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lorus%20to%20new%20york.jpg We started this site to talk about and promote the music we love and the crazy characters associated with that music. Dylan Burr has been the face (literally) of our Friday Facial series for a while now and his band Lorus is a finalist in a Metal Insider contest. Here’s what he said about this opportunity:

If we win we get to go to NY and record an EP with a hotshot producer and have meetings with A&R and PR people to help give us a leg up.

So, Dylan needs your help. Go to this page and vote like mad for Lorus. Don’t be scared, there are a lot of dudes with scary beards standing in front of cages and brick walls and dark skies. Scroll down and to the right where our heroes are well lit and pleasant looking chaps who just happen to WAIL on their instruments. Listen to “Empire Over All” and then vote for them. Do it now.

You can vote once a day, every day. Voting ends on March 8th.

PS, there’s a new Friday Facial this week.

Lorus on MySpace

Lorus website

Lorus for sale on CDBaby

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