Twitter Roundup #9

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 196 tweets this time with a total of 109 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

Also included in this round are Phil’s comments on shows in Portland including the Maldives, Black Whales, the Jay Farrar/Ben Gibbard show he later reviewed, and the Motels! And my comments on “American Idol” and Conan O’Brien’s final “Tonight Show” that featured Neil Young and a group cover of “Freebird.” Oh, and lots of bitchy re-tweets from people who actually bothered to watch the Grammys.

# Do it! RT @slicingeyeballs: Book publisher to #morrissey: Please, please, please let me get what I want: your memoirs. about 11 hours ago

# Only as amazing as the songs and performances. RT @adamficek: How amazing would it be to record the next babyshambles album In Russia? about 11 hours ago

# Hey @rustyrockets word of advice, don’t wear boots with tapered pants. There’s a reason we have a “boot cut” option: about 13 hours ago

# Interesting. RT @iancr: Subscriptions are the New BLACK. (why Facebook, Google, & Apple will own your wallet by 2015): about 15 hours ago

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# RT @tankboy: Pleased to see Jay Bennett get a mention. Sad though it may be. 9:14 PM Jan 31st

# RT @staceykanderson: J Lo’s dress is a sartorial mullet 9:13 PM Jan 31st

# RT @Kanye_Info: Where is kanye??? At home watching tv in his LV slippers!! Lool #whereiskanye 7:25 PM Jan 31st

# RT @seanbuzzgrinder: It makes me sad that this shit passes as country music these days. Why did you leave us with this Gram Parsons? 7:24 PM Jan 31st

# Word. RT @billboardglenn: I like being able to check Grammy winners on Twitter now. Frees up my evening for better things. 7:23 PM Jan 31st

# Nice. RT @solangeknowles: Gave away my Grammy ticket to eat Brazilian food and wear zebra leggings and a Biggie t-shirt. 4:34 PM Jan 31st

# Congrats! RT @emazer: Neil’s Archive Vol 1 got a Grammy. I am happy 2 of those disks-were produced by me 4:32 PM Jan 31st

# RT @maura: How is Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah” even more irritatingly persistent than “TiK ToK”? It’s not just the wretched presence of 3oh!3. 12:31 PM Jan 31st

# RT @billboardglenn Classical artists chart big on Billboard with less than 200 copies sold – 6:55 AM Jan 31st

# RT @trent_reznor: Grammys = the old guard propping up their puppets trying to convince the outside world (and each other) they’re relevant. 8:38 PM Jan 30th

# RT @tankboy: Why is Daily Swarm trying to demonize Scott Plagenhoef’s P4K comments, especially since he’s 99% accurate. 3:55 PM Jan 30th

# RT @patrick_wilson: Man, I thought my tweets were lame and then I started paying attention to Rivers 1:42 PM Jan 30th

# RT @iancr: GO KANYEEEZE: good to have you back in full crazy! 5:03 AM Jan 30th

# RT @tipsheet: Behind the Mask: BLOWFLY Profiled 4:59 AM Jan 30th

# [Phil] Without the Motels there is no Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Raveonettes 11:42 PM Jan 29th

# [phil] The Motels at Dante’s in Portland. Yes, The Motels and they kill. 11:25 PM Jan 29th

# RT @billboardglenn: Great article at WSJ on success of Lady Gaga: “On MySpace, Gaga has had 321.5 million plays.” 8:15 PM Jan 29th

# RT @batteryinyrleg: Original reactions to the iPod in the Mac Forums – › $400 for an Mp3 Player! 8:11 PM Jan 29th

# RT @billboardglenn: DOJ Draws Criticism Over Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger. recap of coverage, criticism, insights. 8:10 PM Jan 29th

# RT @rogerodonnell: A friend at Apple just emailed me to apologise for the terrible version of “Inbetween Days” they used on the iPad movie 1:48 PM Jan 29th

# Anton chimes in on our initial thoughts on new BJM: *Classic… 11:43 AM Jan 29th

# RT @nodepression: Check out these great photos of Horse Feathers live in San Francisco *We like. 11:42 AM Jan 29th

# RT @Billboard_Music: Scorpions Forsee Fantastic Future Following Farewell… As reported on GLONO 11:41 AM Jan 29th

# RT @alyankovic: They’re televising the Comedy category at the Grammys this year! Guess I’ll have to wear pants now. *Then it’s not funny! 11:40 AM Jan 29th

# RT @billboardglenn: Shazam Clarifies Reports On Download Figures. Not yet 300,000 downloads per day. Read my post here: 11:39 AM Jan 29th

# RT @DaptoneRecords: Sharon Jones & DK’s new album “I Learned the Hard Way” is now due out April 6th! 9:51 AM Jan 29th

# RT @Billboard_Music: Sly Stone Sues Ex-manager For $50 Million – 9:50 AM Jan 29th

# RT @staceykanderson: My Runway blog, ep 3 Project Runway: There is no knock-off for insanity – Runnin’ Scared 9:49 AM Jan 29th

# RT @Womack: I like the iPad, but I wonder how many people are going to spend $499 on a computer they can’t use to steal music. 9:48 AM Jan 29th

# RT @tbquirk: In memory of J.D. Salinger, Too Much Joy is giving away a live version of “William Holden Caulfield.” 9:47 AM Jan 29th

# RT @wilcohq: WILCO on TV Tonight on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. 9:44 AM Jan 29th

# RT @solace: WHY on earth do i buy vinyl online??? like 8 times outta 10 the condition of the sleeve sucks :( 4:11 PM Jan 28th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Audiophiles: Here come digitally remastered, surround-sound versions of ‘Metal Machine Music’ 12:39 PM Jan 28th

# NME reports Libertines filmmaker found dead: 9:57 AM Jan 28th

# Lupe Fiasco Agrees with Bill O’Reilly, says “There’s a credible argument” comparing areas of Chicago to Haiti. 2:14 PM Jan 27th

# On this day 2004 – Freebird: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore 72 comments on that bad boy! Share yours. 12:39 PM Jan 27th

# What’s it take to be sent to jail or rehab? RT @Billboard_Music: Pete Doherty Fined For Bringing Heroin To Court – 10:36 AM Jan 27th

# RT @aquadrunkard: RT @mattpicasso Download YANP’s 13 favorite MP3s from January — 10:09 AM Jan 27th

# Love it when people I respect agree. RT @maura: Avril Lavigne reaffirms her awfulness on last night’s “American Idol”: 8:55 AM Jan 27th

# Worse thing about Kara tonight: calling that skinny gay dude’s Thin White Duke-era Bowie impression “totally British invasion.” Dope. #idol 8:01 PM Jan 26th

# @strategy_samba Ha. But if I killed my television how would I know what’s important? 7:58 PM Jan 26th in reply to strategy_samba

# I could listen to Katy Perry make fun of Kara all night long. Katy should replace Kara, that brutally insecure nitwit. #idol 7:54 PM Jan 26th

# Avril Lavigne is too old to be wearing that hoodie. And adjusting the horns? Come on. Go back to the mall where you belong. 7:50 PM Jan 26th

# Watching Idol. Avril Lavigne is a dolt. Worse than that, she’s mean-spirited. Worse than that, she thinks Pat Benatar is punk. 7:46 PM Jan 26th

# So would that be considered countertransference? RT @spoontheband: TRANSFERENCE is available at Starbucks starting today 7:09 PM Jan 26th

# @TartyTart No experience with the matter, but I’ve gotta imagine it’s a lot easier than you’re letting on. 4:14 PM Jan 26th in reply to TartyTart

# @blureu looks like you missed it! Sorry, we’ll be quicker on the RT next time. 2:05 PM Jan 26th in reply to blureu

# RT @sonvoltmusic: Jay & Ben on KBCO now! 1:55 PM Jan 26th

# Wow. After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday’s paywalled Web Site. RT @tankboy: 1:49 PM Jan 26th

# @solace Too many to even remember. Inbox is full of nobodies donating part of proceeds to Haiti. But that one was the worst. 12:59 PM Jan 26th in reply to solace

# Hey unknown bands: please stop exploiting Haiti for your own publicity. It’s obvious what you’re doing. And it’s gross. 12:49 PM Jan 26th

# Nice! RT @alyankovic: – Mr. Taylor Hanson laying down some keyboard tracks for me in the studio 12:21 PM Jan 26th

# Caribou: Sign up to download ‘Odessa’ 10:10 AM Jan 26th

# Rock in Peace: Friends and family say goodbye to Jay Reatard. Eric Friedl and Stephen Pope’s eulogies. 10:03 AM Jan 26th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @largeheartedboy: The Pixies doc LoudQuietLoud is now free to view on Hulu! 9:16 AM Jan 26th

# @Lefsetz: “As for all you weenies bitching that your music hasn’t been recognized…let me say it one more time, you suck.” 9:11 AM Jan 26th

# “In the Chicago area, every major concert venue above the level of 1,500 seats have exclusive deals with Ticketmaster.” 8:29 AM Jan 26th

# Annandale A-25 XL2: A classic 1970s speaker reborn. Inspired by the Dynaco A-25. $2,499 per pair. 8:18 AM Jan 26th

# RT @MOJOmagazine: We’ve compiled Sly Stone’s Greatest Flicks! Time to dance to the music: 4:06 AM Jan 26th

# Nick Jonas on Letterman. Kid just looks like a nutless tool. What’s the diff between him and that little dweeb David A from Idol? Not much. 9:34 PM Jan 25th

# [Phil] Finally writing my review of the Farrar & Gibbard show in Portland. Well…what I remember of it. 9:21 PM Jan 25th

# At the Siskel. RT @wilcohq: “Ashes of American Flags” screenings in Chicago this weekend. 6:09 PM Jan 25th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: Phoenix covers “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.” Reduced to 4:50. Acoustic, and sweet. 6:07 PM Jan 25th

# RT @solangeknowles: DJ’n Tomar- O Night in NEW YORK at a special small A party edition w/ Kevin Barnes of @xxofMontrealxx. For Haiti relief! 6:07 PM Jan 25th

# RT @adamficek: Babyshambles rehearsal tomorrow, getting match fit for moscow. 6:05 PM Jan 25th

# “But you never put two verses after the first chorus unless you had two at the beginning. That screws with the formula.” 2:49 PM Jan 25th

# “I wanna publish zines and rage against machines. I wanna pierce my tongue.” Did they even know how perfectly they were summing up 1998? 1:58 PM Jan 25th from web

# Last chance to help us come up with the 100 reasons this is the best rock and roll photo ever: 12:19 PM Jan 25th from web

# RT @billboardglenn: Live Nation, Ticketmaster to be approved: CNBC | Reuters 10:38 AM Jan 25th

# Awesome. RT @MOJOmagazine: Is Sly Stone back on track? The funk’n’soul legend speaks! 6:53 AM Jan 25th

# UMG, EMI, more. Huge. Congrats! RT @iancr: #Topspin announces more than 60 label, mgmt, distro, and mktg svcs partners: 4:02 AM Jan 25th

# Not fucking around. RT @ladygaga: go to all merch purchased funds relief in Haiti. ALL 100% PERCENT. 6:08 PM Jan 24th

# [Phil] Fuck yeah, Jay ripping solos! 10:11 PM Jan 23rd

# [Phil] No shit, Jay Farrar has never looked this cool in his life 10:09 PM Jan 23rd

# [Phil] Farrar & Gibbard in Pdx. Dynamite and Jay looks hipper than ever 10:04 PM Jan 23rd

# RT @slicingeyeballs: New Gorillaz album reunites The Clash’s Mick Jones, Paul Simonon for 1st time since ‘Combat Rock’ 1:39 PM Jan 23rd

# RT @JennyfromMTV: I live next door to Conan. Maybe I give him a hug to make him feel better Or at least a handjob with lotion. 8:35 AM Jan 23rd

# @ourmaninchicago Of course. Apologies for being a killjoy. I love cowbell. It’s irony that I kinda hate. 9:53 PM Jan 22nd in reply to ourmaninchicago

# @ourmaninchicago Okay, but only because people are feeling emotional. 9:41 PM Jan 22nd in reply to ourmaninchicago

# People who make “more cowbell” jokes should be banned from the Internet. 9:38 PM Jan 22nd

# Conan is holding his own on guitar. Who knew dude’s a rock star. 9:36 PM Jan 22nd

# That is Beck. Ha. 9:34 PM Jan 22nd

# Is that Beck? 9:32 PM Jan 22nd

# Freebird! Ferrell’s even got the “Tonight’s the Night” t-shirt on. Where’s Neil? 9:32 PM Jan 22nd

# @tankboy Are you drunk? 9:27 PM Jan 22nd in reply to tankboy

# @solace I’m pretty sure that’s what he said. Neil’s probably the only classic rocker who actually cares about new music. 9:26 PM Jan 22nd in reply to solace

# @solace Neil is awesome. 9:23 PM Jan 22nd in reply to solace

# Neil just thanked Conan “for everything you’ve done for new music.” Nice. 9:22 PM Jan 22nd

# Long may you run…although these changes have come… #conan 9:21 PM Jan 22nd

# Neil Young on Conan. Long May You Run. 9:18 PM Jan 22nd

# Appeal to 14-17 yr olds. RT @Lefsetz: Ed O’Brien of Radiohead: The Music Biz Could Cure Its Ills In One Week: 6:13 PM Jan 22nd

# @TartyTart Ah woooooooooooooo! 6:12 PM Jan 22nd in reply to TartyTart

# RT @tbquirk: This week’s free Wonderlick download: a cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Pass it on – 6:10 PM Jan 22nd

# RT @wilcohq: Free Downloads to Support Haiti – We’re offering two shows (7-13-09 Keyspan Park and 11-04-09 London) 6:10 PM Jan 22nd

# RT @maura: the ’00s festival-glut fallout: rothbury 2010 has been postponed “due to various artists’ recording and touring schedules.” 4:10 PM Jan 22nd

# RT @Billboard_Music: Ask Billboard: Indies, No. 2 Hits & Teddy Pendergrass – Readers discuss “Contra” 4:10 PM Jan 22nd

# RT @DaptoneRecords: Sharon Jones joins Michael Buble on SNL Jan. 30th for duet “Baby (You Got What It Takes)” 3:11 PM Jan 22nd

# Over halfway there now! Help us come up with the 100 reasons this is the best rock and roll photo ever: 3:05 PM Jan 22nd

# RT @gloriousnoise: Only 70 to go: Help us come up with the 100 reasons this is the best rock and roll photo ever: 12:45 PM Jan 22nd

# “…cannot justify a $2 million verdict for stealing 24 songs…” RT @Lefsetz: Reduced to $54,000: 12:39 PM Jan 22nd

# We’re up to 30. Only 70 to go. Help! RT: Help us come up with the 100 reasons this is the best rock and roll photo ever: 12:35 PM Jan 22nd

# Ew. RT @maura: Stay classy, Chris Brown and Jean-Paul Gaultier: #wtf #inappropriatemakeup #gross 11:25 AM Jan 22nd

# Very touching piece. RT @soundofthecity: The Life and Death of Alan Carton, 23, the RIAA-Defying Creator of @diditleak 11:20 AM Jan 22nd

# Help us come up with the 100 reasons this is the best rock and roll photo ever taken: 10:03 AM Jan 22nd

# Rolling Stone’s David Fricke agrees with GLONO re: Bob Seger’s misnamed “Early Years” release: 9:32 AM Jan 22nd

# Need to see the photos. RT @colinmeloy: Decemberists vs. Mastodon. On bumper cars. It happened. 4:35 AM Jan 22nd

# Spotify paying out well to record labels. RT @Lefsetz: UMG Intl declares Spotify a very sustainable financial model. 7:51 PM Jan 21st

# Congrats. RT @maura: Vanity Fair let me opine about the Grammys: 7:48 PM Jan 21st

# New High Resolution Images from THE RUNAWAYS Starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning: 7:46 PM Jan 21st

# RT @tipsheet: MATADOR’s Cosloy: We Have to Spend Twice as Much to Sell Half as Many 7:44 PM Jan 21st

# The Hills’ @heidimontag’s album “has sold only 658 downloads to date” despite spending “almost $2 million” on it. 12:32 PM Jan 21st

# On This Day in 2002: Defacing Britney, New York’s Newest Folk Art. Eight years later and we’re still talking about her. 11:47 AM Jan 21st

# Birds, Bees, & The Monkees Boxed Set due Feb 8: mono+stereo mixes, disc 3 has 24 unreleased tracks from sessions. 9:49 AM Jan 21st

# Whoa! Big shake up. RT @unifiedscene: Franz Nicolay has left The Hold Steady: 8:31 AM Jan 21st

# Summary: 3 separate trips before they get to Simon. RT @Lefsetz: Secrets of American Idol Auditions: 8:10 PM Jan 20th

# RT @Kanye_Info: As I said last time Kanye is actually recording his album. i don’t know when it’s dropping, probably this year! 6:54 PM Jan 20th

# Nice! RT @slicingeyeballs: Beggars Archive to release ‘Omnibus’ edition of #pixies ‘Doolittle’ w/ surround mix, demos 12:16 PM Jan 20th

# “Fab: The Beatles Biography” by Mark Lewisohn, due Sept 2011. Vol 1 is 800 pages and covers up to 1963. 8:59 AM Jan 20th

# Melody Maker archive digitized: every page of every issue scanned, to be searchable online, funded by advertising. 7:49 AM Jan 20th

# Billboard reviews Spoon’s Written In Reverse: “If the rest of Transference is half as snappy as this mover…” Oh, dad! 7:31 AM Jan 20th

# Boo. RT @slicingeyeballs: The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ 3CD reissue delayed. Again. Until April this time. 9:33 PM Jan 19th

# Spoon on Conan. Written in Reverse. All you hear is piano and vocals. Seems like they would’ve figured out how to mix for tv after 50 yrs. 9:32 PM Jan 19th

# Does “Gumboots Accordion Jive Hits” — the cassette that inspired Paul Simon to make Graceland — actually exist? 8:24 PM Jan 19th

# @ourmaninchicago By the way, “dingbat” is the new “douchebag.” Pass it on. 7:07 PM Jan 19th in reply to ourmaninchicago

# Hey @ryanseacrest, stop calling it “Chi-town.” You sound like a dingbat. Only tourists say that. 6:35 PM Jan 19th

# Nice work, Dems! Enjoy the filibusters. RT @fivethirtyeight: Congratulations to the next Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown! 6:28 PM Jan 19th

# Merriweather Post Pavilion. RT @soundofthecity: RT @harvilla: pazz & jop 2009 is live. have at it. 6:13 PM Jan 19th

# RT @parisreview: A photographic tour of William Burroughs’s apartment, object by object: (via @TheMorningNews) 4:21 PM Jan 19th

# On This Day in 2006: Detroit Mows Down Motown Building. 2:18 PM Jan 19th

# RT @Weezer: Doctor says my lung is all healed–cleared to fly to Florida for the show. Turns out I broke 5 ribs!!!–RC 1:18 PM Jan 19th

# @taylorswift13’s “Fearless” logs its 52nd week in the top 10 on The Billboard 200, one of only 18 albums to do that. Ever. 1:07 PM Jan 19th

# DeRo: “a meandering, sappy and sometimes florid fable woefully short on hard facts or revealing insights.” #pattismithbook 1:03 PM Jan 19th

# Looking for the Boyoyo Boys song “Puleng” that Malcolm McLaren adapted for “Double Dutch,” according to AMG: 11:43 AM Jan 19th

# @davidwala Hope not. I’m hoping they could inspire greatness in each other. #libertines 11:34 AM Jan 19th in reply to davidwala

# Wayne Coyne caught in bath by Google Streetview: This is weird and creepy. Have fun, stalkers: 11:33 AM Jan 19th

# RT @KristNovoselic: I play a bit part in World’s Greatest Dad. Now waiting for Best Supporting Actor Oscar!!! #nirvana 11:21 AM Jan 19th

# Nice review and MP3s over on No Depression: Elk – Tamarack Mansion 11:19 AM Jan 19th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: RT @musicnewslinks: Paul Weller Unveils New Album Details, Treats Fans To Track-By-Track Guide 11:17 AM Jan 19th

# On This Day in 2004: Loftus asked, “Can Capitol’s cash make Starsailor a mainstream creature in Coldplay’s image?” Nope. 9:54 AM Jan 19th

# RT @adamficek: The Melody Maker is coming back only on an online platform, I used to love that mag. 6:46 AM Jan 19th

# A real charity. RT @fingertipsmusic: Paste opens its 250+ song download vault to anyone who donates to Haiti. 6:45 AM Jan 19th

# Cheap! RT @fingertipsmusic: on sale at Amazon MP3: Spoon’s new 11-track album Transference for $3.99 6:43 AM Jan 19th

# Should be cool. RT @xxofMontrealxx: super excited about r upcoming tour, no backing tracks, fully live and unprotected… 3:57 AM Jan 19th

# CBS finds rare Jack Benny footage, decides not to release it. 7:21 PM Jan 18th

# A conversation with Brian Eno: 7:09 PM Jan 18th

# RT @ourmaninchicago: Life Imitates The Onion. ’85 Bears reunite to Shuffle again – first: and then: 1:11 PM Jan 18th

# What’s so weird about Big Star’s Third? Doesn’t sound that fucked up to me. 12:49 PM Jan 18th

# @martinxo @OllyAitch @allyoungpunks Let’s hope it really happens. Thanks for the RT. #libertinesreunion 12:25 PM Jan 18th in reply to martinxo

# RT @unclegrambo: They are playing “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” at MSG right now. On MLK Day. I guess DJ Obvious is in the house. 12:18 PM Jan 18th

# Johnny Loftus on Vetiver: “Fuck yacht rock, let’s build a canoe.” 12:13 PM Jan 18th

# UK Jury Clears Operator of Oink BitTorrent Search Engine: 10:11 AM Jan 18th

# Paula Abdul. RT @Billboard_Music: Simon Cowell Recruiting ‘X Factor’ Judges. @paulaabdul 8:49 AM Jan 18th

# RT @fingertipsmusic: 1500 albums broke ‘obscurity line’ in ’08 (>10K sold); 227 first-timers, 14 were self-released 6:28 AM Jan 18th

# RT @MOJOmagazine: Jimmy Page has been telling us all about the records that have changed his life. 6:26 AM Jan 18th

# What can they even offer anybody these days? RT @adamficek: When the majors come running for me…of course I’ll sign, 4:45 PM Jan 17th

# Sean Lennon remembers holidays with his father for the London Times: @seanonolennon 4:43 PM Jan 17th

# Carl Barat says Libertines reunion in 2011: 10:04 AM Jan 17th

# [Phil] Pushed through to merch table to get Maldives album. Great live band, let’s hope record is as good 11:35 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Remember Being There? Not a rip off but The Maldives would sound nice next to that 11:20 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Harmonizing guitars solos? Yes. #themaldives 11:16 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] On stage now Maldives. Eight dudes on stage and I wouldn’t cut any. Should be playing Blessing of the Bikes 11:09 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Overheard: Dude has a fucking banjo…fucking yeah! 11:00 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Dopple-Jake is the sound guy. Dude looks just like him! Or maybe I am tripping… 10:57 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Weird…Jake clone spotted in the audience. Slightly more Hispanic, but still… 10:48 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Black Whales wrap. Good set. Not as much energy as expected, but the songs are so solid 10:41 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Spotted: Dude with rat tail and waxed, curled mustache and bow tie. When fashion cliches collide 10:13 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] PNW facial hair ratio slightly low with three beardos, one scruffy and one clean shaven. 10:04 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Black Whales take stage. They were a Cool Band a while back. First time seeing them live. 10:01 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Finally figured out what this band reminds me of : International Noise Conspiracy w/o the pretense. Virgin Islands is a GO 9:38 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Song title: Ernie Chambers vs. God. What’s not to love? 9:29 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Awesome bass player with Virgin Islands. Note to self: Stop by merch table to get their shit 9:13 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Virgin Islands takes the stage with hoodies UP and Space Echo screaming. I likee 9:07 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] Mississippi Studios is dope though. Reminds me of a MUCH nicer and cooler Subt in Chicago 9:04 PM Jan 16th

# New tag too [Phil] so you don’t think Jake is in Chi and Portland. That’s just weird, like I look right now 9:03 PM Jan 16th

# [Phil] I should clarify: I am fine being alone but you can’t help but look creepy standing alone drinking Pabst. 9:02 PM Jan 16th

# At Mississippi Studios in PDX waiting for Black Whales. Always fun to cover shows alone… 8:53 PM Jan 16th

# RT @batteryinyrleg: Video: Just goes to show that in the end, Liam somehow ended up the better songwriter. 8:40 PM Jan 16th

# RT @amyjademermaid: i love blake 7:10 PM Jan 16th

# Sock it to the Man! RT @alkapranos: Never mind let them use one of our songs. Posh handbags and Iplods are bad enough… 3:30 PM Jan 16th

# RT @alkapranos: Dirty bastards. Stupid arrogant motherfucking pig-brained arseholes. I’d rather eat a cow-pat on a bun than a bloody McDs. 3:30 PM Jan 16th

# Franz Ferdinand is MAD! RT @alkapranos: This: is an example of how a band falls out with their US label. 3:29 PM Jan 16th

# Ben Kweller working on LP5. RT @benkweller: Mark and chris just flew in to start tracking my new album. Oh yeeeah!!! 3:26 PM Jan 16th

# RT @ebertchicago: The inside story of how Elvis met Nixon. Today’s LATimes: 1:02 PM Jan 16th

# Cracklin’ Rosé get uncorked… RT @sfj: This book cites a Neil Diamond hit as “Cracklin’ Rosé.” #evilsommelier 12:59 PM Jan 16th

# Loud! RT @JessicaSimpson: :) RT @studiodog jess adjusting to the level we mix guitars :) RT @kristinburns: 7:14 AM Jan 16th

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Watch Death Cab for Cutie play Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” in tribute to John Hughes 10:47 PM Jan 15th

# RT @lcdsoundsystem: i wonder if anyone’s reading this 10:45 PM Jan 15th

# RT @billboardglenn: Analysis: 2009’s Total Revenue Vs. Units Sold. Rough estimate, but it gets the point across. 4:01 PM Jan 15th

# You should record that guy! RT @HipOSelect: pants on the ground, pants on the ground… lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground! 2:38 PM Jan 15th

# RT @sfj: Smoking Gun shows why donating via Wyclef’s YELE org is a bad choice: lots of $ to ventures, not charity: 2:37 PM Jan 15th

# Never mind, I see @Polyvinyl had previously uploaded it in a higher quality version that allows embedding. 10:09 AM Jan 15th

# NP: Headlights, “Love Song For Buddy.” This is a pretty cool song, but why would @Polyvinyl disable embedding? 10:06 AM Jan 15th

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