a few weeks. Thank you Jake for posting this…should be a killer album.

  3. Mavis not only is singing wonderfully after all these years, she looks fine, too!! Great rendition of a great song.

  4. i saw them at lolla, as mavis shouted ‘tweedy, tweedy!’ and beat her chest demanding that i ‘put the load’ right on her, and she glowed in the afternoon sunlight…the best was watching tweedy watching her–he seemed so proud, and yet in awe.

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