Twitter Roundup #12

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 128 tweets this time with a total of 84 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

# “Suddenly, you realized that every great band or musician you love also loved Alex Chilton and Big Star; it’s certain.” about 2 hours ago

# Jack White (cont): “In the end she’s laughing all the way to the Prada handbag store. She wins every time.” about 2 hours ago

# Jack White (cont): “For that, they repay her with gossip and judgment.” about 2 hours ago

# Jack White on Meg: “She can do what those with ‘technical prowess’ can’t. She inspires people to bash on pots and pans.” about 2 hours ago

# “This line here, ‘Bring your friend, her friend and a blender’…? That’s real good.” about 2 hours ago

# #FF @loudersoft for delivering the Chilton scoop without any sense of self-aggrandizement. about 6 hours ago

# RT @MOJOmagazine: Alex Chilton 1950 – 2010. A personal tribute to the reluctant Big Star legend, by Martin Aston. about 6 hours ago

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# Says the band – not studio cats – played on some records. RT @Lefsetz: The real Box Tops story from a member: about 16 hours ago

# Ha. RT @KevinShieldsMBV: a sad day indeed – listening to bandwagonesque in his honour. about 21 hours ago

# Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) formally acknowledges Alex Chilton, “a rock and roller, an indie music, alternative producer.” about 24 hours ago

# RT @jgrossnas: Big Star- interviews w/ Hummel & Jody Stephens & LX’s solo yrs 8:38 AM Mar 18th

# RT @jgrossnas: From Ye Wei blog RIP LX Chilton: Last night when I heard that Alex Chilton died, I wanted to believe… 8:37 AM Mar 18th

# Whipped up a playlist this morning with my 120 fave Box Tops, Big Star, and Chilton songs. Still need to rip that Panther Burns disc. 5:45 AM Mar 18th

# RT @iamMarkRonson: i F’ing love this new MGMT song “it’s working”. holy crap. it’s like F’ing Nuggets 2010 5:31 AM Mar 18th

# Butthole Surfers, Nick Cave, and unfazed Alex Chilton. RT @ftrain: My favorite Alex Chilton story is 3:09 AM Mar 18th

# RT @gregkot: Alex Chilton RIP. Very sad business having to write this appreciation for one of my musical heroes: 2:59 AM Mar 18th

# RT @iancr: . @mynameisjm & @bobmoz just gave me one reason to prefer the iphone, it auto-umlat’s “motorhead” 7:54 PM Mar 17th

# Ha! Who’s the real nerds? RT @tankboy: Find it amusing SXSWi folks didn’t break twiter or foursquare but the music folks keep crashing both. 7:54 PM Mar 17th

# RT @CKlosterman: I have nothing to say about Alex Chilton that wouldn’t be better said by virtually any song he ever wrote. 7:47 PM Mar 17th

# RT @hitsville: NYT post on the death of Alex Chilton He was 59–and a true star for 44 years. 7:46 PM Mar 17th

# RT @Jumex: I have few true musical heroes, but Alex Chilton was one. Thank you dearly, and rest in peace. I can hardly type it. 7:46 PM Mar 17th

# @tankboy Commercial Appeal is the paper of record of Memphis. Bob Mehr, dude. 7:43 PM Mar 17th in reply to tankboy

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Seattle Weekly has [Chilton news] now 5:34 PM Mar 17th

# RT @loudersoft: For people looking for some kind of official statement, I just talked to one of the publicists at Ardent – tomorrow. 5:33 PM Mar 17th

# Only seeing one source for the Chilton news. Anyone have anything besides the Commercial Appeal article? 5:23 PM Mar 17th

# Wow, and I just thought it was absurd and fun. RT @jesshopp: Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” and post-structural feminism: 1:50 PM Mar 17th

# RT @CharliNye: @gloriousnoise Josh actually played a bill with [Crystal Bowersox] four yrs ago for Folk You. We were blown away by her then. 12:04 PM Mar 17th

# This list of the BD downloads for Neil’s Archives makes me really glad I didn’t buy a Bluray player just for that. 11:51 AM Mar 17th

# You know what creeps me out? People still get to GLONO searching for “Fake Marriage License.” What are you freaks doing? 8:55 AM Mar 17th

# So lame. @Billboard_Music uses Brian Jones-era photo for their “Exile on Fallon” story. And “instant classics”? Research! 8:47 AM Mar 17th

# Johnny Loftus on Clientele & Field Music: “It’s a double shot of refracted love.” 8:20 AM Mar 17th

# Two egomaniacal buffoons. RT @Billboard_Music: Courtney Love Issues Facebook Apology to Billy Corgan – 3:03 AM Mar 17th

# “backstage adventures” – You wanted to say Cocksucker Blues, didn’t you? RT @maura: Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ recap: 3:00 AM Mar 17th

# Srsly. The guys all sounded so wimpy and lame. #idol RT @maura: who was the genius who decided to have this top 12 sing the rolling stones? 8:01 PM Mar 16th

# @maura Would’ve been better had she switched it to “I blew his nose and then I blew his mind” rather than “He blew my nose…” #idol 7:57 PM Mar 16th in reply to maura

# @CharliNye Yeah, in the scene at home where she’s playing piano. Gashlycrumb Tinies umbrella cover image. Awesome. #idol 7:07 PM Mar 16th in reply to CharliNye

# Crystal Bowersox is about 150x better than anybody else on #idol this year. She better fucking win. 6:56 PM Mar 16th

# On Aaron Kelly, who pussed up Angie: “Can someone just beat him up already? He needs a good ass kicking.” #idol 6:52 PM Mar 16th

# Siobhan Magnus has an Edward Gorey tattoo on her shoulder. Therefore she gets my vote. #idol 6:43 PM Mar 16th

# Tim Urban: if you’re going to sing the most perfectly misogynistic song ever written (Under My Thumb), you CAN’T sing it like a pussy. #idol 6:40 PM Mar 16th

# Dang, I really wanted to see Kelly Clarkson. RT @tankboy: Lilith Chicago up against P4K music fest. 1:22 PM Mar 16th

# Michael Jackson’s $200-250 Million contract includes album of never-before-released recordings, Off the Wall reissue. 11:31 AM Mar 16th

# Morrissey interviews longtime friend/artist Linder for Interview Magazine: 10:40 AM Mar 16th

# James Brown’s body NOT missing. It’s right where they left it: in a mausoleum in the front yard of another daughter. 10:37 AM Mar 16th

# Miley Cyrus on Twitter: “Just enjoy the moment you’re in, and stop telling people about it. Just enjoy it.” 10:32 AM Mar 16th

# Bonnie Prince Billy – Daytrotter Session recorded Mar 15, 2010: 10:20 AM Mar 16th

# About time. RT @subpop: Sub Pop is pleased to announce that we’re up on EMusic! Been a long time comin’! 9:49 AM Mar 16th

# Listening to “Endtroducing…” for the first time in over a decade. It’s still awesome. Thanks for the reminder, @ampstyle. 5:44 AM Mar 16th

# “Roll over, Woodstock. We won.” RT @soundofthecity: Harold Ford Jr., Trying His Best Not To Look Terrified Of Iggy Pop 5:42 AM Mar 16th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Spin mag’s archive on Google Books: Links to The Cure, R.E.M., Morrissey, The Replacements and more 5:39 AM Mar 16th

# RT @davidwala: No Expectations Rock N Roll Photography Exhibition Square Yard Gallery Newcastle 23 March – 26 March: 5:38 AM Mar 16th

# RT @Billboard_Music: Stooges, Genesis, ABBA Enter Rock Hall of Fame in NYC Ceremony 3:01 AM Mar 16th

# Liam: “Stick with Wrangler jeans. If they were good enough for the cowboys, then they’re fucking good enough for me.” 8:21 PM Mar 15th

# Just streamed Micah Schnabel (from Two Cow Garage)’s solo album. It’s acoustic with some strings. Sad and pretty: 1:40 PM Mar 15th

# Gorillaz’ “Stylo” sounds exactly like Eddy Grant’s “Time Warp.” Listen: For shame! @gorillazband @MurdocGorillaz 10:13 AM Mar 15th

# MW: Did it have four legs? ZD: Yeah! It could stand up. MW: Was it black and white? ZD: Yes. MW: Oh yeah, it was a zebra. 9:59 AM Mar 15th

# You know what’s the best part of that live, b-side version of “Surf Wax America”? Dude yelling “smoke dope” during the quiet part. @weezer 7:12 AM Mar 15th

# RT @aquadrunkard: reading Klosterman interview w/ Malkmus from recent a gq magazine 3:06 AM Mar 15th

# Asheton and Williamson both on guitar! RT @aquadrunkard: The Stooges. 1971. Four gigs. Yes. You need ’em. 6:19 AM Mar 13th

# Stand by your man! RT @TheMandyMoore: not quite EMPEROR but then what is?? great job, ry!! :) 7:28 PM Mar 12th

# Funny how young people confuse “absurd” with “genius.” RT @adamlambert: The telephone video is genius! Get it girls! 7:26 PM Mar 12th

# Runaways Movie Brings Cherie Currie Back To Music – 7:23 PM Mar 12th

# ‘Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel’ soundtrack has sold more than 50 Cent, Them Crooked Vultures, Kris Allen. 2:17 PM Mar 12th

# Could this new Peter Wolf album (ft. Neko Case, Shelby Lynne, and Merle Haggard) actually be good? This video is cool: 12:56 PM Mar 12th

# I’m already getting sick of that Field Music album. Too lite rock, 70s radio style. 12:34 PM Mar 12th

# She wasn’t the worst, but Lilly was just alright. And had deplorable style. I’ll miss Alex. RT @maura’s #Idol recap: 11:29 AM Mar 12th

# There’s nothing new under the sun. #navelgazing RT @maura: Ten years passed by, and in some ways, not much happened. 11:26 AM Mar 12th

# The Hound Blog on Gene Vincent & the Bluecaps, incl pics, vids, mp3s, and history. Awesome. 9:06 AM Mar 12th

# OK, that @LadyGaga & Beyoncé video is off the hook bonkers. Well worth the next 10 minutes of your life: 8:52 AM Mar 12th


# Strokes confirmed for Lollapalooza, new album due in September – @gregkot 8:15 AM Mar 12th

# “Swapping between the HM-801 and my 15GB iPod while listening to WAV files the Hifiman totally clobbered the iPod.” $790. 8:13 AM Mar 12th

# Thank you! @tweettwittwhat RT @_cubiczirconia: @gloriousnoise thanks for the review.. glad you came.. :) 9:49 PM Mar 11th

# She & Him Vol 1 has sold 190,000 to date. Does that seem low, high, or about right? 2:58 PM Mar 11th

# On This Day in 2003: Beastie Boys Release Anti-War Song. I still like the “cocaine and Courvoisier” line. 1:36 PM Mar 11th

# Chris Brown posts plea to fans, complains that radio stations are not playing his songs. 10:52 AM Mar 11th

# RT @KRSStaff: Elliott Smith reissue pre-orders are up! Free poster w/ the first 300 orders: 10:49 AM Mar 11th

# EMI is contractually forbidden to sell Pink Floyd music other than as complete albums without written consent. 10:30 AM Mar 11th

# “And after your heart is gently broken / I hope that you get a second chance.” – Clem Snide, “Happy Birthday” 10:05 AM Mar 11th

# “And I hope that your friends are true and funny / And your girlfriends are sweet and wear tight pants…” (cont.) 10:05 AM Mar 11th

# John Lennon feeling up Andy. Classic. RT @ebertchicago: – Andy Warhol rarely looks this happy in a photograph. 10:01 PM Mar 10th

# RT @jgrossnas: OK Go’s Damian Kulash Talks About the Band’s Split With EMI 9:23 PM Mar 10th

# @grumptastic Fair enough. But are you suggesting I should actually listen to music before criticizing it? How quaint. So 20th century! 2:43 PM Mar 10th in reply to YoDre

# @grumptastic Do they still fall under the category of “metal funk” in any way, shape, or form? 2:34 PM Mar 10th in reply to YoDre

# @nothinghappens They’ve been with Capitol since 2001. 2:32 PM Mar 10th in reply to nothinghappens

# RT @Lauren_Bacall: Why do starlets today have such bad posture? That Montana girl and that Twilight girl slouch like potato sacks. 2:03 PM Mar 10th

# @tankboy I don’t watch it, but have any other adventurous internet phenoms ever played the Today Show? Any indie artists at all? 12:47 PM Mar 10th in reply to tankboy

# But would their goofy videos have landed them on the Today Show, etc w/o major label support? RT @tankboy: OK Go 12:36 PM Mar 10th

# People actually give a shit about Faith No More? Huh. 10:12 AM Mar 10th

# “As music becomes less physical, it becomes more disposable. When we change our minds, we just download it again.” 10:06 AM Mar 10th

# @solace I just love that major labels are willing to accept that’s what it costs to put together something like that. 9:13 AM Mar 10th in reply to solace

# @solace Sure, but only 29 iTunes LPs are currently for sale! 9:07 AM Mar 10th in reply to solace

# “Only 29 iTunes LPs are currently for sale, about a dozen of which were available when the format was launched.” 9:06 AM Mar 10th

# @fascinated Awesome, isn’t it? Major labels are subsidizing geeks now. Of course, it’s all recoupable by the artist, so…sucks to be them. 8:58 AM Mar 10th in reply to fascinated

# iTunes LP “developer costs run upwards of $60,000 per title.” At least somebody’s getting paid! @billboardglenn 8:11 AM Mar 10th

# Now we can really get behind this band. RT @tipsheet: OK GO Leave EMI, Re-Release Latest Album on their Own 8:04 AM Mar 10th

# Christgau On Lil Wayne: “If I’ve ever been this high, which I doubt, it was 40 years ago.” via 6:42 AM Mar 10th

# Well said. RT @jgrossnas: My good/bad/ugly thoughts on the RnR Hall of Fame (Village Voice) 9:36 PM Mar 9th

# Remember those Swisher urinal screens that said “Say No to Drugs” on them? I miss pissing on those. 1:26 PM Mar 9th

# Neil Young, “Computer Cowboy” from Trans. I don’t understand how anybody who loves music can not love Trans. 1:18 PM Mar 9th

# Bass. RT @tankboy: Billy Corgan opening auditions to fill even more vacant Smashing Pumpkins spots. Are you in? 12:08 PM Mar 9th

# On Mark Linkous, kinda. RT @KristNovoselic: We Can’t Rationalize Suicide, We Can Only Forgive 12:05 PM Mar 9th

# Download new MGMT track, “Flash Delirium.” 9:40 AM Mar 9th

# Good old @Lefsetz on why people are buying the new Sade: “because they’re planning on playing it.” 8:03 AM Mar 9th

# This is awesome. “AFOL A Blocumentary” – a 30 minute documentary on Adult Fans of Lego: 7:55 AM Mar 9th

# Uggh. “[Sparklehorse’s Mark] Linkous was drinking and became upset after texting with an unknown person.” 7:44 AM Mar 9th

# Bruce Graham, architect of Sears Tower and John Hancock Center, dies at age 84. McCormick Place is still an abomination. 7:38 AM Mar 9th

# Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy solo at the Vic in Chicago, March 12-13. Tickets available for $50, proceeds to charity. 7:25 AM Mar 9th

# 700 followers! Thanks, everybody! 6:50 AM Mar 9th

# The final scene was a bit much. My theory: Meg was hammered. 7:29 PM Mar 8th

# Oh, and there were a couple of dorks actually dressed like Jack and Meg. #youcantgetawaywithredpantsbro 7:27 PM Mar 8th

# And I don’t want to sound like a pig, but Meg’s boobs stole the show. 7:25 PM Mar 8th

# Just got out of the new White Stripes movie. It was good. Humanizing toward Jack. 7:23 PM Mar 8th

# Bill Callahan’s Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle is freaking me out. 4:08 PM Mar 8th

# Nominating John Stirratt for some sort of award for awesome, seamless harmonies in Wilco…and tasty basslines. Can I get a second? 3:29 PM Mar 8th

# @grumptastic “Easy Lover” is a song I am not ashamed to love. “She’ll take a hold of you, believe it!” 3:21 PM Mar 8th in reply to YoDre

# Steve Albini on Mark Linkous: “he was as open, sincere and unaffected a person as I’ve ever encountered.” 1:55 PM Mar 8th

# This 2008 Pitchfork interview with Mark Linkous is bumming me out. 1:47 PM Mar 8th

# Know what song I should hate but don’t? Phil Collins’ “Two Hearts” it’s kinda perfect. 1:25 PM Mar 8th

# Jeez, this mp3 of Party in the USA I downloaded must be a YouTube rip. So distorted and compressed and bad. Or is that what it sounds like? 1:11 PM Mar 8th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: NYT on how Pandora has avoided the fate of most other music start-ups 10:38 AM Mar 8th

# RT @soundofthecity: In Memorium: @harvilla on Mark Linkous, a/k/a Sparklehorse, Dead At 47 10:33 AM Mar 8th

# Johnny Weir responds to commentators who questioned his gender, example he sets: This kid is an American hero. 9:11 AM Mar 8th

# “The parasites will love you when you’re dead. La la la la la.” –Sparklehorse, “Weird Sisters” 6:43 AM Mar 8th

# New York Times: The Singer-Songwriter Known as Sparklehorse is Dead at 47 – 2:00 PM Mar 7th

# We posted this mp3 last week. Sparklehorse, Dark as a Dungeon: I’m blaming EMI for blocking the Danger Mouse album. 9:28 AM Mar 7th

# This is really sad. RT @tankboy: NO! @LAWeekly: Apparent suicide RT @pitchforkmedia: R.I.P. Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous 9:09 AM Mar 7th

# RT @ebertchicago: Jeff Bridges could have had an actual career as a C&W singer; he and T-Bone were great at the Indies. 12:41 PM Mar 6th

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