New Neutral Millk Hotel Naomi Video Directed by Inspiration

Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Naomi” from Naomi Yang on Vimeo.

Former Galaxie 500 bassist Naomi Yang, currently in Damon & Naomi, has directed a video for the 1996 Neutral Milk Hotel song that was supposedly written about her (“She walks through Cambridge…”). It might seem a little weird and narcissistic to lip-sync a love song to yourself, but Yang has nice teeth so hey, why not?

In other Neutral Milk Hotel news, Jeff Mangum is going out on another tour in 2012 (I’m going, woo hoo!) and is releasing a big vinyl box set that includes 15 previously unreleased songs. It was originally supposed to ship on November 22, but it’s been delayed until December 15.

Your prettiness is seeping through
Out from the dress I took from you, so pretty
And my emptiness is swollen shut always
Always a wretch i have become
So empty

I’m watching Naomi, full bloom
I’m hoping she will soon explode
Into one billion tastes and tunes
One billion angels come and hold her down
They hold her down until she cries

I’m tasting Naomi’s perfume
It tastes like shit and I must say
She comes and goes most afternoons
One billion lovers wave and love her now
They could love her now and so could I

There is no Naomi in view
She walks through Cambridge stocks and strolls
And if she only really knew
One billion angels could come and save her soul
They could save her soul until she shines
So pretty

One thought on “New Neutral Millk Hotel Naomi Video Directed by Inspiration”

  1. At least it wasn’t Damon’s mouth-have you seen the way that dude sings? His mouth gets overly animated to the point of distraction.
    And yeah, it is weird to sing a love song about yourself.

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