Twitter Roundup #10

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 138 tweets this time with a total of 107 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

Phil tweets another show in Portland, this time featuring Hello Morning and Little Beirut. And I upload a blurry twitpic of Robbie Fulks and Nora O’Connor at the Hideout.

# “Stairway To Heaven” meets “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Could be about 40 seconds shorter, but it’s still better than Zep. about 2 hours ago

# Only a few days left to enter our birthday contest to win a free GLONO t-shirt. Do it. about 4 hours ago

# RT @MOJOmagazine: Primal Scream will play Screamadelica live, in its entirety, at London’s Olympia in November! about 5 hours ago

# “…and warning other whites that they can’t ever presume to know racial disadvantage.” (part 2 of 2) about 15 hours ago

# “Take away his use of the ‘N-word,’ and you have a white musician commenting on the privilege of race…” (part 1 of 2) about 15 hours ago

# “He is your grandmother’s living room. Don’t cause a ruckus.” RT @slicingeyeballs: Re-Surrender to Jonathan Richman about 17 hours ago

Lots more below, and you might consider following us on Twitter if you want to keep up with this stuff as it happens…

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Hear The Cure’s Robert Smith sing ‘Very Good Advice’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’: about 17 hours ago

# RT @davidjdeal: EMI to sell Abbey Road Studios (via @cnn) about 18 hours ago

# Crap. GLONO’s been offline for about an hour. F-ing hostrocket. Just when I forget about them sucking, they start sucking again. about 20 hours ago

# Fun! RT @Billboard_Music: Jimi Hendrix ‘Rock Band’ Game Coming – about 20 hours ago

# “Lady Gaga first played Lollapalooza in 2007 as a virtually unknown side-stage act.” I did not know that. @ladygaga about 22 hours ago

# Hope someone cool buys it. RT @Billboard_Music: Abbey Road Recording Studios For Sale: Report about 22 hours ago

# RT @tankboy: Greg Kot adds to the Lolla rumor mill: Arcade Fire, Strokes, Yeasayer, the xx, Cut Copy and more… about 22 hours ago

# “Some asshole came in and screwed up all my wiring!” RT @CKlosterman: Hunter Thompson calls tech support about 22 hours ago

# Of those, I’d stick around for @ladygaga. RT @tankboy: GaGa, Green Day, Soundgargden headline Lolla? 6:41 AM Feb 16th

# Uggh. No thanks. RT @slicingeyeballs: Soundgarden to headline Lollapalooza? 4:02 AM Feb 16th

# 1. “I Gotta Feeling,” Peas; 2. “Poker Face,” Gaga. RT @tipsheet: The Top 25 Most Downloaded iTunes Tracks of All Time 3:57 AM Feb 16th

# Awesome. RT @tipsheet: A Peek Inside the FLAMING LIPS Oklahoma Compound 3:55 AM Feb 16th

# The Chipmunks cover “Good Girls Don’t” by the Knack: (off Chipmunk Punk) 10:44 AM Feb 15th

# Dave Marsh’s review of the Knack’s second album proves he was just jealous of Fieger’s looks: 10:33 AM Feb 15th

# RT @Billboard_Music: The Knack Lead Singer Doug Fieger Dies 8:26 AM Feb 15th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: …The Smiths’ ‘Meat is Murder’ turns 25 8:25 AM Feb 15th

# Lung cancer. Sad. RT @fingertipsmusic: Doug Fieger, front man for the Knack, dead at 57 7:24 PM Feb 14th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Morrissey donates ‘When Last Time I Spoke To Carol’ for US census Latino participation campaign: 7:47 AM Feb 14th

# Disaster relief as marketing * Like we said… 5:27 PM Feb 13th

# RT @nodepression: From the archives: Two Cow Garage – For the record 10:12 AM Feb 13th

# RT @KristNovoselic: Kurt Cobain, Alexander McQueen, and Trying to Make Sense of It All The convo continues 11:33 PM Feb 12th

# RT @JennyfromMTV: Any chick celeb that drops her pants for John meyer now must be A. Desperate B. Have a raging STD. C. As dumb as nails. 8:11 PM Feb 11th

# RT @jgrossnas: Big Star documentary website: 7:57 PM Feb 11th

# RT @colinmeloy: In which he happens on a Pavement rehearsal: 7:56 PM Feb 11th

# It’s good. RT @subpop: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore record ‘Dear Companion’ album streaming now: 2:39 PM Feb 11th

# Outside of Australia, you won’t see @taylorswift13 until the ACM awards in April. She’s “gone into hiding.” 2:01 PM Feb 11th

# Axl Rose says: “Surprise gigs comin’!!” Plus a lot of crazy, angry shit. 1:39 PM Feb 11th

# On this day 2008: Bad Amy Makes Good Back when we thought Amy Winehouse’s problems were behind her. Oops 12:09 PM Feb 11th

# Unfollow. RT @PaulaAbdul: There are only two ways to live your life. One is… [blah blah blah] 11:23 AM Feb 11th

# Wow. RT @maura: RT @clr: MUST READ. duff mckagan on kurt & krist & nirvana. 11:21 AM Feb 11th

# RT @soundofthecity: Blogger Wars Heat Up: Google Explains Its Sudden Move Against MP3 Blogs #musicblogocide2010 11:18 AM Feb 11th

# Only 2 of the 1996 “violent” remixes included? RT @slicingeyeballs: Iggy+Stooges to release massive Raw Power box set 11:16 AM Feb 11th

# He can def do wrong, but that one’s perfect. RT @TheMandyMoore: Song of the day “every night” by paul mccartney. sigh….he can do no wrong. 8:43 AM Feb 11th

# Gotta file that DMCA counter-claim, kids. RT @tankboy: Google clarifying the “music bog removals” of the past few days. 8:41 AM Feb 11th

# Get him to autograph your barf bag. RT @Jumex: Karl Rove is on my flight. 8:37 AM Feb 11th

# Can this pickle get more Facebook fans than Nickleback? You know why it’s funny? Because it’s a pickle. That’s funny. 8:29 AM Feb 11th

# It really doesn’t get any better than Buddy Holly in full rockabilly mode. “Midnight Shift” (take 11). 6:49 AM Feb 11th from web

# Re: @JohnCMayer’s @Playboy interview: What do you think: douchebag or decent, honest dude? I say both. 4:54 AM Feb 11th

# RT @mathowie: So a 30yo song (Men At Work) borrowed from an 80yo song (kookaburra). Isn’t that exactly how the public domain should work? 4:49 AM Feb 11th

# “Still Bill” is a new doc making the rounds. RT @ebertchicago: Ain’t no sunshine — except for Bill Withers, a happy man. 4:06 AM Feb 11th

# @Dfactor No love for Harriett Wheeler and her adorable little bun? I remember that album being super catchy. Lazy & sleepy, but not boring. 2:19 PM Feb 10th in reply to Dfactor

# RIAA Takes Hard Line Against File-Sharer Who Is Asking Judge To Reduce $675,000 In Damages (reg. req) 1:56 PM Feb 10th

# Amazing blues footage. The Big Boy Crudup one blew my mind: “Soon’s my back was turned she’s diddlin’ in my bed.” 1:20 PM Feb 10th

# OMD, “Bloc Bloc Bloc” – This song was pretty racy when I was in high school. It’s still awesome. 12:31 PM Feb 10th from web

# RT @crookedvultures: “Mind Eraser” performance from Saturday Night Live now on Hulu 11:50 AM Feb 10th

# National Magazine Award winner John Jeremiah Sullivan remembers Vic Chesnutt for the Oxford American: 11:06 AM Feb 10th

# RT @tankboy: The GOP is clueless if they think this is insulting. It is not. In fact, it is kind of AWESOME. 10:34 AM Feb 10th

# Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood have been “giving one another plenty of moral support” after giving up alcohol recently. 10:13 AM Feb 10th

# 20 Years On: Remembering The Sundays’ Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, originally released in 1990. 9:44 AM Feb 10th

# Exile in Greenville – Liz Phair covers NASCAR for The Atlantic (March 2010): 8:12 PM Feb 9th from mobile web

# RT @tipsheet: MTV Drops MUSIC from Logo *Finally, truth in advertising 3:44 PM Feb 9th

# NP: Nirvana, “Breed” (rough mix) from that lousy box. Sounds pretty great. Claims that this band doesn’t hold up may be exaggerated. 2:50 PM Feb 9th

# RT @davidwala: I am very proud to have filmed this performance – Paul Rose – Scarborough Fair – Norwegian Wood 12:42 PM Feb 9th

# Ordered mine. Contributed to issue 8 or 9. RT @slicingeyeballs: Smiths Indeed fanzine (1986-1989) to be reprinted 9:44 AM Feb 9th

# Crawdaddy has a well researched, in-depth article on Alex Chilton’s post-Big Star years, 1975-1981. 9:28 AM Feb 9th

# White Stripes Protest Air Force Reserve Super Bowl Ad: “Our song was re-recorded and used without permission.” 7:47 AM Feb 9th

# Are the Violent Femmes underrated? 7:23 AM Feb 9th

# Robbie Fulks & Nora O’Connor ruled at the Hideout tonight. 7:32 PM Feb 8th

# Hey, you want a Glorious Noise t-shirt? Wish us a happy 9th birthday and fill out the contest entry form: 2:40 PM Feb 8th

# Juliana Hatfield: “I hate to sound sexist, but I think rock ‘n’ roll is kind of a male art form.” 1:27 PM Feb 8th

# Good to know. RT @alyankovic: Want to embed my latest videos, or watch them in HD? 12:09 PM Feb 8th

# “no closer to ruling-class power than geekboys who insult music online.” RT @jgrossnas: Christgau on Vampire Weekend 12:04 PM Feb 8th

# RT @theuptownsound: where is the music industry headed? the shake up continues as emi announces huge losses 11:34 AM Feb 8th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: …Peter Hook debuts unfinished #joydivision song, #neworder outtake at FAC251 opening night gig 9:54 AM Feb 8th

# Dolly Parton might work with Jack White. Or Rick Rubin. She hasn’t bothered to figure out who’s who, bless her soul. 9:32 AM Feb 8th

# Pondercast uses Quasar Wut-Wut’s “March of the Zug” in their podcast on the Best Films of 2009. #glonorecords 8:23 AM Feb 8th

# RT @soundofthecity: We fully co-sign this Vampire Weekend cover of Rancid’s “Ruby Soho” 7:41 AM Feb 8th

# RT @iancr: I think this is still my favorite video on YouTube: Sly and The Family Stone wins $10K @ Ohio State, 1968: 4:08 PM Feb 7th

# Gonna have to get this. RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @morrisseysolo: Original Smiths fanzine reprinted due to huge demand: 10:13 AM Feb 7th

# RT @jgrossnas: Kill Rock Stars/Bikini Kill’s Tobi Vail reviews “Girl Power” book 10:12 AM Feb 7th

# That’s awesome. RT @ParisHilton: My High School Ice Hockey Team Photo. Haha, so funny! 6:47 AM Feb 7th

# Would you have them any other way? #suede RT @Jumex: Wow. The Metal Mickey guitars are *really* out of tune. 6:46 AM Feb 7th

# RT @amyjademermaid: @iamMarkRonson where my daps at? from the front t back- ronnie you feelin that? throw 1 hand up; can u repeat that? aww 6:45 PM Feb 6th

# He likes the nightlife, baby. RT @unclegrambo: Just saw Ric Ocasek moving in stereo on 52nd and Fifth! Wearing guyliner, natch! 1:11 PM Feb 6th

# [Phil] What is up in the rafters that has so many singers’ eyes? What are they looking at up there? 11:14 PM Feb 5th

# [Phil] Thom Yorke’s pale, trembling shadow is long enough to reach Portland 11:11 PM Feb 5th

# [Phil] I love how the most tightly packed crowd will part for a keg being wheeled in 10:51 PM Feb 5th

# [Phil] Band 2: Hello Morning. Guitarist seems like he just won the lottery or is mildly tripping on E 10:43 PM Feb 5th

# [Phil] Had to relocate after accidentally doing a beer spit take on some ladies 10:19 PM Feb 5th

# [Phil] Holy shit, that’s a lot of gear 10:10 PM Feb 5th

# [Phil] Little Beirut @ Someday Lounge, Portland. Big melodies and hooks. Programmed drums and 12-string elec 10:08 PM Feb 5th

# RT @Jumex: The Men At Work plagiarism verdict is garbage, they got robbed. Related: Owl City should really consider buying Ben a pony. 8:17 PM Feb 5th

# RT @jgrossnas: Muddy Waters, live in L.A., 1971 (video & interview) 3:00 PM Feb 5th

# Steven Colbert says he listens to Neutral Milk Hotel, recognized Jeff Mangum when Apples in Stereo played his show. 2:19 PM Feb 5th

# Fiona Apple and Jon Brion cover Bille Holiday for Haiti. Unwatchably shaky video but great clear audio. 2:10 PM Feb 5th

# Brittany Murphy’s death caused by drug intake (prescription and OTC) + pneumonia + anemia caused by an iron deficiency. 1:57 PM Feb 5th

# Jim DeRogatis grills representatives of the Department of Justice re: Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger. 1:47 PM Feb 5th

# The Real Timothy McSweeney passed away on January 24. He was 67 years old. @mcsweeneysbooks 1:29 PM Feb 5th

# Jonas Brothers photo contract bars the use of photos that involve illegal activity, nudity, drug use, etc. 1:23 PM Feb 5th

# RT @chucktodd Not quite Will.I.Am, but here ya go, “Change You Won’t Regret” — country song dedicated to Sarah Palin. 12:58 PM Feb 5th

# Awesome. RT @johnsellers: Mr. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips discusses his Google Street View appearance. 10:54 AM Feb 5th

# Sharon Jones on SNL. Am I the only one who thinks that Michael Buble looks like a clean Pete Doherty? 10:32 AM Feb 5th

# Cheap Trick re-records Dream Police as “Green Police” for Super Bowl ad: Free download: 9:52 AM Feb 5th

# Pavement, Modest Mouse, LCD Soundsystem, Raekwon to play Pitchfork Fest, July 16-18, Chicago: 8:16 AM Feb 5th from web

# “A change in technology leads to a change in use which leads to a change in content: This seems to be the pattern…” 8:13 AM Feb 5th

# Ms. Winehouse approves. RT @amyjademermaid: How cool is Glee? it’s funny shit. wicked that they did rehab sounds the nuts. Thanks Glee ♥ 7:47 AM Feb 5th

# @ourmaninchicago Maybe you should bring it back. “@Playboy presents the New Goodtime Happy Hour with your host, @JTimberlake.” 7:43 AM Feb 5th in reply to ourmaninchicago

# Only 8% of online teens use it. RT @jgrossnas: Twitter not all that popular among teenagers 7:39 AM Feb 5th

# @ourmaninchicago Somebody needs to bring back the 70s-style variety show. Corny skits, actors singing, dancing, chorus girls… 6:34 AM Feb 5th in reply to ourmaninchicago

# ASCAP is a racket. RT @Billboard_Music: Springsteen Wants Name Off Royalty Lawsuit Against NYC Bar 6:29 AM Feb 5th

# RT @iamMarkRonson: oh. @ghostfacekillah just made my album about 3 X Doper (realistically probably about 42 x doper) 6:24 AM Feb 5th

# What’s the news? RT @ourmaninchicago: Subject of press release: “Major Kenny Rogers Announcement” IS THERE ANY OTHER KIND? 6:58 PM Feb 4th

# That’s a lot of money. RT @billboardglenn: EMI Posts $2.4 Billion Loss as Terra Firma Weighs Raising Cash 3:06 PM Feb 4th

# Forcing Amy Grant to apologize for her divorce: “God has rules. Either get Amy to apologize or we won’t run the story.” 2:59 PM Feb 4th

# On This Day in 2008: The Mountain Goats record a song for Super Tuesday. More relevant now than ever. 1:56 PM Feb 4th

# @SurplusGamer QWW recently completed a soundtrack for Buster Keaton’s The General (to be released soon) and are in studio now 4 new album 11:40 AM Feb 4th in reply to SurplusGamer

# Johnny Loftus on Atlas Sound: “…dude gets love like Barack’s first four months in office.” 8:39 AM Feb 4th

# Sherilyn Fenn’s aunt is Suzi Quatro of the Pleasure Seekers (Hideout Records) and Leather Tuscadero fame. 8:19 AM Feb 4th

# Anybody who likes garage rock should go listen to Terry Knight and the Pack’s “How Much More” right now. 7:53 AM Feb 4th

# Nice! Congrats! RT @davidwala: My two page feature/interview in Photo Pro magazine honourable mentions for my friends @gloriousnoise 3:54 AM Feb 4th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Gift’ film coming out on DVD for first time this year, @perryfarrell says: 3:51 AM Feb 4th

# @SurplusGamer Quasar Wut-Wut is still around. They completed their score for Buster Keaton’s “The General” and a new album is almost done. 5:34 PM Feb 3rd in reply to SurplusGamer

# Autopsy reveals that Jay Reatard died from “cocaine toxicity, and that alcohol was a contributing factor in his death.” 5:32 PM Feb 3rd

# RT @tankboy: P4K fest announces dates, tix on sale Friday! 3:51 PM Feb 3rd

# @pmablog Yeah, I guess at least he was having fun… Still shitty for the rest of us. #jayreatard #crackiswack 3:21 PM Feb 3rd in reply to pmablog

# RT @matoswk: Yo, internet: Highfalutin. One word. No apostrophe. There is no such thing as “faluting” that people are contracting the G on. 3:14 PM Feb 3rd

# Aw man. RT @tankboy: So so fucking sad … Jay Reatard Cause Of Death Deemed “Cocaine Toxicity” 3:10 PM Feb 3rd

# RT @MOJOmagazine: Someone is finally making a documentary about Keith Richards. And look! It’s Johnny Depp! 6:35 AM Feb 3rd

# RT @adamficek: – Babyshambles proud crowd 8:01 PM Feb 2nd

# RT @ebertchicago: Sid died today, 1979. I met him when writing a Sex Pistols movie w/ Russ Meyer. Just a kid. Drugs. 6:34 PM Feb 2nd

# Heavy! RT @tipsheet: FLAMING LIPS to Play ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ at BONNAROO 6:26 PM Feb 2nd

# Why? RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @NMEmagazine: Shaun Ryder reforms Black Grape 3:09 PM Feb 2nd

# Paste asks, “Is Indie Dead?” More on this later, but it’s a good read. 2:58 PM Feb 2nd

# RT @KristNovoselic: Duff, We Don’t Need More Politicians, We Need the Rock Party! My Seattle Weekly Column: @Duff64 11:32 AM Feb 2nd

# Anyone going? @davidwala RT @adamficek: tonight babyshambles play proud in camden london 11pm. new ones a plenty, no bagels. 10:56 AM Feb 2nd

# Cool. RT @slicingeyeballs: Watch a (very) short clip of The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon recording with Gorillaz: 10:53 AM Feb 2nd

# RT @DaptoneRecords: Happy Groundhog Day: download the title track from “I Learned the Hard Way” at now! 10:41 AM Feb 2nd

# On this Day 2009: 21 Reasons Why Jay Bennett Should Be Back In Wilco *Godspeed, Jay. 10:09 AM Feb 2nd

# On This Day in 2004: Meditations on Janet Jackson’s Right Breast. 8:49 AM Feb 2nd

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