GLONO Video: Unboxing Hank Williams

Video: Unboxing Hank Williams

I haven’t even listened to any of it yet, but I had to share this with you. As I repeatedly say in the video above, this is the coolest packaging on a box set I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to dig into the 15 CDs and DVD. Amazing.

Full review to follow, but very briefly: Throughout 1951, Nashville radio station WSM broadcast a 15-minute segment where Hank Williams and his band would tell some jokes and play a couple songs; this box contains all 70 of the surviving segments. Since most of these were recorded to acetate, the sound quality is apparently as good as many studio recordings. I can’t wait to find out for myself if that’s true.

More info:

Hank Williams: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

8 thoughts on “GLONO Video: Unboxing Hank Williams”

  1. Wow. Motherfuckin’ wow, is all that needs to be said. Thanks for videotaping that.

    Are the batteries in that radio changeable? For Pink Floyd’s Pulse CD set, the boxes which had the blinking LED light allowed you to change the batteries on it.

  2. That IS the coolest box I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing. Also: your arms are Hairy. Consider me impressed.

  3. To answer the questions posed so far:

    Murph, I think there’s a changeable battery in there, but I don’t want to pry the plastic parts apart until I need to.

    Sab, it is indeed the coolest box set I’ve ever seen.

    Frank, I seem to get hairier every year, too. I wish it would stop. Sunscreen is a chore. That’s why I don’t go outside.

    Jonathan, that’s my Epiphone Dove. It’s very pretty, but it unfortunately cannot play itself.

  4. great looking box with unique content, that’s the way to go. wish more music were released this way. i don’t care much for cds anymore, but if they are packaged in a unique way, i’m all for giving them a shot. especially when the cataloged content is so broad and interesting as with this box set. very cool indeed. and at $200, it totally seems worth the price tag.

  5. Hey…. glad y’all dig the packaging on this! I was the designer of this awesome homage to Hank and it was indeed an honor to create such an extensive package for an American Legend.

    and to answer the battery question, yes, there’s 2 AAA batteries that are easily changed.

    Glad you like it! Phil •

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