New Lucksmiths DVD: Unfamiliar Stars

Trailer: The Lucksmiths – “Unfamiliar Stars” DVD

Gotta love the Marge’s Donut Den t-shirt. Grand Rapids, represent!

It’s a shame that the Lucksmiths have generated more news since they broke up in 2009 than they did in the last few years they were active, what with the posthumous seven-inch last year and now a new DVD of their August 2009 farewell show in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to the 33-song live set, the DVD also contains a 25-minute documentary of the band’s final months.

Pre-order from Matinee in the States, or from Lost And Lonesome in Australia in PAL format.

Lucksmiths: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, eMusic, MOG, wiki

The Lucksmiths - Unfamiliar StarsUnfamiliar Stars set list:

1) A Hiccup in Your Happiness

2) Good Light

3) A Downside to the Upstairs

4) Synchronised Sinking

5) Myopic Friends

6) Camera-shy

7) Stayaway Stars

8) Untidy Towns

9) The Golden Age of Aviation

10) Take This Lying Down

11) Successlessness

12) Great Lengths

13) Song of the Undersea

14) Under the Rotunda

15) Requiem For the Punters Club

16) Frisbee

17) Macintyre

18) Punchlines

19) Weatherboard

20) Broken Bones

21) The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco

22) Self-Preservation

23) California in Popular Song

24) Smokers in Love

25) Fiction

26) Caravanna

27) A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed)

28) Sunlight in a Jar

29) T-Shirt Weather

30) Midweek Midmorning

31) The Great Dividing Range

32) The Music Next Door

33) The Year of Driving Languorously

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