Stones Documentary: Charlie Is My Darling

While everyone is sweating over the Exile on Main St. reissues and the accompanying documentary, Stones in Exile, many are still upset that Cocksucker Blues has yet to see the light of day. Sure, the film’s a milestone in it’s documenting the Rolling Stones at their debauched best and should indeed be restored and released, but a more rare gem still sits in the vaults.

Shot by Peter Whitehead in 1965 during the Stones’ tour of Ireland, Charlie Is My Darling is a short documentary of the band before they were an industry. They were barely a band and their lack of footing is clear in the interviews. Most telling are those with a reticent Charlie Watts and a dopey Brian Jones. To think that these goofy kids would become The World’s Greatest Rock Band is something only Jones’ ego takes seriously.

Lots of shakey, amazing footage of early live shows and some backstage action with Mick and Keith putting on their best Elvis Presley, Charlie Is My Darling is a darling of a film. Honk honk.

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