Rock Hall Nominates Donovan, Diamond

Every year we throw a hissyfit, but there are actually a bunch of cool bands among this year’s list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, including first-timers Donovan, Dr. John, Alice Cooper, and Neil Diamond. And Tom Waits! Of course, then there’s Bon Jovi. Who sucked 25 years ago and continues to blow today. I saw them live at Soldier Field this summer (free tickets…with Kid Rock…) and was shocked by just how lame they were. And frankly…how gay Jon Bon Jovi seemed in person. He not only sports Jack Wagner’s haircut from 1984, but the dude was rockin’ the “Frisco Jones” dance moves! That’s not rock and roll. Not even close.

The list of previous nominees: Darlene Love, LL Cool J, Donna Summer, Beastie Boys, J. Geils Band, Tom Waits, Chuck Willis, Chic, and Joe Tex. I can’t imagine Waits getting in, but it’s fun to imagine his acceptance speech.

Update: Billboard was wrong. Tom Waits hadn’t been nominated previously.

Video: Jack Wagner – “All I Need” (live)

The above video goes out to Darcey C—, who love-love-loved Jack Wagner and let me make out with her all the way home from Cedar Point on a bus back in 1984.

17 thoughts on “Rock Hall Nominates Donovan, Diamond”

  1. Uhhhhh…I was unfortunately exposed to Frisco Jones ala Jack Wagner when I got home from school and my mom was watching General Hospital in the 80’s. Nice analogy to the Toolbag that is Jon Bon Jovi. What a schmuck.

  2. Jack Wagner was/is always cooler than Jon Bon Phoney.

    He had some decent tunes in the 80s plus now he’s with heather locklear.

    Hair rivaled only by Stamos as well.

  3. Jack Wagner is great! He will be at The Mohegan Sun Casino in CT on November 13th…and best of all the concert is free!

  4. My wife and I have seen Mr.Jack Wagner in concert the last five years at The Mohegan Sun. He puts on a great show. However, this seems to be his only concert of the year, and with the exception of a couple songs, his set list has not changed much. Will most likely be going this year, but have a feeling we will be sitting thru the same set list!

  5. Yea he did write some pretty good songs – no doubt. It’s the plastic guitar sound that doesn’t really hold up today.

  6. Holy shit! Wikipedia says that Sammy Hagar wrote ‘I’ve Done Everything for You’. I’d like to hear Sammy sing that one.

  7. Don’t know about elsewhere, but Sammy’s version of “I’ve Done Everything for You” was played incessantly in the Bay Area.

  8. Jack Wagner is just as talented as Rick Springfield. Rick just decided to spend more time on his music and developed a good following. Jack is also one of the best celebrity golfers, had a successful run on broadway, and a leading role on Melrose Place. All that speaks for itself!

  9. I have a friend who works on AI. She told me Jack Wagner will appear on American idol. His song All i Need will be a song choice(80’s night) for the contestants, and he will be making a special guest appearance.

  10. Yes, the American Idol info is correct. They have already secured permission to use All I Need and Jack Wagner is on board. It will be a part of American Idols 80’s night.

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