Smashing Pumpkins – Widow Wake My Mind

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MP3: Smashing Pumpkins – “Widow Wake My Mind”

“I’m looking for a love that I can’t find / To be mine / A love that’s mine / It’ll shine in my mind / A love that shines.”

Now I’m not one of those guys who thinks that dumb lyrics automatically wreck a song. A lot of my favorite songs have stupid lyrics. But you can’t take yourself too seriously if you’re going to get away with terrible lyrics. And Billy Corgan takes himself very seriously. Man, is he trying to write an anthem here? About a love that shines? Oy. Are you real this time?

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6 thoughts on “Smashing Pumpkins – Widow Wake My Mind”

  1. Sorry Billy, but I’m a long time fan and always will be, but this song is seriously a piece of shit. I don’t mind sappy, but this comes off as a FORCED attempt at happiness. The lyrics are lame and about as deep as what my three year old sings via improv, the riff is highly repetitive with very little coloration in the layering, your vocals are wayyyyyyyyy too front (a phenomenon consistent since Zwan now….), and the transitions could be written by any amateur band.

    Again, I’m a huge fan, always have been, and have found gems in all of the material you’ve written (yes, every album), and I listen to every album you’ve written. But please, for the love of GOD and for all I’ve/we’ve given you, please put together material better than this. Maybe I’m not “getting this” particular song, but I am literally cringing as I listen to it. I can’t tell if I feel embarrassed to be listening to this for you or for myself, but this is just….bad….

    At least you still have another 42 songs to go which I will faithfully download. I would say listen to, but I can’t commit to that after this. Song for a Son has 40 plays for me, whereas I do not anticipate Widow getting more than the (forced) 3 I’ve invested in it.

  2. SERIOUSLY, It’s a catchy and “oh. . oh . . oh,” happy song and I’m so happy for BC and his Love that he can call his own, without shame. I have to admit, the song is not recorded how I expect a SP Song in tearms of quality. .but heck he’s giving it away for free! I think I hear Feedback or something in there too! It did take a while for me to get where the song was going. The repetition of “Widow Wake my mind” at the beginning was hard at first but now I get it.

    I know he will keep writing and expanding like he always has and does> I’m a fan of his art, and the music he produces.

    It’s not like anything I’ve heard in a long time.

    BC or B Square


  3. What are you guys talking about? Smashing Pumpkins broke up in 1993 after Siamese Dream was released. Yep, that’s it. At least, that’s what I like to keep telling myself…

  4. “your vocals are wayyyyyyyyy too front”

    I had to laugh at this line. Look at the reviewer trying to pretend he knows about mixing songs. so cute.

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