The Sinatras – She Said I’m Neil Young

Video: The Sinatras – She Said I’m Neil Young

The Sinatras perform “She Said She Said” and “I’m Neil Young” at Access Vision Studios. April of 1992, Battle Creek, Michigan.

This was the era when the Sinatras first blew my mind. You can see from this video exactly why Twin/Tone expressed an interest in them; they would’ve fit in perfectly there. They were so great, and they deserve far more recognition than they’ve ever received. If you’re not familiar with these guys you can read our big, long feature from 2006: The Sinatras: Kinda Like Love. And you should definitely check out their album, Life in Flames, finally released in 2009 after being tinkered with for more than a decade.

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Play “name that face” on Scott Stevens’ kick drum head:


I spy Brian Jones, Gerald R. Ford, Paul McCartney, Captain Kangaroo… Who else do you see?

4 thoughts on “The Sinatras – She Said I’m Neil Young”

  1. “It was bleeding through the walls, it was bleeding through everything…”

    So many great memories of this band and this song, especially at Club Soda (RIP) in Kalamazoo.

  2. Lester Bangs, Clara Peller, Dennis Wilson, Jack Klugman, Steve Allen, C. Everett Koop, John Irving, Elvin Jones, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Julia Child, that lady who played ALICE on the Brady Bunch….granted, it’s hardly fair for me to play.

  3. “the lady who played ALICE on Brady Bunch.” Uh.. Anne B. Davis. Funny thing is, at that time, there was a fairly popular band from Ann Arbor? by that name.

    Oh, and I’M NEIL YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!

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