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Video: Neil Young – “Walk With Me”

After he released the video for “Angry World” last week, Neil Young has put out three more videos from Le Noise, his upcoming solo album produced by Daniel Lanois. (Ha, as I was typing that just now I realized for the first time that “le noise” is a mispronunciation of “Lanois.” Oh Neil, you jokester!) I’m really liking the way these songs sound.

Watch “Love and War” and “Hitchhiker” below…

Video: Neil Young – “Love And War”

Video: Neil Young – “Hitchhiker”

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10 thoughts on “More Neil Young Le Noise Videos”

  1. The two acoustic tracks are awesome and will go down alongside his best stuff – quite a LONG list.

    ‘Hitchhiker’ isn’t new – just this version.

    It’s the five other songs that have me somewhat perplexed. While it’s clear that the songs themselves are quite good, I’m not sold on this finished product. They’re kind of demos with effects poured all over in a way. At the very least, what Neil may be providing with this record is a glimpse into how he brings in new songs BEFORE they expand with a band – Crazy Horse, etc.

    Yes I overanalyze Neil Young – what else is new?

  2. I was thinking about this album on the weekend, in the same vein as you Jonathan. A glorified demo recording. Don’t get me wrong, it has really grown on me, and Love and war is one of the best songs he has written in years but I wouldn’t be surprised in 41/2 months from now he releases Le Noise: Deux with Crazy Horse backing all the tracks.

  3. Hmmmmm…I haven’t heard anything on that. I did wonder if there was a rift between NY and Poncho as he wasn’t on Greendale, but I had read this a while ago ‘Sampedro agreed to sit out the recording of Greendale, as Young felt the material called for one guitar only.’

  4. Chicago Tribune/Sound Opinions critic Greg Kot tweeted about “issues between NY and Billy Talbot” in response to a question about whether Neil was “done with Crazy Horse for good.” When I asked for follow-up, Kot replied: What else? “Artistic differences”

  5. ok – didn’t know that Billy Talbot was an artist – sorry Billy – Neil made you great in the context of his (Neil’s) songs.

    whatever – I apologize Jake if I’ve turned your site into a quasi- Neil fan forum by constantly commenting. Thrasher’s Wheat got a bit weird a month or so ago.

    Tomorrow is a special day because who knows how many more records Neil will create.

  6. No apologies necessary, Jonathan. All comments are welcome. Especially ones that are thoughtful, opinionated, and well written (as yours tend to be).

    I’m glad Neil’s still recording and releasing new material, but just because he’s old doesn’t mean his work shouldn’t be held to the highest standards. I’m happy he can still conjure up some gnarly guitar sounds, but I just wish he’d work harder on his lyrics. He used to convey a real sense of mystery and emotion, but lately (as in the past 15 years) he’s been so damn literal and conversational (and often dopey) that it’s not necessary to listen to his songs more than a couple of times. You immediately “get” what the new songs are up to.

    It’s fine for an artist to change his style (I’m not asking him to write another “I Am a Child”), but it’s painful as a fan to watch someone disregard (or at least downplay) their craft for so many years.

  7. Fair enough – there have certainly been some stinkers in the last 15 years as you mention (‘Are You Passionate?’/’Fork in the Road’ – I actually really enjoy ‘Light a Candle’ though)

    He definitely used to have much more abstract imagery that he used to convey complex subjects – I think now he’s gone the other way being so direct.

    I don’t know – there have really been some great reviews of the tour this year that all kind of center around the notion that Neil is staring old age and mortality in the face. The clock’s ticking for all of us, no?

    Hell look what Warren Zevon created as his parting record. I mention him only as a loose analogy to a gifted artist who is well aware that his life is rapidly running out of time – so to speak.

    But dude – the two new acoustic songs especially are a return to form – whatever that means for Neil.

  8. I just had to repost some of Mark Prindle’s review of Le Noise because it’s awesome:

    “In conclusion, I hope that you are able to enjoy these songs even without the rhythm section because in my opinion this is the best work he’s done in at least a decade and a half. He sounds serious. He sounds like he really means it. There aren’t even any songs about his electric car.

    But this whole situation got me to wondering: What if ALL our favorite Neil Young albums had been named after their respective producers? I think his discography would look something like this:

    Neil Young? Yeah, More like “David Briggs”!

    Everybody Knows This Is Another David Briggs Album

    After The Briggs Rush

    Harvest (of Maize)

    Taking A Schmitt On The Beach

    Tonight’s David Briggs’ Night

    Zuma, But Also David Briggs

    American Briggs ‘n Jiggs

    Comes A Brigg

    Rust Never Briggs

    Hawks & Tim Mulligan


    Trans? Fuck That, “Briggs”

    Everybody’s Mazin’

    Old Maze

    Landing On Kortchmar

    Life (Alternate Spelling of “Briggs”)

    This Note’s For Niko Bolas

    Niko “Freedom” Bolas

    Ragged Briggsy

    I Was Going To Name This Album “Harvest Moon,” But Then I Remembered That The Producer’s Name is Ben Keith

    Sleeps With David Briggs

    Brendan O’Brien’s Ball (featuring Pearl Jam)

    Self-Produced Arrow

    Silver, Gold and Ben Keith

    Are You Booker T. Jones?


    Prairie Wind (From Ben Keith’s Anus)

    Living With Niko Bolas

    Niko Bolas Dreams II

    Niko Bolas in the Niko Bolas

    Well, that was certainly worth the effort.”

    Personal favorite? Landing On Kortchmar

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