New Vampire Weekend tennis video: Giving Up The Gun

Video: Vampire Weekend – "Giving Up The Gun"

I think they’re trying to get the “cool” people to hate them. Vampire Weekend‘s latest video off Contra features a tennis tournament directed by The Malloys with cameos from Lil Jon, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Jake Gyllenhaal, and a Jonas Brother. RZA plays the judge. Lil John plays a French speaking coach. Ezra Koenig makes eyes at the camera, doing his best to look as dreamy as possible.

Bourgeois trappings aside, Robert Christgau correctly points out that despite attending Columbia this is “no closer to ruling-class power than it is to the affluence of the average American geekboy who gets to insult music he resents online.” Still, indie blog Hipster Runoff has predicted that VW will be 2010’s Kings of Leon. Next stop: The “Today” Show for a morning concert? We’ll see…

Vampire Weekend: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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