The Who Recording Pictures of Lily

Video: The Who recording “Pictures of Lily”

This is really cool footage of the Who laying down one of their best songs— and arguably the best song about masturbation ever recorded by anybody, although there are too many great ones to say for sure. The most surprising thing to me is seeing how hard Keith Moon is concentrating on his parts, both on vocals and behind his drums. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I had always pictured Moonie just flailing around in the studio like Animal from “The Muppet Show.” I suppose it takes a lot of work to sound that maniacal.

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Video: The Who – “Pictures Of Lily”

Video: The Who – “Pictures of Lily” (at Monterrey, 1967)

2 thoughts on “The Who Recording Pictures of Lily”

  1. Man, seeing this gets me wishing that Keith and John were still with us; it just ain’t the Who w/o them. Awesome footage.

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