(No) Paradise by the Dashboard Lights or Steve Perry Couldn’t Pull This Off

Belt it OutWhile it has been a while since we’ve looked at the nexus between carmakers and consumers, and while we are fully in favor of safe driving, and while this isn’t an instance of a car company supporting a lame-ass band or using a washed-up musician as a brand icon, it still is worth mentioning, inasmuch as it provides an indication of how car companies are tapping into a demographic that we might like to believe doesn’t exist.

The Ford Motor Company Fund—a fund funded by Ford (say that several times quickly)—which promulgates programs for high-school students and the Governors Highway Safety Association, a nonprofit dedicated to, well, highway safety, are launching a contest named “Belt it Out.”

No, this is not about seatbelts.

Rather, in this Age of Glee it is about teenagers (15 to 19, not people in their mid-20s pretending to be 15 to 19) singing. Specifically, they are to “compose and perform original songs focusing on distracted driving.”

That’s right: bust out with compositions about why texting while driving isn’t what one ought to be doing, although chances are that there are some other behaviors that are far more distracting for driver and passenger alike that have nothing to do with a text or a Tweet.

What do the winners get? U.S. Savings Bonds, a favorite of gift-giving grandmothers across the land.

While we might think rock and roll can change your life, that’s nothing compared to how a solid EE bond can.

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