The Vaselines – Sex with an X

MP3: The Vaselines – “Sex with an X” from Sex with an X, due September 14 on Sub Pop.

The title track to the Scots duo’s reunion album. Welcome back!

Also: The Vaselines – “I Hate The 80’s”

The Vaselines: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

2 thoughts on “The Vaselines – Sex with an X”

  1. “I Hate the 80’s” verbalizes what I’ve been thinking since the middle of that decade. Every time I hear somebody say they loved the 80’s I puke a little in my mouth. The 80’s sucked! Ronald Reagan, crummy top 40 radio, having to special order records and pay extra for it. Ugh! Never forget Sturgeon’s Law, “90 percent of everything is crap.” But The Vaselines are in the other 10 percent.

  2. “I puke a little in my mouth”, you just really summed up EXACTLY what I was thinking. The vaselines are one of my favorite bands ever and this makes me totally happy. I keep a blog of just random stuff (not just music) and had to post about this too.

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