GLONO Video: Two Cow’s Micah Schnabel Live

Video: Micah Schnabel – “Throwing Rocks at the Sun” (live)

Shot by Whiskey Bender Productions for Glorious Noise during a solo/acoustic performance at Beat Kitchen in Chicago on January 7, 2010. Micah Schnabel is the singer-songwriter-guitar player for one of GLONO’s favorite bands, Two Cow Garage. We’ve been gushing about them for years, and now Micah’s got a solo album, When The Stage Lights Go Dim, out now (or coming soon?) on Suburban Home.

I spent about ten minutes clicking around Google and the Suburban Home website and I can’t figure out how to buy the damn thing. Maybe it’s out of print already, and maybe they’ll reissue it, but there’s not much info online.

Anyway, he just wrapped up a solo acoustic tour, and the whole band is hitting the road in March. We’ve got a couple more live videos after the jump, including another song from When The Stage Lights Go Dim plus a great Bruce Springsteen cover off Nebraska.

Video: Micah Schnabel – “Cut Me, Mick” (live)

Video: Micah Schnabel – “Atlantic City” (live Bruce Springsteen cover)

Micah Schnabel: MySpace

Two Cow Garage 2010 Tour Dates

3/6/2010 Rumba Cafe, Columbus, OH

3/9/2010 Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO

3/10/2010 Triple Nickel, Colorado Springs, CO

3/12/2010 The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK

3/13/2010 The Riot Room, Kansas City, KS

3/14/2010 George’s Majestic Lounge, AR

3/16/2010 White Water Tavern, AR

3/18//2010 Double Wide, TX

Two Cow Garage: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

4 thoughts on “GLONO Video: Two Cow’s Micah Schnabel Live”

  1. The album was originally released by Micah and SubHome picked it up with the intentions to re-release it after they ran out. There hasn’t been a re-release date yet but it’s in the works.

    I’m sure Virgil will post something here with more info.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. I just spoke to Virgil at SH and he indicates pre-orders are available starting today. The street date is end of February.

    Thanks to everyone for their interest and support.



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