Wilco – Deeper Down on Ferguson

Video: Wilco – “Deeper Down”

Wilco played The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, so here’s the video if you missed it. Seems like an odd choice of a song for national television, but then again, they’ve played most of their poppy ones on TV already: “Wilco (the song)” on Colbert back in 2008, “You Never Know” on Conan back in June, “You and I” on Letterman in July.

I’d like to have seen them do “I’ll Fight,” but this is still pretty cool.

Wilco: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

One thought on “Wilco – Deeper Down on Ferguson”

  1. Odd choice, indeed. Not sure it was a good example of why they’re the ‘best band in the world.’ I would have liked Country Disappeared, myself.

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