Watch Mountain Goats play Isaiah 45:23

Video: The Mountain Goats – “Isaiah 45:23” (live on Dinner With The Band)

John Darnielle has been all over (Fallon,, NPR, YouTube) promoting the latest Mountain Goats album, Life of the World to Come. This time, they do “Isaiah 45:23” on IFC’s “Dinner with the Band,” a show who’s premise is completely indecipherable from these clips online. I see the band, but where’s the dinner? I guess that might be a dining room, but there’s no dining room table, just some hungry guests like the gal with the half-shirt and the haircut (she’s into it though!).

They also play “Love Love Love” from The Sunset Tree and “Cotton” from We Shall All Be Healed.

And having recently seen him fairly close up, I can confirm that drummer Jon Wurster does indeed resemble Adrian Grenier‘s suave uncle in real life.

Mountain Goats: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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