MGMT: Making of Kids video, Monster Auction

Video: MGMT – Making of "KIDS"

Everyone who saw MGMT’s “Kids” video—especially those of us with toddlers of our own—was at least slightly concerned for the psychological well being of the kid in the video. I assumed it was cleverly edited and that the kid wasn’t actually traumatized by monsters. But no, this new “making of” video shows they really let those monsters attack Baby Zachary, 18 months. Sure, he’s giggling between takes, but there are clearly moments when he’s upset.

The creepiest part is the faux interview with “Zack’s Mom” (played by Joanna Newsom) in which she discusses baby pilotes and how “age is really nothing but a number.” So convincing is Newson’s portrayal of a real yuppie mom, they actually had me going for a minute.

If you’d like to scare the shit out of your own kid, you can now bid on the original costumes and props used in the actual video. Columbia Records is auctioning them off and donating all proceeds to the Children Art Foundation in New York. Own a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia!

Video: MGMT – “Kids”

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4 thoughts on “MGMT: Making of Kids video, Monster Auction”

  1. It’s true, there are lots of kids and masks in videos. And animation.

    You know what you don’t see a ton of anymore? Conversations within an article’s comments. People seem to have taken their comments to their own Twitters and Facebooks and blogs and whathaveyou. It’s a shame really. I miss that about the early 00s.

  2. I recently saw the 20th Anniversary Simpsons Show, which was more of a Morgan Spurlock documentary thing than a Simpsons episode, but it was great. Anyway, one producer he interviewed was responding to the eternal “it used to be funnier 5 years ago” criticism, and a writer said “the message boards on the Internet were way funnier 10 years ago. I don’t really go on them anymore.” Only when he said it it was funny. And then I read this and thought of that.

    I’m going to go now.

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