Sales: White Stripes Fail to Crack Top Ten

Bill boredLady Antebellum Returns To No. 1, Marvin Sapp Debut Big On Billboard 200:

1. Lady Antebellum – “Need You Now” – 93,000 (down 11%)

2. Marvin Sapp – “Here I Am” – 76,000 (debut)

3. Ludacris – “Battle of the Sexes” – 61,000 (down 55%)

4. Various – “The Edge” – 53,000 (debut)

5. Lady Gaga – “The Fame” – 48,000 (up 2%)

6. Sade – “Soldier of Love” – 40,000 (down 23%)

7. Jimi Hendrix – “Valleys of Neptune” – 39,000 (down 59%)

8. Black Eyed Peas’ “The E.N.D.” – 39,000 (down 9%)

9. Gorillaz – “Plastic Beach” – 38,000 (down 66%)

10. Justin Bieber – “My World” – 34,000 (up 21%)

Further down:

11. White Stripes – “Under Great White Northern Lights” – 29,000 (debut)

22. Drive-By Truckers – “Big To-Do” – 19,000 (debut)

25. Dropkick Murphys – “Live on Landsdowne” – 17,000 (debut)

Additional sales data via MTV.

4 thoughts on “Sales: White Stripes Fail to Crack Top Ten”

  1. I picked up the live White Stripes thing. Its really good – I wish they had more songs on it though. Anyone see that documentary yet? Is it worth dropping some cash for? (Also Drive by Trucker fans – the new cd is very good – more fun than the last one!)

  2. I saw the doc in the theater and it was really good. Probably the most humanizing portrayal of Jack White I’ve ever seen. He seems like a regular guy from Detroit who happens to be in the unique position of leading an extremely popular band. Both he and Meg seem to really want to use this “power” for good, not evil, and the Canadian tour was a very cool way to subvert the typical boring promotional concert tour. They really seem to want to do interesting things and have fun.

    And Meg’s a bit of a kook. But she’s awesome in it.

    And it’s cool to see Jack totally treating her like he’s her little brother. Teasing her about being quiet, rubbing a sweaty towel in her face, and vehemently sticking up for her when their driver/pal interrupts her.

    They’ve got a strange relationship, for sure, but it’s intense. I can’t imagine being that close with your ex. It’s fascinating to watch.

  3. My wife and I saw “Under the Great White Northern Lights” in the theater too. We both agreed it was a little sad, especially the end. Didn’t their Canadian tour wrap up just as Meg was having anxiety issues?

    The lady sitting next to us commented that if felt like ‘a goodbye’ to her. I hope not.

    The live performances were great. The first notes of “When I Hear My Name” made me remember why I first fell in love with the band.

  4. I just learned that the dude with the #2 record, Marvin Sapp, is the founder and senior pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Who knew! He’s my homeboy!

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