Twitter Roundup #8

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Bobby Charles, songwriter of “Walking to New Orleans” and “See You Later Alligator”, dead at 71. about 3 hours ago

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Robyn Hitchcock’s ‘Propellor Time,’ due March 22, to feature Peter Buck, Johnny Marr, John Paul Jones about 6 hours ago

# RT @billboardglenn: First the rumors, now the article. From Layoffs Begin Across Universal Music Group about 17 hours ago

# RT @adamficek: so…….just got the bat call, it seems tonight is babyshambles at rhythm factory. Best get off train. about 20 hours ago

# On This Day in 2004: @staceykanderson interviews the music directors of one of the best college radio stations in America. about 20 hours ago

# RT @rockcritics: Lisa Robinson’s oral history of disco from #VanityFair features Moroder, Rodgers, Gaynor, et al. about 21 hours ago

# Smoking Gun has FCC complaints re: @adamlambert AMA show: “total fagatoni which I am OK with.” Did @Buddyhead write that? about 22 hours ago

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# Who knew? Taylor Swift is an indie artist on an indie label. (Distribution by UMG can’t hurt, but still.) @taylorswift13 11:27 AM Jan 14th

# Wax Trax founder Dannie Flesher, dead at 58. “They brought a lot of culture and coolness, a whole bunch of punk glitter.” 10:15 AM Jan 14th

# DeRo: Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is “decorated by a lot of hackneyed hair-metal guitar wank and Coldplay-style arena melodrama.” 10:09 AM Jan 14th

# “This is a well-produced endeavor. They should have been in charge of the stimulus.” RT @sfj: IDOL CHATTER: WEEK ONE 10:01 AM Jan 14th

# RT @TartyTart: Clem Snide brings us The Meat of Life, Feburary 23, get a sneak listen to the first track here! 9:58 AM Jan 14th

# Where to begin with the Fall? Emusic has 19 Fall albums – – and I have no qualms about cherrypicking. 9:31 AM Jan 14th

# Robbie Fulks: “The master tapes of the Michael Jackson cover CD were stolen AFTER mastering, so the release is unaffected.” 9:18 AM Jan 14th

# More on this later. RT @Billboard_Music: Johnny Cash Releasing Another Posthumous Album – 8:14 AM Jan 14th

# Awesome. RT @fingertipsmusic: Jeff Price of TuneCore takes down Soundscan and the absurdity of weekly album sales 8:13 AM Jan 14th

# RT @JessicaSimpson: He braids my prayers RT @kristinburns: -@jessicasimpson and @billy working on a song… 6:10 AM Jan 14th

# Corgan + Jess recording. RT @JessicaSimpson: I am blessed RT @studiodog: – going over a song w @billy and the boxer 6:07 AM Jan 14th

# “Scare bitches into loving him!” RT @ourmaninchicago: My first awareness of Teddy Pendergrass came from Eddie Murphy: 5:59 AM Jan 14th

# Teddy Pendergrass dead at 59 11:05 PM Jan 13th

# Memphis Commercial Appeal update: “Friends say Lindsey had been complaining of flu-like symptoms lately.” @jayreatard 8:38 PM Jan 13th

# “…the skin on his penis burnt off. That’s how punk his love is.” (2 of 2) @jayreatard 4:23 PM Jan 13th

# “Imagine the doctor’s face when a 17-year-old Jay Reatard shows up covered in motor oil with two layers of…” (1 of 2) 4:22 PM Jan 13th

# Jay Reatard was found dead in his Memphis home this morning, according to family and friends. He was 29. 4:04 PM Jan 13th

# Seems more than a little sketchy that Little Steven would rank an E Street Band album at #3 on his Top 25 of the 00s. 3:35 PM Jan 13th

# Little Steven’s 25 albums of the 00s: 1 Beatles in Mono; 2 Nuggets II; 3 Bruce’s Magic; 4 C-Kings’ Psychedelic Sunrise. 3:27 PM Jan 13th

# Weezer recording. RT @patrick_wilson: Recorded a song with Weezer yesterday, it came out great! 2:09 PM Jan 13th

# Loftus on the Smithereens: “bristling power-pop anthems that channel post-college rock, pre-grunge malaise.” 12:15 PM Jan 13th

# Not That Bill Wyman has a new site. RT @ourmaninchicago: Looks like @hitsville is alive and well at 11:02 AM Jan 13th

# Outtake from the Smiths “Louder Than Bombs” album cover: Portrait of Shelagh Delaney, August 7, 1961. 10:54 AM Jan 13th

# The Smiths “Hatful Of Hollow” sleeve source: “Cocteau a Paris,” Liberation, July 1983. 10:44 AM Jan 13th

# RT @billboardglenn: Pandora Says It Was Profitable in Q4 2009 8:25 AM Jan 13th

# RT @ladygaga: big huge man banging on the car window outside the arena, trying to sell me scalped tickets to my own show. yoouuu skalliwag 6:54 PM Jan 12th

# “We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on” RT @iancr: Wow. Go Google go. 6:19 PM Jan 12th

# Doh. Major label digital strategies from March 2001. 4:44 PM Jan 12th

# Straight Dope: “Washington and Jefferson weren’t merely marijuana farmers, they were marijuana dealers.” 4:41 PM Jan 12th

# Public Enemy Not Selling Well Enough On Sellaband: What Went Wrong? Wanted to raise $250,000. Have only raised $73,075. 4:33 PM Jan 12th

# Vampire Weekend on Contra’s cover girl: “We don’t know her or anything,” Koenig said. “The picture is from 1983.” 4:16 PM Jan 12th

# Slash turns down big $$ for GNR reunion: “I can’t remember exact numbers, but it’s excessive. 7, 8 digit kinds of things.” 4:13 PM Jan 12th

# Will they hike prices again? RT @tipsheet: eMusic Strikes a Deal with Warner Music 1:23 PM Jan 12th

# RT @unclegrambo: How Conan O’Brien Went From “King Of Late Night” To Network Outcast In Less Than Seven Months: 1:15 PM Jan 12th

# $275,000 in donations. Still not a charity. RT @jgrossnas: How Paste Magazine went from an operating loss to profits 1:00 PM Jan 12th

# Animal Collective Interview with Aziz Ansari featuring the Ultimate Warrior on Arsenio, Bel Biv Devoe, and baby pictures. 11:23 AM Jan 12th

# Don Giovanni Records sampler featuring three songs by Screaming Females. 11:18 AM Jan 12th

# Beatles “Yellow “Sub” film being remade by Robert Zemeckis for Disney using 3D performance-capture technology. 6:50 AM Jan 12th

# Pavement NOT confirmed for Pitchfork Fest: “But right now, the official word is ‘no,’ it’s not confirmed.” 6:43 AM Jan 12th

# Gotta keep the institution sacred. RT @fivethirtyeight: Divorce Rates Higher in States With Gay Marriage Bans 6:34 AM Jan 12th

# Jumped shark when Kara hired. RT @Billboard_Music: Cowell To Leave “Idol” After This Season To Launch U.S. “X Factor” 6:22 PM Jan 11th

# Vampire Weekend’s debut has sold 482,000 copies to date. 4:27 PM Jan 11th

# Promote vandalism! RT @jayreatard: I will give anyone a hundred bucks per tire that they pop on the band liquor stores van! Yes I’m serious 4:21 PM Jan 11th

# Daniel Johnston records 7 songs for Daytrotter. 1:46 PM Jan 11th

# RT @taylorswift13: Studio-ness with all the same boys who played on Fearless. Home-made cupcakes were brought. Awkward fist-pumps happened. 1:43 PM Jan 11th

# I favorited a YouTube video — Ross sisters – Solid Potato Salad (VHS quality) 11:36 AM Jan 11th from Google

# Carrie Underwood has sold 11,149,000 albums in the U.S. to date. Kelly Clarkson: 10,494,000. 10:52 AM Jan 11th

# Dead Milkmen “in the writing/rehearsing phase now and hope to have a full album release of some sort this year.” 10:48 AM Jan 11th

# An excerpt from Patti Smith’s new memoir, Just Kids. Lean living & making art with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. 10:26 AM Jan 11th

# On This Day in 2008: Rhymefest and Mark Ronson make Michael Jackson sound exciting again. 10:05 AM Jan 11th

# I favorited a YouTube video — Thank You Friends 9:28 AM Jan 11th from Google

# Peace & love, peace & love. No autographs though. RT @Billboard_Music: Ringo Starr Says ‘Y Not’ For New Album, Tour 6:32 AM Jan 11th

# RT @Kanye_Info: Yes, Kanye West is currently in Hawaii with some G.O.O.D. Music artists to record his upcoming album! 6:27 AM Jan 11th

# True. RT @RiversCuomo: Guns n’ Roses may have been the first to associate paradise with a city–with grass in it, no less! 9:55 PM Jan 10th

# Panic on the streets of Austin! RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @fyang: chromewaves post: Spoon covers The Smiths 1:39 PM Jan 10th

# Shady agent disappears. RT @Dfactor: VU-Warhol photo negative archive “being held captive’ from photog Billy Name. 6:56 PM Jan 9th

# RT @sfj: Soundscan Freakers (2/2) Iron & Wine placed 10th on top vinyl sellers of 2009 with 16,600 units. Radiohead were 1st with 45,700. 6:06 PM Jan 9th

# Ours too! RT @JessicaSimpson: Happy Birthday Jimmy Page!! You have always been one of my favorites :) 6:05 PM Jan 9th

# Go big or stay home. RT @jayreatard: If I don’t get well soon I’m gonna eat myself into pig champion/tad teritory 8:04 AM Jan 9th

# “Original soundtrack available on MCA Records and Tapes.” Awesome. #smokeyandthebandit3 11:26 PM Jan 8th

# What the hell was that superimposed Burt Reynolds cameo at the end? Huh? #smokeyandthebandit3 11:22 PM Jan 8th

# But what’s the deal with that shark? #smokeyandthebandit3 11:17 PM Jan 8th

# Catching the last half hour of Smokey & the Bandit 3. No Burt, but Jerry Reed rules. Plus a nudist colony scene! So best. 11:16 PM Jan 8th

# But I’m sleepy. RT @AndrewWK: IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT! And it’s really time to party! GO! GO! GO! PARTY ‘TIL YOU PUKE, and tell ’em I told you to! 11:07 PM Jan 8th

# To close Vic Chesnutt’s memorial service in Athens on Dec 27, Jeff Mangum performed “Independence Day.” 10:36 PM Jan 8th

# Recorded live in Nashville in four days. RT @nodepression: RT @willienelson: Willie finishes album with T-Bone Burnett 8:08 PM Jan 8th

# Do no harm, bro. RT @Billboard_Music: Michael Jackson’s Doctor To Be Indicted: Source. 7:05 PM Jan 8th

# Shocker! RT @billboardglenn: Live Nation Stockholders Approve Merger With Ticketmaster 5:03 PM Jan 8th

# On This Day in 2004: Elliott Smith’s Coroner Report released. “Toxicology tests revealed no illicit substances.” 4:36 PM Jan 8th

# @jgrossnas Hey, when/where are the 2009 Music Scribing Awards coming out? 4:19 PM Jan 8th

# The Diamond going political! RT @NeilDiamond: Should I write about affairs of the heart between people or affairs of people between nations? 4:16 PM Jan 8th

# #followfriday @slicingeyeballs for all your classic 80s college rock needs. 4:04 PM Jan 8th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Expanded 2CD reissues of @buzzcocks’ first 3 albums to be released in U.S. for first time next month 4:00 PM Jan 8th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @Billboarddotcom: Punk rock history hits the big screen in a new biopic of Ian Dury. 1:03 PM Jan 8th

# Seems doomed. RT @jgrossnas: Indie Concert Promoters Sign On To Fight Live Nation-Ticketmaster Merger 9:10 AM Jan 8th

# Paul Ford (@ftrain) explains what happens after we die. (GLONO readers: Gary Benchley.) 9:08 AM Jan 8th

# RT @billboardglenn: Analysis: The Paradox of the CD. The declining format is a problem but still gets the most revenue. 6:53 PM Jan 7th

# Rip off! RT @Lefsetz: Nick Jonas tickets for $1 6:50 PM Jan 7th

# “Wish we had a joint so bad. Bust a streetlight, out past midnight.” 5:07 PM Jan 7th

# Jack White: “I think Jay-Z is just incredible.The Black Album is one of the best albums of the decade.” 4:44 PM Jan 7th

# Jack White: “We did shows with the Strokes, and in a lot of ways we had absolutely nothing in common with them.” 4:43 PM Jan 7th

# Jack White: “I feel like I’m a lot more to do with Jay-Z than I do with the Black Keys.” 4:41 PM Jan 7th

# Rolling Stone interviews Jack White: I said, “Swank, check this riff out.” And he said, “It’s OK.” [on 7 Nation Army] 4:40 PM Jan 7th

# RT @CourtneyLoveUK: i think Nikki SIxx might be smarter than me and Duff is for sure. 3:55 PM Jan 7th

# On This Day in 2004: Johnny Loftus’ very first OC wrapup, “The OC: Cali is where they put they mack down.” 3:54 PM Jan 7th

# Is “In Between Days” the best song ever? Right now, I’m thinking it is. 1:38 PM Jan 7th

# It’s not just Apple that does this, but they’re good at it. RT @jgrossnas: How Apple Does Controlled Leaks 8:46 AM Jan 7th

# Absolutely. RT @Taxidermied: Wearing sunglasses at night. You’re either a blind guy or a douchebag. No exceptions. It is law. 8:41 AM Jan 7th

# “Most recently, Mitchell wrote string and horn arrangements for Rod Stewart’s new collection of R&B covers.” 10:04 PM Jan 6th

# Willie Mitchell: “They thought it was about technique or some system, but I just go by feel. That’s the secret.” 10:02 PM Jan 6th

# RIP Willie Mitchell, producer, player, songwriter and sonic architect of Hi Records. 9:59 PM Jan 6th

# On This Day in 2005: The Smoking Gun unleashes its Case Against Michael Jackson, and I am no longer able to defend him. 4:26 PM Jan 6th

# Kristofferson, Ian Hunter, Louris-Olsen… RT @nodepression: Check out this awesome free sampler from New West Records! 3:54 PM Jan 6th

# Anybody going? RT @wilcohq: Ashes of American Flags – Showing this Friday in Portland, OR 3:50 PM Jan 6th

# Can you believe London Calling is 30 years old? Do you remember when you first heard it? #theclash 11:58 AM Jan 6th

# Hopefully this will be the end of the gallisticle. RT @ourmaninchicago: Gawker favoring monthly uniques over pageviews: 9:47 AM Jan 6th

# Look who’s back on Twitter: @CourtneyLoveUK 7:18 AM Jan 6th

# The old “Greed is good” argument. RT @tipsheet: MUST READ: DJ SHADOW Gives the Straight Dope 11:08 PM Jan 5th

# LyricWiki goes down. Dumb law. Lyrics are facts. RT @tipsheet: Music Publishers Sue & Win for Unlicensed Lyric Site 9:24 PM Jan 5th

# RT @Dfactor: Grant Hart interview about #HuskerDu in December BLURT is worth a look – 7:50 PM Jan 5th

# “If Billy [Joel] sang ‘Only the Good Die Young’ like he wanted to, it would have been a reggae song,” DeVitto said. 4:28 PM Jan 5th

# Billy Joel sued for royalties by drummer who was fired after 30 years. 4:27 PM Jan 5th

# Best & Worst Records Of 2009 from @BUDDYHEAD – On Phoenix: “We’d like to point out that these Coneheads are from France.” 2:32 PM Jan 5th

# RT @mathowie: Something obvious I learned today: the music car stereo installers use to test their work? It’s FUCKING TERRIBLE. 2:41 PM Jan 4th

# $229 vacuum tube amplifier, the MiniWatt, wows audiophiles. 5×4″, 2.5 watts per channel, single stereo input. 12:37 PM Jan 5th

# This was a kooky trend. Will it continue in 2010? RT @tipsheet: 10 Most NSFW Videos of 2009 11:45 AM Jan 5th

# Already yanked from YouTube. RT @tipsheet: New MICHAEL JACKSON Song Leaks 11:43 AM Jan 5th

# RT @maura: So, @Yo_RandyJackson is CROWDSOURCING HIS GRAMMY VOTES. Probably not the sort of “increased Web presence” NARAS wants… 8:13 PM Jan 4th

# “thinking that if you open for someone and do a good job you can get some of their audience is not really that reliable.” 2:54 PM Jan 4th

# McSweeney’s: Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song In Nashville. Dispatch 6: Our hero gets personal. 1:34 PM Jan 4th

# “Animal Collective’s tendencies—toward the oblong and the linear, etc.—have coexisted in a more or less unchanging ratio.” 1:15 PM Jan 4th

# Archer Record Pressing Master Numbers: a chronology of the Detroit plant’s reference numbers. Cool project. Help Ben out. 1:07 PM Jan 4th

# Robbie Fulks’ van was robbed and they took some of the half-inch master tapes for his Michael Jackson tribute record. 1:00 PM Jan 4th

# New acoustic Arctic Monkeys song: “Joining The Dots” (RXP Session) 10:49 AM Jan 4th

# No idea what he’s talking about, but AWK says he’s real. RT @AndrewWK: Here is my statement to respond to everything: 8:42 AM Jan 4th

# Submit your nomnations for GLONO’s Upright Standing Man of the Year! 1:21 AM Jan 4th

# RT @Lefsetz: Bob Ludwig: what’s hurting record sales is they are so compressed that the ear just gets tired of it. 10:17 PM Jan 3rd

# Because LA is an awful, despicable place. RT @lcdsoundsystem: Why do men in los angeles dress like backup dancers? 8:03 AM Jan 3rd

# Best music rag there is. Worth every penny. RT @iancr: Mojo Magazine has a lower price to the US through Jan 15: 8:23 PM Jan 2nd

# @samorama I don’t think she’s as weird as she wants us to think, but she’s definitely interesting. @ladygaga 10:16 PM Jan 1st in reply to samorama

# Lady Gaga is cool. And her music is interesting. Who knew? 9:57 PM Jan 1st

# Happy New Year! 12:11 AM Jan 1st

# On This Day in 2001: An unusual New Years resolution request of our readers. Think anybody heeded it? 3:01 PM Dec 31st, 2009

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