Ex-M’s Members Launch New Label, Band: Walter & Wendell

Walter & Wendell The M’s were a great band in the classic Chicago sense: they had catchy tunes, great live shows and association with the leaders of the scene: Wilco. Drummer Steve Versaw is Production Manager and Monitor Engineer for Tweedy and Co. and has parlayed that into scoring studio time in the famed Wilco Loft to record a new project with fellow M’s member Joey King. The result is Adjusted Automatically, a tasty new album that incorporates catchy acoustic pop with clever horn arrangements and electronic bleeps and bloops. Don’t worry, it’s not another precious chamber pop group, it’s just honest songs with pretty arrangements.

Walter & Wendell is the first release on the newly launched Movings, Versaw’s all-digital new label. The label plans to release another project by Dick Prall at the end of the month.

Album stream and more details after the jump…

Stream the entire album here and purchase it on Movings’ website. Purchase now and get a free, non-album bonus track.

Full disclosure: I went to college with Steve Versaw and owe him millions of favors for sharing early mixes of my beloved Sinatras when they recorded an album with him several years ago.

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