The Beach Boys – It’s About Time 1971

Think The Beach Boys were a bunch of sun tanned All-American goodies who sang about cars and girls? Think again. This clip from 1971 proves that Nixon was right: this country NEEDED some law & order! Is it any wonder the Old Man freaked out when he was surrounded by people like this?

Released on their 1970 album Sunflower, “It’s About Time” will rattle your head like Mike Love’s rattling that tambourine!

Video: The Beach Boys – “It’s About Time” (live)

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8 thoughts on “The Beach Boys – It’s About Time 1971”

  1. Seriously though. Get a load of those beards. Especially considering the fact that just a few years before this, they were all clean cut, stripey shirt fellas…

    Is it even physically possible to grow a beard that bushy in a few years? Shouldn’t it take a lifetime? Amazing. They make David Crosby look like a Boy Scout!

  2. It kills me though that they ALL have them. Like it was in that morning’s rehearsal notes from Brian: “Okay fellas, uhm, it’s all coming together real nicely. Mike, you were a little flat on the bridge, so watch that, and Dennis you’ve got to get a little steadier for the.. well, the whole song really. Carl, great stuff, nice touch. Everyone start growing beards today. Al, if you could sing higher I think that would really help people remember us, and I’m super weirded out by all the rabbits on your shirt. Okay. Great talk you guys, let’s go make love to our fans’ ears.”

  3. So………. did ZZ Top got their schtick from the BB’s? And did the Hombres from Tejas grow their own, or simply just buy the beards at a discount when the Wilson gang was done with them?

  4. Check out the guy in the audience at about 1:00 in – the Beach Boys claim another soul!

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