Forkcast Filter, Round 24

Pitchfork: ForkcastThe fine folks at the Fork have been uncovering all kinds of new music for you to check out. But it’s impossible for anybody to listen to everything, so we handpick the best mp3s just for you. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

Here’s our roundup of stuff that Pitchfork posted recently on their Forkcast:

MP3: The Feelies: “Should Be Gone” (“postpunk originators”)

MP3: Hunx and His Punx: “Lovers Lane” (“Garage-pop”)

MP3: Wavves: “Mutant” (“Japanese B-side”)

MP3: Raekwon: “Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang” (“cinematic and gritty”)

MP3: Beach House: “I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun” (“holiday song”)

Lots more below…

MP3: Beige: “Silver Writing” (“Brooklyn slow-psych”)

MP3: Nodzzz: “Time (What’s It Going to Do?)” (“jangle rockers”)

MP3: Celestial Shore: “Pals” (“sunny post-rock”)

MP3: Mind Spiders: “Don’t Let Her Go” (“Texas power-punk”)

MP3: Yuck: “Coconut Bible” (“UK indie rock scrappers”)

MP3: Brown Recluse: “Impression of a City Morning” (“Pennsylvania indie-pop”)

MP3: TV Girl: “If You Want It” (“Todd Rundgren-sampling indie-pop “)

MP3: La Sera: “Devils Hearts Grow Gold” (“Vivian Girl Katy Goodman”)

MP3: The Vacant Lots: “Confusion” (“Vermont psych-rock”)

MP3: Arches: “This Isn’t a Good Night for Walking” (“New Jersey indie pop”)

MP3: Kurt Vile: “Jesus Fever” (“breezy, acoustically inclined”)

MP3: Catwalk: “One by Words” (“loose, lovely slice of guitar pop”)

MP3: Craft Spells: “After the Moment” (“California indie-pop”)

MP3: Danielson: “Grow Up” (“Cult orch-pop”)

MP3: Beach Fossils: “Calyer” (“Brooklyn lo-fi guitar pop”)

MP3: Candy Claws: “Snow Bridge” (“Colorado bliss-pop”)

MP3: Neon Indian: “Children of the Revolution (T. Rex Cover)” (“Chillwave kingpin”)

MP3: The Babies: “Run Me Over” (“Vivian Girls’ ramshackle garage-pop and Woods’ lo-fi campfire classic rock”)

MP3: J Dilla: “The $ (Madlib Remix)”

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