1974 Video of Mike Nesmith Producing Bert Jansch

Video: Bert Jansch – “Travelling Man”

Awesome footage of acoustic guitar virtuouso Bert Jansch accompanied by pedal steel player Red Rhodes recording the album L.A. Turnaround, produced by Mike Nesmith.

Wearing a fresh Fred Perry v-neck sweater, Papa Nez explains how this all came about: “We were having dinner and he said, ‘Why don’t you produce Bert Jansch?’ And I said, ‘Well, I don’t know.’ And then I said, ‘As long as we’re going to do it, we might as well do it in the garden—it’s a lovely garden.’ And he said, ‘That’s a great idea!’ And I said, ‘Well, as long as we’re going to do it in the garden, we might as well film it.'”

Remastered and reissued last year with bonus tracks, L.A. Turnaround is available on Amazon MP3 for only $6.99. Jansch just got done touring with Neil Young, and he’s back on the road with Neil’s wife Pegi opening for him.

Bert Jansch: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, web.

Video: Bert Jansch – “One for Jo”

Video: Bert Jansch – “There Comes a Time/Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning”

3 thoughts on “1974 Video of Mike Nesmith Producing Bert Jansch”

  1. I just saw Bert open for Neil Young here in DC a few weeks ago. Sitting about twenty feet away or so, I was awestruck by his fingerpicking technique(s) throughout his opening set. What truly awesome acoustic guitar playing. He even played ‘Blackwater’ which most guitar players know was ripped off by Jimmy Page for Led Zeppelin I as ‘White Summer/Black Mountainside’. And for his set to be followed by my ultimate songwriting hero, it was a night I’ll never forget. I wish Neil had played a song with Bert, but it didn’t happen.

    What did happen was an hour and a half of Neil Young playing new songs mixed in with some classic ones – solo electric. See the next leg of the tour if you can afford it!!!!! Neil’s not getting any younger – who is?

  2. Oh by the way I had been a bit curious to observe the absence of even a brief post/mention about Neil Young’s SOLO tour that began up in Albany and rolled on down the East Coast playing intimate venues – with Bert Jansch opening – and playing three classic acoustic songs as openers – and then playing unreleased electric solo masterpieces – pouring his heart out. And then switching to Old Black for ‘Down by the River’ and ‘Hitchhiker’ (unreleased GEM) – then playing three different songs on three different pianos (upright/pump organ/grand piano) – more solo electric.

    Damn it he’s playing ‘Ohio’ solo with the White Falcon. 2010 marks 40 years since Kent State so it’s a not a mystery to me why he’s playing that one.

    Hefty price tag is the catch for Neil and good seats is an issue, however. I paid $220 when all the crap-ass fees added up for my one orchestra seat. My wife said ‘Have fun!’

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