Twitter Roundup #13

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 121 tweets this time with a total of 80 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

# FF @Tommy_Stinson – I hate music. Too many notes. Tommy says so. 6 minutes ago

# RT @Weezer: A little credit, please, for referencing “Never Gonna Give You Up” in “Heartsongs” before the Rickroll phenomenon.–RC 18 minutes ago

# RT @lcdsoundsystem: Wow. That drunk girls video with all the pictures is everything i hate in one thing! Nice. 19 minutes ago

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Video: Watch Robyn Hitchcock’s full 37-minute in-store performance at Amoeba Music 21 minutes ago

# WSJ: Prince’s Failed LotusFlow3r Site: An Insider Dishes on ‘Polar Bear’ Decor, Fed-Up Fans: about 3 hours ago

# Stream another new song from the Hold Steady, ‘The Weekenders’ » about 4 hours ago

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# Well done. RT @jesshopp: The anti-choice CPCs have been removed from the Lilith Fair “Choose Your Charities” ballot! about 4 hours ago

# Never heard the kid but I’m fascinated. RT @maura: I wrote about @justinbieber and the new teen-idol paradigm: about 4 hours ago

# RT @libertines: Here’s the entire Libertines press conference gig courtesy of those rapscallions over at NME about 4 hours ago

# The Aragon is pretty but sounds awful. RT @gregkot: Concert review: Spoon has issues with the Aragon: about 7 hours ago

# “Three quarters of of The Smiths came out to see The Drums.” Not at the same show. about 24 hours ago

# Anti-war hit ’19’ gets a remix for Afghanistan on its 25th anniversary. Nuh-nuh-nuh-nineteen…nineteen… about 24 hours ago

# Remixes by the Dust Brothers and Matt Dike – 9:24 AM Apr 1st

# “That’s insane, you’re stupid. You should sleep late man, it’s much easier on your constitution.” 8:26 AM Apr 1st

# MTV News links to GLONO re: The Best Hoaxes In Music History – 7:16 AM Apr 1st

# One more down, about 6 other mediocre singers to go. #idol 6:02 PM Mar 31st

# Bottom 3: Katie, Didi, & Tim. #idol 5:44 PM Mar 31st

# RT @nodepression: Jayhawks’ debut to be digitally released 2:15 PM Mar 31st

# Stream some new Hold Steady: “Rock Problems” – 1:50 PM Mar 31st

# Perfect Sound Forever talks to B.J. Thomas: “I think music has become more angry and more drone-like.” 1:38 PM Mar 31st

# Perfect Sound Forever’s Alex Chilton Tribute @jgrossnas 1:29 PM Mar 31st

# Can “Cocksucker Blues” be far behind? (Answer: Yes…very very far behind…as in only after Jagger dies.) 11:45 AM Mar 31st

# Rolling Stones to finally release 1972 films “Stones In Exile” and “Ladies And Gentlemen” on DVD/Bluray in 2010. 11:44 AM Mar 31st

# RT @AntiRecords: Bettye LaVette’s take on “Salt of the Earth,” the Jagger/Richards gem from ‘Beggar’s Banquet’: 11:35 AM Mar 31st

# Free Ben Kweller MP3: “It All Happened” – 11:00 AM Mar 31st

# Noel: “Where’s Liam? He’s probably being a real northerner somewhere designing the perfect desert boot.” 10:19 AM Mar 31st

# RT @libertines: Carl – it’s something I’ve been dreaming about six years that I can go onstage and say we’re the Libertines 9:46 AM Mar 31st

# RT @libertines: Pete: we produced things that we were really proud of. So we want to get back to that 9:45 AM Mar 31st

# Content isn’t free. If it’s good, it’s very expensive to make. 8:38 AM Mar 31st

# RT @jesshopp: in @Chicago_Reader: Anti-Choice Organizations Among Potential Beneficiaries of Lilith Fair’s charity $$$ 7:52 AM Mar 31st

# Not as bad as I thought then, but not as good as I thought when it first came out in 1995. 7:51 AM Mar 31st

# Listening to the Stone Roses “Second Coming” for the first time in about 10 years. 7:50 AM Mar 31st

# RT @ebertchicago: That cute little Miley Cyrus in her new movie, “The Last Song.” My review is now online. 5:55 AM Mar 31st

# Can’t believe they’re still filling 2 hours. RT @maura: tonight’s ‘idol’ recap: filler and filler and more filler. 5:43 AM Mar 31st

# I have no idea what this means. Sounds dirty. RT @amyjademermaid: i got my wurly today. i flow like morrisey on tenessee on cristmas eve 7:32 PM Mar 30th

# RT @jesshopp: Here’s my article about Lilith Fair and their potential support of anti-choice organizations: 5:05 PM Mar 30th

# RT @NeilDiamond: Happy Passover Y’all !! 5:03 PM Mar 30th

# Ft. Jeff Mangum. RT @soundofthecity: The Chris Knox Benefit at Le Poisson Rouge Has Already Raised $40,545 @kickstarter 12:13 PM Mar 30th

# At 2:53 into “Scream” did I just hear Michael Jackson say, “Stop fuckin’ with me”? Badass. 12:11 PM Mar 30th

# Alex Chilton’s Years with the Panther Burns: 10:58 AM Mar 30th

# RT @KristNovoselic: Nevermind Cover Political Cartoon #nirvana 9:15 AM Mar 30th

# New @LCDSoundsystem album is called THIS IS HAPPENING. Cover: 8:33 AM Mar 30th

# RT @libertines: Great new Libertines video interview – compare it to the good old days 2002: 5:52 AM Mar 30th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @NMEmagazine: Johnny Marr considers Reading And Leeds Festivals Cribs/Modest Mouse collaboration 6:12 PM Mar 29th

# RT @tankboy: RT @lollapalooza: #Lollapalooza 2010 Advance Price Tickets & VIP Passes ON SALE TOMORROW @ 10 AM CST! 6:12 PM Mar 29th

# RT @RiversCuomo: Watch me and Weezer being awesome in the new video for “I’m Your Daddy”. 6:11 PM Mar 29th

# RT @DaptoneRecords: Listen to Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings’ “I Learned the Hard Way” album in it’s entirety. 6:10 PM Mar 29th

# RT @libertines: First time libertines have played together since club infinity 2004 6:09 PM Mar 29th

# RT @libertines: All 4 libertines back for Reading Leeds 6:09 PM Mar 29th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: The Cure sets May 24 release date for 3CD ‘Disintegration’ reissue 6:06 PM Mar 29th

# RT @colinmeloy: It’s kind of late in life to be taking on “favorite songs” but can I say that the Dead’s “Row Jimmy” is a gorgeous thing? 4:28 AM Mar 29th

# RT @daytrotter: Great session with Joe Jack Talcum today! Includes a Daniel Johnston cover! 12:04 PM Mar 28th

# RT @JustinHawkins: My look for today is amazing. Red vest, mullet and moustache. I look like Flash Gordon, if Flash Gordon joined De Barge. 6:58 AM Mar 28th

# Sure, why not? RT @RecoveryChild: And if you could RT our glorious noise it would be appreciated! 12:49 PM Mar 26th

# #FF @KevinShieldsMBV: He’s a lot funnier than you’d expect him to be. 12:12 PM Mar 26th

# Snopes: Multiple Guitar Part Played by One Guitarist. I love that it all starts with Hasil Adkins! 11:23 AM Mar 26th

# Just listened to @LCDSoundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” & immediately pictured thousands of sweaty kids screaming along. 11:01 AM Mar 26th

# Is “Gett Off” Prince’s best song of the 90s? It’s definitely his greatest hip hop attempt. 10:33 AM Mar 26th

# Good essay on capitalism at #sxsw, how bands are economic actors, and why it might not make sense to go. 10:13 AM Mar 26th

# #SXSW and other large fests a scam for most bands? *Our GLONO showcase at #CMJ a few years ago was less than awesome 10:10 AM Mar 26th

# Glen Campbell also gets Bob Pollard, Chris Isaak, Dandy Warhols, Steve Hunter, Wendy Melvoin, Josh Freese for new lp. 9:32 AM Mar 26th

# This could be cool. RT @Billboard_Music: Glen Campbell Enlists Jakob Dylan, Paul Westerberg For Farewell Album 9:30 AM Mar 26th

# Yeah right. They’re just promoting a new musical. RT @Billboard_Music: ABBA Opens Door To Reunion Performance – 9:29 AM Mar 26th

# “Great idea getting the dude from Spacemen 3 that tours only with a Casio keyboard and a delay pedal.” @Buddyhead #mgmt 9:09 AM Mar 26th

# Jeff Mangum to play “short acoustic set” at Chris Knox benefit on May 6 in NYC. 8:55 AM Mar 26th

# An “oral agreement”? Dumb. RT @billboardglenn: AP: Front Line sues Axl Rose for nearly $2 million 3:09 AM Mar 26th

# RT @Jumex: NOT OKAY. RT @briangaslight No one fly american airlines, if they break your guitar that you wrote every record on… They do … 5:14 PM Mar 25th

# How Big Star’s “In the Street” ended up as the theme song for That 70s Show: 12:45 PM Mar 25th

# RT @crawdada: Calling Nirvana fans! An unbelievable new free collection of demos and live recordings: 10:38 AM Mar 25th

# “When things that are cool are commercially successful, there’s a domino effect for good things, good vibes, to happen.” 9:48 AM Mar 25th

# Nice! RT @YoDre: My Love, Band on the Run, Jet, Bluebird, Mrs. Vandebilt, Let Me Roll It, Helen Wheels, Venus and Mars/Rock Show, Coming Up. 8:04 AM Mar 25th

# RT @billboardglenn: just ran a few numbers on youtube’s outage. the four majors are out a combined $8,000 an hour when it’s down. 7:12 AM Mar 25th

# Elim eps are unwatchable. RT @maura: #idol recap: it’s a SINGING competition where corniness is discouraged. right? 5:27 AM Mar 25th

# RT @Weezer: I’m sick of the same old chords. Time to invent some new ones!–RC 2:54 AM Mar 25th

# And a cool Edward Gorey tattoo. RT @lindsaylohan: I like Siobhan, she’s got a cool vibe and her voice is cool….. #americanidol 2:53 AM Mar 25th

# True love always! RT @amyjademermaid: i love my husband Blake an it aint wrong!marry for life 6:59 PM Mar 24th

# Buy it now for $80G! RT @Jumex: I’m selling the console I made the last DCfC record and @theteganandsara records on. 6:57 PM Mar 24th

# “Judges and landlords, presidents and draft boards, they’ll get theirs and we’ll get ours if we can just hold on…” 1:52 PM Mar 24th

# RT @KevinShieldsMBV: apparently animal collective’s “experimental” film ODDSAC is all about noah lennox’s curiously shaped scrotum. 1:19 PM Mar 24th

# Sondre Lerche & Jon Auer rehearse “The Ballad of El Goodo” before SXSW: 11:32 AM Mar 24th

# Alex Chilton covers Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” in 2008: 11:29 AM Mar 24th

# RT @tweettwittwhat: NAPSTER in the window of BESTBUY on 62nd st and bway. what doesn’t belong? either of them. #obsolete 8:10 AM Mar 24th

# RT @1000TimesYes: No one on Google put together that “Titus Andronicus Forever” is basically Mojo Nixon’s “Elvis Is Everywhere”—so I will! 8:09 AM Mar 24th

# So some doofus sang the Box Tops’ “The Letter” on tonight’s #idol and nobody mentioned the fact that Alex Chilton died last week. 6:18 PM Mar 23rd

# RT @jgrossnas: Del The Funky Homosapien offers his latest album for $3 (or more) 6:00 PM Mar 23rd

# I am ready for a Huey Lewis revival. It’s long overdue. #idol 5:58 PM Mar 23rd

# RT @jesshopp: $150/800-1200 words. RT Chicago writers/j-students: Gapers Block now paying for local features! 2:07 PM Mar 23rd

# RT @ryanada_ms Just gave a track 2 #twestivalfm. Listen & donate at 12:33 PM Mar 23rd

# One of my fave songs. RT @amazonmp3: Download “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” by Elvis free for a limited time: 12:27 PM Mar 23rd

# Ha! RT @stevendrozd: Beyonce in the new Lady Gaga video? At least they could’ve made out. Lame. 10:13 AM Mar 23rd

# “Oracular Spectacular” has sold 580,000 copies, 2.5M digital tracks in the US. And 461,000 albums in the UK. #mgmt 9:15 AM Mar 23rd

# Columbia greenlit the release of “Congratulations” without any request to commercially finesse the tunes. #mgmt 9:12 AM Mar 23rd

# “People don’t share music more often because the connection is not primarily social but, rather, internal and personal.” 8:57 AM Mar 23rd

# Le Petomane (Joseph Pujol) could control his intake and outtake of air to imitate bird calls, blow out candles, etc. 8:41 AM Mar 23rd

# Magnet: Musicians Remember Alex Chilton: Tommy Keene; Scott McCaughey; Robert Pollard; Matthew Sweet; Steve Wynn 8:32 AM Mar 23rd

# RT @staceykanderson: Saw Julian Casablancas hopelessly lost on Broadway & Prince, one of most touristy corners in NY. Neon hair streaks … 4:18 PM Mar 22nd

# RT @SirDZL: Freestyle funk from Del and Bukue yesterday at the Epic skate competition. Funshit 4:18 PM Mar 22nd

# RT @crawdada: Interesting reports that our favorite producer-cum-murderer Phil Spector mouthed off to the wrong guy 3:41 PM Mar 22nd

# “Bun E. Carlos is not currently the touring drummer for Cheap Trick. Bun E. remains a band member.” 11:59 AM Mar 22nd

# Listened to new MGMT. Not nearly as weird as I’d been led to believe. 11:40 AM Mar 22nd

# Pete Doherty has been arrested on suspicion of supplying the drugs that killed heiress Robin Whitehead. 10:41 AM Mar 22nd

# Johnny Loftus on Oh No Ono+Cate Le Bon: “full of collapsed chandeliers wrapped up in sterile gauze.” 8:05 AM Mar 22nd

# “money dried up, company sold” RT @seanbuzzgrinder: one of Epitonic’s founders gave us some insight into its downfall. 7:38 AM Mar 22nd

# New Hold Steady. RT @unifiedscene: Hear “Hurricane J”, the new single from The Hold Steady: 7:34 AM Mar 22nd

# RT @loudersoft: NPR is streaming the new MGMT album in full. Click here to listen. 6:44 AM Mar 22nd

# Would he WANT to be on that mess? RT @maura: NBC = Nothing But Class: NBC says “No” to @conanobrien appearance on Idol Gives Back http: 5:26 AM Mar 22nd

# Fallen Comrade – Tav Falco eulogizes Alex Chilton: “Godhead on the one hand, destroying angel on the other…” 1:53 PM Mar 21st

# RT @gregkot: Some of my fave bands and an amazing Alex Chilton send-off all here: 12:00 PM Mar 21st

# RT @jesshopp: RT @EXPLODINTOCOLRS: Any San Antonio show hook ups? We are here and we might as well have an awesome time. xo 11:59 AM Mar 21st

# RT @ArdentStudios: Op-Ed Contributor Paul Westerberg – Beyond the Box Tops – 7:07 AM Mar 21st

# RT @jgrossnas: Star is Jon, Ken and Jody w LX’S mike in middle solitary #bigstar #sxsw 10:06 PM Mar 20th

# RT @soundofthecity: Jody Stephens at Big Star #SXSW panel: Alex Chilton “was the only guy I know who got grumpy when he smoked pot” 2:52 PM Mar 20th

# RT @nodepression: Set out to wander 6th St., wound up at Two Cow Garage. Super packed, super rock! #sxsw *awesome! 2:02 PM Mar 20th

# Your girlfriend might not like the new MGMT 2:01 PM Mar 20th

# Totally. RT @fatbellybella: Rolling stone reviewed my unfinished album. It’s done now. I think they should review it again. Only fair huh? 6:10 AM Mar 20th

# RT @tbquirk: Zoey Deschanel asks crowd to extinquish cigarettes. Least rock and roll moment of #sxsw 6:08 AM Mar 20th

# @gloriousnoise [Phil] The double bill I’d like to see is Jones & Winehouse, but I think the Dap Kings would die of exhaustion. 1:50 PM Mar 19th

# Weird. RT @maura: The Sharon Jones/Hole double bill is pretty inspired. 1:40 PM Mar 19th

# God Bless Detroit: Rock & Roll Capitol [sic] of Earth! 1:25 PM Mar 19th

# Andrew Sandoval on a tribute to Alex Chilton tonight at 7 Pacific, playing unheard stuff. 12:14 PM Mar 19th

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